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Collide (Sandy Vee Extended Mix: Audio)

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Collide (Sandy Vee Extended Mix: Audio)

  • Angels Collide - Amy Correia
    "Amy Correia Miscellaneous Angels Collide Do you remember when you were a kid And life was a lullaby And the world that you dreamt in was king Old oyster bed And the whole sky was singing And"
  • Collide - Beat Happening
    "Collide collide collide Rub your nose Collide collide collide Take off your clothes Collide collide collide You're lyin' there Collide collide collide Messy hair, alright Collide collide collide Collide"
  • Collide - Fonos
    "You, you make my worlds collide, you make my life complete, you let them see me, see me fly. In this perfect world, our paths may never meet. May never comprise, or collide, collide, collide. (it's you,"
  • Collide - Fono
    "In this perfect world Our paths may never meet May never comprise Or collide, collide, collide It's you, you let me go, you let me fly, you let me ride so high It's you, you make my worlds collide You"
  • Collide - Embrace
    "COLLIDE Collide, collide I break down the door to get at you and glass covers the floor And each and every piece reflects a side, the side of you with me that still would fight Oh girl, I could"
  • Collide - Krystal Meyers
    "Like a spotlight that breaks into the darkness Like an arrow that's racing to it's target I got you in my sight I am fixed on you And I can feel you calling lookin' for me too Nothing's gonna' stop"
  • Collide - HBS (Ben Shepherd)
    "So I let you dream, the last few miles, And didn't turn the lights on inside I let you slide away for the last time It was all a long goodbye Collide Trying to beg my way through what I get from you Just"
  • Collide - Rachael Yamagata
    "I'll fascinate you for awhile My hands in wait to please, so well When I wake to realize, all I'd done I'll be breaking strings And all you're gonna feel Is undone I will not stay if you ask me to"
  • Collide - Fabulous Disaster
    "I hope I never feel this way again I never wanted to say hello to you I was so happy just being by myself I see you, we collide, I see you we collide I wake up, don't want to, you're not here You're not"
  • Collide - Jars Of Clay
    "Open up your box of sunshine And smile as confetti comes Raining down on you You feel a lot like the good guy Do you know why Everything's so blue Well, love is fire and The coals are barely burning Cold"
  • Collide - Criminal
    "Bloodshed starts twisting and raging Driven by dirt hidden inside Fear turns to hatred the core depraved Desperate people ready to join the lines Oppose Divide Confront Collide Far from regret intolerant,"
  • Collide - Howie Day
    "The dawn is breaking A light shining through You're barely waking And I'm tangled up in you Yeah I'm open, you're closed Where I follow, you'll go I worry I won't see your face Light up again Even the"
  • Collide - Anarchy Club
    "Playing my part in the dream Light shines through cracks in a scream The sun, the sky Are brighter in your eyes We live, we die Not knowing why A scratch, a bite And then a flash of light As world's collide It's"
  • Collide - Renderfly
    "Sandman always stands in the way of your brilliant parade that is calling to join in, You know I'd be dancing with you if I didn't have one last dream to attend to Dreaming caught me looking away from your"
  • Empty Vee - IdleMiND
    "I'm a hole inside myself A reflection of everyone else Come see what I can't feel Come unchain my fear I wasn't expecting you to stay, for long But at least you came, so thanks for dropping in... i'm"
  • Collide - Pilate
    "Keep your promise to me tonight, Have your eyes betrayed you, tonight. You'd sell you secrets to me for a price, for a price, You run your blade right through me, my fear dies, leaving your's alive. And"
  • Collide - Sand Box
    "Take, a look inside, Your mirror eyes are a disguise of what is real My mind, is getting clearer I'm running out of time, the time I need to heal Chorus: And I got this funny feeling, That you're living"
  • Collide - Shaded Red
    "i'm beginning to see our worlds collide you say you're sorry, sorry to see me sorry yet there's no tears in your eyes oh, i try to talk it out, try to talk it out all you want to do is leave me you say"
  • Collide - Skillet
    "We have fallen We have fallen again tonight Where do we go from here When they're tearing down our lives? When all they want is When all they want is For us to live in fear How long can we hold on? Can"
  • Collide - The Postal Service
    "Can you understand my meaning hidden in the roses around my eyesI want you to know how much it means to have you in my lifeYour love brings me close again in this instance when our worldsCollideThe wire"

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