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Collides with Beauty ATB

  • Collides With Beauty - ATB
    "I'm upside down And inside out The room's not big enough I'm waiting for your love Been waiting for you love Gone round and round Half falling down The floor's not flat enough I'm waiting for your love Been"
  • When Worlds Collides - Powerman 5000
    "Now this is what it's like when worlds collide... Now this is whats it's like... Now this is what it's like when worlds collide... Now this is whats it's like... What is it really that's going on here? You've"
  • Everything Is Wrong - Atb (Addicted To Music) - ATB
    "Show me your disguise My complicated soul My insulated cold and borrowed Show me where you'll hide When everything is bold When I can't even scold tomorrow CHORUS: I tried to say I'm sorry But everyone"
  • ATB - Ecstasy
    "Have you ever noticed, That Im not acting as I used to do before? Have you ever wondered, Why I always keep on coming back for more? What have you done to me, Ill never be the same I'll tell you for"
  • Beauty - Modern English
    "The first time that I saw you, There was sunshine in your eye, All the people stared in wonder, You sent shivers down my spine, With your skin so soft and tender, And your hair just like the sea, I lost"
  • Beauty - Motley Crue
    "Decked out like an hour glass Ammonia and a razor blade Things were just ok until she, fell in love with cocaine I will always love her She's my beauty They call her miss divine My black beauty She's open"
  • Beauty - Refused
    "The need to dream Makes it easy to provide A package to fulfill life Your prefabricated beauty Tan, blank skin Your slim white torsos Plastic smiles Just the perfect fantasy Cling on to illusions of"
  • Beauty - Vineyard
    "I close my eyesAnd I see the beauty of Your faceThe love that is there just shinesAnd there's no other place I'd rather set myeyesMy body is Your templeWarmed by Your flameI love You with all my heartAnd"
  • Beauty - Bananafishbones
    "So you think life should be gay But You're wasting your times away Now you see me standing here and I say I'm down So you think it would be easy to play Have a little warm-up hear me today Drop your sorrow"
  • Beauty - Tegan & Sara
    "Woke up with beauty in my bed And isn't it sad How we don't know it's beauty until it's dead And it's beauty that I knew so well But she wasn't doing too well Well I just wanna go some place Where no one"
  • Beauty - Edan
    "[-VERSE 1-] Well it's the rap beautician The facts you listen I blast through rhythms like hash through your system True in love and wisdom Well off and witty Using God's sleeve to wipe the hell off the"
  • Beauty Contest - No Doubt
    "Damsel in distress is quite submissive Look how sunburnt my vanity is Effeminate human creature Superficial, seducing detour I'm going to the mall for the cookie cutter The ugly duckling will always suffer Contaminated"
  • Beauty & Wonder - Donna Lewis
    "Fresh winds shadows lifting wide open welcoming hearts against the pink sky blackberry tangles a circle of friendship begin under the stars This is the life full of beauty and wonder beauty and wonder This"
  • Beauty Fades - Terra Naomi
    "Maybe she was one once Do i see my future in her presence I can't stop staring A shopping cart is all she has now And a bleeding heart never paid the bills and Beauty fades Down on sunset boulevard No"
  • Holy Beauty - Jesus On Extasy
    "Digital beauty on flat screens she's the cutest ever seen when she walks into a room silence gathers but she's not real she'll never be just bits and bytes and machinery in your system cpu she'll"
  • Dangerous Beauty - Rolling Stones
    "In your high school photo You looked so young and naive Now I heard you got a nickname The lady of the leash Well I find you on a midnight shift I bet you had your fair share of stiffs There were"
  • Beauty 2 - Ladytron
    "I sent you out to play last night The alarms went off at three Funny how I'm not laughing now Loneliness a guarantee I sent you out to play last night The alarms went off at three Funny how I'm not laughing"
  • Finding Beauty - Ann Hampton Callaway
    "Finding beauty, the night we met you set me free I fell in love and now I'm finding beauty Look what your love has done to me I'm like a child is in wild anticipation Love each new sensation You've turned"
  • American Beauty - Ray Wilson
    "Lay down your life they said, let me inside your soul. Always remember this. It's for the sake of us all American Beauty, tell me what's going to become of me What have you done to my head? It feels like"
  • Natural Beauty - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "On the roller coaster ride That my emotions have to take me on I heard a newborn baby cry Through the night. I heard a perfect echo die Into an anonymous wall of digital sound Somewhere deep inside Of"

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