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Color is you live

  • Color - Nicole C. Mullen
    "Just because my skin is brown It don't define who I am I could be a porcupine Or I could be a little lamb Please don't try and judge me Only by the colors you have seen To love me is to know me Whether"
  • Color - July For Kings
    "Moments of here forever in between turning a year turning a dream turning the shade of everything else to see for myself. What's hiding behind a drive in the rain tears for the strangers a life in your"
  • Color - The Maine
    "She said, "Let it slide," All the things that I have running through my mind, Will all be gone in time. Remember son, All the things you've done, And all the things you lost, And all the things you've"
  • Love is color blind - Sarah Connor
    "It don't matter if you're blackwhite or yellow, if you're brown or redlet's get down to thatlove is color-blindVerse 1:I remember whrenI was a child and couldn't understandpeople having fundiscriminating"
  • Love Is Color-Blind - Sarah Connor
    "(feat. TQ) It don't matter if you're black White or yellow, if you're brown or red Let's get down to that Love is color-blind I remember whren I was a child and couldn't understand People having fun Discriminating"
  • What Color is Death - Acid Bath
    "Sedated and lazy cold skies full of blue The sun burns forever it reminds me of you On your dead shore the sand is warm She hides her tears and quickly lets it die I will make it thru even without you My"
  • Color Of Psychic Power - Today Is The Day
    "I see right through You can't trick me No way Reach so high But too low To give Speak the truth Without fear This is the way of power This is my vow To live forever I cannot fail Time is the"
  • Dream In Color - Bianca Ryan
    "Ooh, hoo...yeah Mmm, hmm Tired of living life in black and white There's so much in between Like a rainbow in the sky Crying to be seen When I open my eyes to find inspiration I search for the best I"
  • Color By Numbers - Jim Johnston
    "Words and Music: Jim Johnston Not so long ago, we all were happy, and what we didn't know, it didn't hurt me. I've got you by my side, man I'm lucky, I know somehow we'll get by, But something has changed."
  • Color by numbers - Culture Club
    "When I looked in your eyes Felt the spirit of man Demanding more than just a smile Took a chance for a while Speaking in tongues That float us down rivers The past will remind us Of colours we chose When"
  • My Favorite Color - Snoop Dogg
    "Man what the FUCK do you think we're doin here We're FED UP, we're sick of this shit! And the police ain't never gonna get anywhere man Shakin people down, shinin the lights in our eyes Treatin all of"
  • My Favorite Color - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "Man what the FUCK do you think we're doin here We're FED UP, we're sick of this shit! And the police ain't never gonna get anywhere man Shakin people down, shinin the lights in our eyes Treatin all of"
  • Art of color - Corey Hart
    "You know the kind of girl spreads mystiqueShe'll plant a kiss upon your cheek - whoaShe's the one the rich boys likeShe guards a slingshot from their sightNow you may call it lack of competenceHere's my"
  • Color Me Badd - Color Me Badd
    "We'd like to introduce us Were Color Me Badd the funky new band And our dope producer. Dr Freeze With Mark Bryan Kevin and Sam We're down with Warner Brothers and You'll hear on Giant records Our music"
  • Sound & Color - Alabama Shakes
    "A new world hangs outside the window Beautiful and strange It must be falling away I must be Sound and color with me for my mind And it should show you where to go when I need to speak Sound and color With"
  • Color Everywhere - Youth Asylum
    "Used to seein' black and white never any in between waiting all the love of my life to come into my dreams everything is shades of gray never any blues or greens needed someone else to turn to someone"
  • In Color - Jamey Johnson
    "I said, Grandpa what's this picture here It's all black and white and ain't real clear Is that you there, he said, yeah I was eleven Times were tough back in thirty-five That's me and Uncle Joe just tryin'"
  • Color Bars - Elliott Smith
    "I see color bars when I come Sergeant Rock broke the key off in the lock to where I come from Sir, no sir, we have no power in the air The battle's on the ground Laying low again, high on the sound Bruno"
  • Color blind - Ice Cube
    "Here's another day at the stoplight I'm lookin in my mirror so I can see who can see me South Central is puttin Ice Cube to the test With four brothas in the SS I can't go around and can't back up So I"
  • Clear Color - Limp
    "Which one do you want to be like and do you want to be liked by one of them What's wrong with the way you are now and is it hard to be the way you are I know I've been through this before and so"

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