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Columbine- under my skin

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Columbine- under my skin

  • Under My Skin - Bob Schneider
    "Under my skin, I'm all wet, Under my skin, I'm all bloody, Under my sking, my heart lies broken, My mind is acting funny. Under my skin is a bad day, Under my skin is a rattlesnake, Under my skin where"
  • Under My Skin - Culture Beat
  • Under My Skin - Olivia Newton-John
    "(John Farrar) Every night when you're as mean As a ladder with a broken wrung When I know you're sorry won't make it From your heart to your tongue There are nights when you keep pushing me And I won't"
  • Under my skin - Activ
    "Yesterday I have no chance, You ask me if I like to dance, Suddenly you touch my skin, I feel i know was it for real, Later when i close my eyes I feel i follow hipnotize, I live the moment of my life"
  • Under My Skin - Conway Deborah
    "Deborah Conway, Scott Cutler and Dorland Bray Ever since I saw you I can't close my eyes Without your face appearing there And that scares me All the best intentions Still I'm led astray Even though I"
  • Under My Skin - Cole Porter
    "I've got you under my skin I've got you deep in the heart of me So deep in my heart, you're really a part of me I've got you under my skin I've tried so not to give in I've said to myself this affair"
  • Under My Skin - Skillet
    "When I feel you close to me It's easy to believe To the depths and back again To find that I'm still needing Feel the fear dissipate When you are everything you are Feel my soul come awake You carry me"
  • Under My Skin - Guttermouth
    "you're under my skin like needled and pins you really start to bug me but there is no end you're a bad bad drug like the one you're hooked on trying to addict me but something's' gone wrong you're under"
  • Under My Skin - Trading Yesterday
    "Shadow days come to haunt me here To wrap around me Dark and cold to hide the sunlight from my eyes I can not see beyond these clouds surrounding I will not forget that this is not the end Under my skin Under"
  • Under My Skin - Fono
    "I got you under my skin, Breathe you out, breathein' you in. It's been 15 years, and no day goes by, Under my skin, a part of this life. Well here I go alone alone again, I'm standing on my own,"
  • Under My Skin - Hubert Kah
    "Baby I see the morning of your show Baby I heard the massage on the radio Stranded in time Will you be my fantasy tonight Will you be my flame forever burning bright Give me a sing When I see the"
  • Under My Skin - Blue System
    "You can knock me out - you can take my friends But you'll never get me down You can take my job and the story ends I'll never be your clown You can tease me, squeeze me, push me around But you'll never"
  • Under My Skin - Sarah Connor
    "VERSE 1: You're not the type of man who shake my hand like nice to meet ya (cha) You pull me in and then begin to let your body say All is possible, now I know ooooh The lights are dimmed and takes my"
  • Under my skin. - Sarah Connor
    "1. You' re not the type of man to shake my hand like nice to meet ya. You pull me in and then begin to let your body say: all is possible, now I know wooooaaawooaaaoo The lights are dimmed and"
  • Under My Skin - Vivian Green
    "I'm happy, so ready, for the next phase in my life These days are fulfilling And I have peace of mind But everytime I get too high You do you best to knock me down But I am not who I was back then Your"
  • Under my skin - Jude Harrison
    "I drift away to a place Another kind of life Take away the pain I create my paradise Everything I've held Has hit the wall What used to be yours Isn't yours at all Falling apart, and all that I'm"
  • Under My Skin - Aerosmith
    "U breathe, I breathe u in I like a lot where u been I make, u break the rule U got e-rot-tickle cool Give a little bit get a little bit Take it for a ride, yeah When u push love so far away It eats u up"
  • Under My Skin - Kumbia Kings
    "I feel you under my skin (4x) ohhhhhh alright oh baby From the very first time I looked into your eyes I couldnt deny those hips those thighs make me wanna eat you up like my mama's pie I'd be like 40"
  • Under My Skin - Criminal
    "Stigmatized, unlike anyone of you I'm a stranger, anyplace I go Scarred for life, down to the core Never regret, never repent Hate makes me stronger In my personal war Poisoning my blood Raging within This"
  • Under My Skin - Rachael Yamagata
    "I hesitate to say I was bait for you Could that be something that you all would do I'd be lying if I did now say I wasn't intrigued But timing is everything here And for the moment the 'we' is reprieved But,"

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