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  • Coma - Stone Temple Pilots
    "Tar and feathers hide your feelings If you even know the meaning Your high road is overrated You left your guru out there hangin` Don`t stay Don`t stay Your appetit`s insatiable Devouring one thousand"
  • Coma - Overkill
    "Sleeping with a time bomb Rumble in my dreams Innocence been gone long Fall apart at the seams Looking through the windows Walking through the doors I cant help this feeling I've been here before Everything"
  • Coma - Guns N' Roses
    "Hey you caught me in a coma And I don't think I wanna Ever come back to again Kinda like it in a coma 'Cause no one's ever gonna Oh, make me come back to this... world again Now I feel as"
  • Coma - Grief
    "your mind is deadened from all the shit you pump into your veins no you lie in a hospital bed your life rendered insane nothing left of your former self nothing left but a vegetable struggle to resurface from"
  • Coma - Bloody Mess
    "CHORUS Failing to reawaken (breathe) I take another breath Alone forsaken (breathe) This dream ain’t over yet Enclosed within myself A coffin of my flesh How can I cry for help? When it’s my lips I"
  • One Hot Coma - Paris, Texas
    "there's a little bird he lives inside my head hold him up he weighs half a gram he chirps and he chirps till his beak it don't work well this little bird here's what he says action crash you grab your"
  • Catatonic Coma - Above Symmetry
    "Captured by a strange power Forced to live alone No longer able to choose What to do I try to sustain calm Because the calmness is my survival Am I gone forever Will I stay in here No one around me"
  • Decrepit Coma - Deceased
    "Broken man in a trance falling sick once again Warning signs to the mind comas not far behind Sleep the eternal sleep Never to awake never to live All the shock, tension, fear Sickness, death, always near Into"
  • Coma September - Farmakon
    "I'm facing the infinite Overwhelming sadness The heart-breaking beauty Of the whole world so fragile I am not the one to carry The burden of past But a mere reflection Of her suffering Like was she Like"
  • Coma Moon - 22 Pistepirkko
    "I have to find pretty Girl soon I want to go on a honey moon I pronaus you husband and wife Sea of caribbean here we come I can't see I can't hear What they are doing for me I can't feel I'm not here Still"
  • No coma - I Mother Earth
    "In time I'll find why everyone out there In the painted sun Has already found their root...they've found home And I'm tired of beating every drum For old friends that never come Went looking for them once...and"
  • Coma of souls - Kreator
    "Masters of war Merchants of false peace Bleeding the lives of the lost Feeding them terminal disease Breaking the rules No matter who gets hurt Wholesaling useless trash Charging twice what it's worth"
  • Coma - Cochise
    "Ja trwam, sam, trwam, sam, ja trwam, sam na tronie z czarnych gwiazd, w królestwie szarych barw, coma... coma... coma... coma... go ! coma... coma... coma... coma..."
  • Coma - Rhesus
    "She was your guinea pig and you were spurnt by desire i'm so sorry to see you so low now i wanna scratch your eyes i wanna smash your body i wanna nail you on my wall i'm in a coma i'm in a coma"
  • Coma - Muse
    "Confide in me Sustain on my apathy You're such a mess You can learn not to confess You will not find it in me Simply because I can't Wake up and find it in me I`m in a coma You will not find it in me You'll"
  • Coma - Eighteen Visions
    "On a bed of rusted nails I lay Just waiting for the sun to fade Well I tried to escape this But I'm lost inside, I'm lost forever Well I tried to escape this But I've lost my mind, so God please"
  • Coma, coma, coma - Indochine
    "Un jour des aigles surgiront du brouillardun jour les aigles surgiront de nulle partils descendront pour venir me revoircomme dans un rve, dans ce rveserre moi encoreserre moi encore si fortau milieu du"
  • Coma - Aesop Rock
    ""We now present to" *cut up* "Music to make you stutter" I've been a biplane dog fighter Henson invention Trooper burst result of Dragon Ball Z/Speed Racer gene splicing Mach force, blind"
  • Coma - Buckethead
    "He stays still He stays down Unholy, unholy He stays still Stay unto me Makes me feel unholy Nothing ''(Nothing)'' Now that I have nothing ''(Now that I have nothing)'' I resolve to be nothing ''(I resolve"
  • Coma - Wolverine
    "Machines that make me breathe, I just can't stand their terrible scream I'm stumbling through smoke-filled rooms With only darkness ahead, I wish I was dead Drowned in a distance, I'm so safe and sound Damn"

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