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Come a litle bit closer

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Come a litle bit closer

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Come a litle bit closer
  • Fleetwood Mac Come a little bit closer
    "I'm dancing, to the music Of a simple melody And I wonder are you thinking Of a single memory And I know when I see them swaying I can hear myself say Come a little bit closer (come a little bit closer)"
  • Billy Walker Come A Little Bit Closer
    "In a little cafe just the other side of the border She was a sitting there giving me looks that made my mouth water So I started walking her way she belongs to bad man Jose And I knew yes I knew I should"
  • Jo Dee Messina Closer
    "I love the way you look at me Can't you see You're the only one that I could ever need Can't you feel how much How much I wanna get Maybe just a little Just a little bit Closer Closer than anything Don't"
  • Tegan & Sara Closer
    "All I want to get is a little bit closer All I want to know is, can you come a little closer? Here comes the breath before we get a little bit closer Here comes the rush before we touch, come a little"
  • The Firm Closer
    "Feeling good Even though you give me fever Feeling good Girl you make me shake and shiver I get a burning feeling Flames are getting higher and higher You got my senses reeling Come on closer When you"
  • Skid Row Sweet Litle Sister
    "She blew my mind behind the wrecking machine She was a shitload of trouble called the subway queen Had a hip with bad habits and a shake that was a bit obscene One night I caught her running out the cellar"
  • Brandy Come A Little Closer
    "I know that it's late And maybe I shouldn't be so into you It's just that tonight I am so taken, I've fallen for you When I look in your eyes I can see A million possibilities And I know you'll be leaving"
  • Honorata Skarbek "Honey" Come Closer
    "I see you want me boy! U stare begging for more Before I give, I gotta know That u won't let me go It's a dirty co-connection Between us, this satisfaction And I want it, want it, want it! It's a flirty"
  • L' Come closer
    "The victories, the battles wonThey`ll never come back to meThe joyful moments, free from careThey`ll never come back to meCome a little closer angelLet me see where I belong I`m ready for your sentenceIn"
  • 4 Strings Come closer
    "Your eyes captivate meEmbrace me with a smileYou never really cared, so stay al whileIf you try to escape me, Ill beat your mindIll be crawling into youUnder the blue skyUnder the blue skyCome closer,"
  • Natalie Brown Come Closer
    "Have you heard the news today? Theres just so many problems Its a shame what some people will say That youre different from me And so we cannot solve them Look at me look at you Theres a difference you"
  • Marit Larsen Come Closer
    "Give me an invitation more than a guess Give me a sign if only one single breath I'll give you an empty page This is the time and place What kind of truth lives in the absence of trust? What is the use"
  • Tarkan Come Closer
    "A wind is blowing and a fire's loose I couldn't find the words to call a truce And tore the temple down to let the spirit In the sound of the storm I can hear just one voice All over"
  • Changing Faces Come Closer
    "Freedom rider though you've tried Words are not enough for you now It's hard on your pride I can't find you though I know you You are just a step out of line Come closer to me When the lines are drawn And"
  • RH Plus Come Closer (feat. FRANEK)
    "My hands are shaking together With all the stuff inside my body It thrilled my brain like never In my head there beats the biggest party Right now I feel so much better When you continue what I started Can"
  • Urge Closer
    "Not too much I have to steal Bringing my best with me nothing to conceal Thought of the renovation Make sure that I'm showing my appreciation Futures wide open Wide open Wide open She brings me a little"
  • Beady Belle Closer
    "Closer Come a little closer Lend an ear to my secretive, whispering, quiet word Closer Still a little closer What i tell you must in no case go unheard Delicate, delicate Clandestine, devoted, forbidden"
  • Naturally7 Closer
    "Closer We need to get a little closer Need to connect with each other Before we forget how to love I still believe in love I know I'm not dreaming Life is only what we want to make of it Everybody"
  • Floetry Closer
    "Floetic, Floacism, Flo'Ology It's Floetry, and Whyteleaf We're moving closer Just a little bit Little bit, Little bit, Little bit, Can I get a little bit closer? I want to get Closer Yeah, oh yeah "
  • Ballas Hough Band Closer
    "Hey, put the pain that you have in the back of your mind Wait, I wanna wipe away all the tears in your eyes 'Cause I got that rhythm in the moves that'll make you hot I'm the only one that gets your heart"

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