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Come a sweetnest life

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Come a sweetnest life

  • Life - Golden Life
    "Have you had enough of changeshave you had enough of changinglike a bird you have flownthrough the shadows of yours forsaken hopesyou broke tree come to me tryingthrough the mansionof the watch me nowsyou"
  • Come to life - Mari
    "There's a river flowing through me... it knows me It's currents, they control my emotions But there's just one stream that evades me, escapes me It overflows when my heart's left open Your feelings, are"
  • Come To Life - Alter Bridge
    "Hey, tore away the veil of weakness The enemy now lies beneath us I think we're safe Hey, won't be held down any longer No disgrace and no dishonor Keep us chained There's nothing we should have to fear"
  • Come To Life - Jefferson Starship
    "Everything, everything has come to life again I have no doubts but the ice got thin What came too soon was so hard to keep So full a harvest it was hard to reap There were times seemed just like the"
  • Come To Life - Paul Kantner
    "Robert Hunter Everything Everything has come to life again No one doubted but the ice got thin What came too soon was so hard to keep So full a harvest it was hard to reap There were days Seemed just"
  • Come Into My Life - Robert Plant
    "Hopes drift in higher places - it's easier above the gloom Among the hollow faces, I know you're there - it must be soon And I must straighten up - review my disposition Pour the hope back in my eyes I"
  • Come into my life - X-PERIENCE
    "Come into my life again i will back to you and then you can take me right Come into my life my love I known I cannot get enough of you tonight oh, come into my life oh, Baby hold me tight Come"
  • Come Into My Life - Billy Crawford
    "Baby I need you Come into my life Uh uh yeah Yeah uh uh yeah In my heart tonight Get down in my soul I'm losing my senses I'm in for the count So out of control And I can't surrender I'm goin' crazy I"
  • Come into my life - One Hit Wonder
    "(Chorus:)Come into my life againI will get back to you and thenYou can take me rightCome into my life my loveI know i cannot get enoughEnough of you tonightOh, come into my lifeOh, baby hold me tightCome"
  • Come Into My Life - Emilia
    "Love is a feeling That can make you blind You've got all this love inside And it makes you warm Will you believe me Not put me aside For every day that passes You mean more to me Chorus: Come into my"
  • Come Back To Life - Koufax
    "Skip the remote location of home A healthier dose of drinks I suppose Is what everyone needs tonight It's what everyone needs tonight If a party gets thrown for reasons we know The days at work, and nights"
  • Life - Jo Damita
    "Got a story to tell bout Jesus Christ How he came to earth To set you free from all your sins When this is over You can live again (CHORUS) I've come that you might have life more abundantly I've come"
  • Life - Ricky Nelson
    "Life, go on without me Take it and you'll see It doesn't matter Life, I know what your game is You take it and trade it For another Life, before you're over I want something to show for All my trouble Time,"
  • Life - Nelson
    "Life Will go on without me Take it and you'll see it doesn't matter Life I know what your game is You take it and trade it for another Life Before you're over I want something to show for all my trouble Time"
  • Life - Coolio
    "Intro: yo, I'm gonna talk to you about life for a minute (coolio) Verse 1: I'm going to a chain 'cause it ain't the same I remain no geak, life's just to play the game trying to brake this chain off my"
  • Life - Ana Johnsson
    "Made of love Made of sin Mayday - calling from outer space I dive right in Here I am Breathing, I'm a miracle I'm on fire - I'm cold I can't be controlled I'm alive and I'm dead And I'm ready for the"
  • Life - Ana Johnston
    "Made Of Love made Of Sin mayday - Calling From Outer Space i Dive Right In here I Am breathing, I'm A Miracle i'm On Fire - I'm Cold i Can't Be Controlled i'm Alive And I'm Dead and I'm Ready For The Take"
  • Life - Love Like Blood
    "so, this was your life ? let's think about it, let's take a look back, before you die ! what do you think ? too less, too much ? was it all right ? was it enough? too lucky, too depressed ? too quiet,"
  • Life - Elvis Presley
    "Somewhere out in empty space, long before the human race, Something stirred, A vast and timeless source began, Intelligence was born and then, there was the world, Powers filled the universe, matter formed"
  • Life - M People
    "People in power waste their time to young and creative, to lives of crime. Logic's a tool so very unusual, we all had enough of the crack abuse. It's time to change our nation's rules. Freedom's a right,"

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