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Come down dance in the moonlight

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Come down dance in the moonlight

  • Moonlight - Mustafa Sandal
    "Love is like the moonlight (Love is like the moonlight I never wanna lose you Never break your heart) Love will surround you Nobody'll find you in my heart And in my dreams I'll never let you go Love"
  • Moonlight - Old 97's
    "There was a girl back in my town But I shouldnt bring up what I cant put down She was above reproach in everyway One day I left the town Im from And as hard as I tried she would not come along She left"
  • Moonlight - Van Morrison
    "Well, it's a marvelous night for a moondance With the stars up above in your eyes A fantabulous night to make romance Neath the cover of October skies And all the leaves on the trees are falling To the"
  • Moonlight Lounge - Alabama
    "Flattop guitar, down around the campfire You can smell that hickory burnin' Catfish fryin', onions got us cryin' Hush puppies they're a turnin' Friends and kin comin' down the hill Trippin' in the ole"
  • Moonlight - Wolf
    "Enter the night as the day fades away Feel it's dark embrace Your all alone except a million stars in space As you walk lost and astray The man in the moon stares with a ghastly grin With cold eyes that"
  • Moonlight - Labyrinth
    "Faced to the ivory gates of dreamsland I look my steps being lost in the sand Is this the place where they created your soul Where all your tears have been shed for so long? Moon don't tell me lies don't"
  • Moonlight - Third Moon
    "Lost in tears beyond tears Frozen weeps rain in mournful clouds Clandestine scars; the picture that bleed in me Delirious equilibrium of abandon seas Oh caressing grace, come forth into me enshrine my"
  • MOONLIGHT - Hanni El Khatib
    "Hate me Okay I've seen this all before Starving for fight For myself and all my loved ones 'cuz I'm bored All in all the same old shit, I'm bringing up with you and the lord The truth is I share a roof"
  • Moonlight - Freiheit
    "Lights are down Soothing sounds Moonlight on my bed Words that you just said I need you Lost in time You are mine Ever so sincere Whisper in my ear Close to you No one knows what we both have discovered Ever"
  • Dance In The Brightly Moonlight - Hi Standard
    "Do you remember that night? I rode a bicycle toward the beach of memory. But I knew there was nothing. She was on my back seat. Dance in the brightly moonlight. We were so close and doing the same"
  • Dance - James Taylor
    "Come on, baby, while the moon is high, kick up your heels and dance. Don't be nervous, don't be shy and give yourself a chance. You can dance. Kick off your shoes and lose your blues. Pick em up, Lord,"
  • Midnight Moonlight - The Firm
    "She flies through the night on silver wings with a smile, no obligation. She says 'walk with me, I'll take you down through the storm to your destination'. She says 'hold me now, I'll take you there to"
  • Moonlight mile - The Rolling Stones
    "When the wind blows and the rain feels cold With a head full of snow With a head full of snow In the window there's a face you know Don't the nights pass slow Don't the nights pass slow The sound of strangers"
  • Moonlight Lady - Fireforce
    "Dark moon is rising high Time has come to bid the past goodbye Face a new bom year Nature survives without fears Worship the sun and the midnight sky The moon is full and you feel alive Lonely lady of"
  • Moonlight Swim - Elvis Presley
    "(Sylvia Dee - Ben Weisman) Let's go on a moonlight swim Far away from the crowd All alone upon the beach Our lips and our arms Close within each other's reach Will be on a moonlight swim Let's go on"
  • Moonlight Romance - Amazulu
    "Hi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi Hi ya Hi yi yi hi yi yi hi yi yi hi yi yi Hi ya When we're together the lights start to glimmer Others move right out of view With your soft and tender arms around"
  • Moonlight Mile - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) When the wind blows and the rain feels cold With a head full of snow With a head full of snow In the window there's a face you know Don't the nights pass slow Don't the nights"
  • Moonlight Shadow - Special D
    "The last ever she saw him Carried away by a moonlight shadow He past on worried and warning Carried away by a moonlight shadow Lost in a ryhthm on a saturday night Far away on the other side He was caught"
  • Moonlight Caress - Macbeth
    "Set like a jewel in the black velwet of the night, you'll listen to my breath in this clear quiet darkness and you'll see a warm tear run down my cold face. Oh, virgin silk-skinned moon dance with me until"
  • Mandolins in the moonlight - Perry Como
    "We're not in Venice, in a gondola, beneath the skies of blue, and yet it seems we're there signorina an' I'm close to you! 'Cause I hear mandolins in the moonlight, mandolins in the moonlight! See what"

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