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Come here is my world

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Come here is my world

  • Come Here - Webbie
    "(Intro) whoa wuz up world this ya boy fresh and im fina give you some pimformation about the stiuation ya heard only holla at the bad bitches and im put your number in my chicktionary ya heard and i'll"
  • Her World - Auryn
    "We went down to see the falls so that we could have somewhere to talk when she said "I know I'm lost but I'm too tired to care." "I'm so put out with all this shit, man, life should be easier than"
  • Come Here Bitch - Webbie
    "(feat. Mannie Fresh) (Intro) Whoa wuz up world this ya boy fresh and I'm fina give you some pimformation about the situation ya heard only holla at the bad bitches and I'm put Your number in my chicktionary"
  • Here We Come - E.S.G.
    "Here we come here we come, here we come through the do' Here we come here we come, they can't stop us no mo' Two thugs bout to explode, dropping low We the shit huh, somebody blunt you come on I'm nineteen"
  • Here Come The ... - 50 Cent
    "Hey Yeah This is for my teletubbies all over the world ya'll I know this don't seem like me But it's 50 uh huh 50 This is the real s**t We don't need ya'll f***in' This ain't crap This is real teletubby"
  • Come Here - J. Holiday
    "Yeah Yeah (oooo) Holiday Uh Huh : Eh, girl How you doing? What ya name is? Looking like a model or somebody famous Where's that nigga that you came with If your here alone, baby we gon have to change"
  • My World - Metallica
    "The motherfuckers got in my head Trying to make me someone else instead It's my world now Mama, why's it rainin' in my room Cheer up boy clouds will move on soon Heavy fog got me lost inside Gonna sit"
  • My World - Above The Law
    "You know, it's been ten years in the making And we working towards ten more years to come Puttin' it down with that serious hustle, you know what I'm sayin'? Above The Law, this is our world So while we"
  • My World - Big Punisher
    "Uhh.. yes y'all baby Yeah, yeah, work it out Work it out dawg, work it out now Uhh.. y'all motherfuckers, big dawgs in the house what? Terror Squad what? Terror Squad what? I ain't a rapper.. I just bust"
  • Come over here sugar - Eric Gadd
    "I just cant stop thinking about the way you make me feel every time I see you, seem realitys not real I cant believe my own words, when were talking on the phone when all I wanna tell you is, it hurts"
  • Here Come The Pigs - Gluecifer
    "The sounds are ringing thru the night Like a symphony You can hear it come Yeah here it comes From all but one direction Like bugs to the fire You can hear them come Yeah here they come Here come the"
  • Knieght Rideuz (Here We Come) - Krayzie Bone
    "(feat. Knieght Rieduz) Hey! I be the pirate they call...(shhhh) You want to walk the plank come on I'll make you walk the plank At a point blank range bunkin' up brains wit a bloody bloody scene Make"
  • Milwaukee Here I Come - Porter Wagoner
    "I'm a gonna get on that ol' turnpike and I'm gonna ride I'm a gonna leave this town till you decide Which one you want the most them Opry stars or me Milwaukee here I come from Nashville Tennessee Milwaukee"
  • Come Here Boy - Imogen Heap
    "It's dark in here And visions are flashing into my head as I reminisce My re-occuring dream And you said "I'm falling, falling for you Babe, And my feelings are getting stronger So why don't you stay with"
  • Here They Come - Royal Bliss
    "Open my eyes to a whole new clan Another kind I dont understand Here they come here they come take away my friends This is not where the story ends I see their lies and I see their ways They walk around"
  • Here We Come - Boot Camp Clik
    "(Intro-Rock (Starang Wondah)) Here We Come, Here We Come Here We Come, Here We Come (Yeah! Starang Wondah in the building) Here We Come, Here We Come (Dru-Ha, you know you my favorite white boy, right?"
  • Here We Come - Me Phi Me
    "Here is the plan to command urban cities You took me from Africa, said that's the way to fix me But I want my retribution, revolution is with me I got my fucking gat, ain't wisslin' no Dixie Like baba-do-ba"
  • Here I Come - Fergie
    "Here ya go.. Yeah Yeah Yeah Ain't nobody rock it like this Ain't nobody out there swift like this Everywhere I go all I hear is this (you're alright) Yes I must confess And it's true we keeps it fresh 'Cause"
  • Here We Come - Heltah Skeltah
    "{what the hell was your dick doin in the milk man? } Here we come (9x) If you a dedicated soldier say here we come (starang) here we come Here we come (2x) If you a dedicated soldier say here we come (starang)"
  • Here We Come - Nelly
    "Yo, whattup baby girl - fuck is the deal? Nah youknahI'msayin I'm on my way fo' sho' Nah well Kejuan and Murph they with me already And you know Leezy on his way we gonna be out there in a minute But"

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