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Come little childrena take my aweay

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Come little childrena take my aweay

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Come little childrena take my aweay
  • My Little Airport my little banana
    "My little beautiful pretty pretty banana, you are all that I'd like and I want to share you with all my friends, family and loved one. I just open all your skin then I take a small bite. Once I have a"
  • Anna Oxa Take A Little Trip
    "(U. Morasca - j. Kumada) Please just come around take a little trip all I need is tender love come to me tonight take a little trip all I need is tender love whi I feel so down no I won't cry anymore everytime"
  • Sofia Loell Come A Little Closer
    "Oh oh oh yeieieieih Take away my pain , I beg you take away my tears make me smile again and laugh with me when I chase away my fears 'cause you're my happy thought baby what makes me come around touch"
  • Patti Smith Come Back Little Sheba
    "Come back little Sheba I hear them calling Open your ears Awake from thy sleep High above The stars are falling Open your arms And you shall receive The lights of the city So bold and flashing All of"
  • Dusty Springfield Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart
    "(Bert Berns / Jerry Ragavoy) Didn't I make you feel Like you were the only man? Didn't I give you everything A woman possibly can? But with all the love I give you It's never enough I'm gonna show you"
  • Little Birdy Come On Little Heartbreaker
    "Everybody knows the reason why I choke and choke I dont know Why But its so hard on you To go and throw Somebodys heart in the washer But you are my lover for tonight Baby I know things could be easier"
  • Hank Thompson Give A Little Take A Little
    "Give a little take a little take a little kiss from me Take a little give a little give a little kiss to me You're the one the only one the girl I'm thinking of Now don't you be afraid let's make a little"
  • Bruce Springsteen Take Em As They Come
    "Last night I dreamed he was runnin' through the avalanche Tears streamed your pretty face all burned red Once your dead it's done and not much remains Down the highway another stranger comes You gotta"
  • Australian Idol Every Little Step I Take
    "I can't sleep at night, I toss and turn Listenin' for the telephone But when I get your call I'm all choked up Can't believe you called my home And as a matter of fact, it blows my mind You would even"
  • 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Come Take My Hand
    "I know a place where the sun's always shining, with lovely flowers around everywhere. Come take my hand, I'll show you I'll guide you. I know this place it's deep down inside you. I know a place where"
  • DJ Bobo Come Take My Hand
    "Refrain: Come take my hand Walk through the rainbow and enjoy wonderland Ill show you mysteries Come take my hand Dont be afraid to walk this way To a glorious day Verse 1: Come with me And use your"
  • Sasha Take My Hands
    "Come on little Darling be mine Is it true that you worry about the things I do for you I will always be on your side so just move a little closer and everything will be alright Take my hands Won't you"
  • Engelbert Humperdinck Take My Heart
    "You say you're finished with love That you'll never love again as long as you live But believe me, you'll love me again If for once you find it in your heart to forgive Take my Heart I can undo all the"
  • Sebadoh Take My Hand
    "Come on girl, tell me something Tell me something I don't know Little girl, should I be scared the way I am? Does it feel OK to stand so close to me? Take my hand, try to walk in time together I'm doubting"
  • SoKo Take My Heart
    "You can take my heart for a walk on the beach You can take my heart for a little trip You can take my heart very close to your heart You can take my heart forever if you like But not every heart belongs"
  • Glen Hansard My Little Ruin
    "Come on, my little ruin, won’t you open up and let us in? Time has not been kind, but you're still standing here. Leave a light on in your window, won’t you let me see a sign? It’s gonna take more than"
  • Jordy My Little Sister
    "Jordy, Jordy, mommy's gone Take care of daddy and if you behave yourself You'll get a big present Big kisses, honey, I love you Hey, Daddy, why did mommy leave? I want her to come back Hey, Daddy, what's"
  • Gabriel Mann My little box
    "Silent in my insanity, I live safe inside my cellin the darkness that surrounds me, I see my own special hellcomfort in my suffering, feeling warm inside this painforewall's comin' down on me. comin' down"
  • Tim McGraw My Little Girl 
    "Gotta hold on easy as I let you go. Gonna tell you how much I love you, though you think you already know. I remember I thought you looked like an angel wrapped in pink so soft and warm. You've had me"
  • Church My little problem
    "You must have heard about my little problemAh come on, you must have heard about itIt's no ordinary problemLook in my eyes, there can be no doubt about itAnd of course it gets worse at nightIt gets late,"

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