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Come on and stand up yeah

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Come on and stand up yeah

  • Yeah - Jerzee Monet
    "(feat. Eve) Oooouuua Come on! National Anthem, wassup! Yeaaaahhhh Bilingual for you baby! Oui....Si...Yeah Yeaaaahhhh Come on! Yeah Feelin like one of dem days Goin shoppin Buy my own things Celebrate"
  • Yeah!!! - Pastor Troy
    "Verse 1 How can I explain this game? Got me on the road everyday, to fill my name, Me and my dreams of gettin the world crunk, The hits bring bling, and do the ATL stomp, this thang real, I got the gun"
  • Yeah - Keith Murray
    "(feat. Erick Sermon, Busta Rhymes, Jamal, and Redman) Yo Troy, turn me up so I can conductthe disco inferno Oklahoma aroma (uh) I smell the roof on fire without Parliament just Def Squad shit, dig"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah - Wedding Present
    "I really don't believe that this is happening I've tried and tried and tried to think it through Oh, I heard what you said, I'm just not answering I guess I'm scared of what I'll have to do Because you"
  • Come On, Yeah - De La Soul
    "(once again my friend the funky beat has hold and we going on down to The a.m. for you and your friend, sounds here tough on the ear, you Know that, coming at you so loud and clear so you have no fear"
  • Just Stand Up - Artists Stand Up To Cancer
    "[Beyoncé:] The heart is stronger Than you think It's like it can go Through anything And even when you think It can't it finds a way To still push on Though Carrie Underwood: Sometimes You want to run"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah - BangBros
    "Friday night Sitting all alone No-one's gonna play with me I hate to sit at home Looking out the window Dreaming of a friend Who brings this back to an end Hey boy you there Don't you be so square Come"
  • Yeah - Usher
    "Usher: Peace up!A Town's Down!Lil Jon: Yeah, okay! Lil Jon!Usher:Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah yeah, YeaahYeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, YeaahUsher:I'm in the club with my homiesTryna get a lil V-IKeep it down"
  • Yeah - Boot Camp Clik
    "It's the chalk cracker, street rapper, x-factor Smokey Lah, your girl ass slapper Trap rider, nipple biter, spits fire The coptic hitman for hire The rate proper, pound copper, dime chopper Don't get it"
  • Yeah, Yeah - Killa Kyleon
    "(*talking*) Ok, this is DJ Dick-In-Ya-Mouth And this is D-A-Y-1 FM, 102.9 on ya radio dial And we looking for the real freak right now I'm gon take my first call First caller, you on the air (hey man,"
  • Stand Up - All That Remains
    "Stand Up I know, no one had ever dreamed that We were this strong and we’d achieve this So long the doubt and all believed it And now it’s come for all to see yeah We’ve worked, so hard Pushed every day"
  • Stand Up - Jessie J
    "If you surround yourself with negative people You'll never feel settled in or become an equal - nooo. They'll suppress you of your spirit and rinse you dry of smiles. So reach deep and release your inner"
  • Stand up - Charli Baltimore
    "Be friends wit'cha gram! I want everyone to stand up and be counted tonight Hey you, blow your whistle (whistle sound) Now clap ya hands and say yeah! (yeah) Tune my voice out, tune my mic out Tune my"
  • Stand Up - Garou
    "Dream yourself awake Can't make it through the night Wicked dreams will haunt you When the morning light shines You try to find your way outside Just another day Try to let them shine But people disappoint"
  • Stand Up - T.I.
    "(feat. Lil Jon, Lil' Wayne, Trick Daddy) Stand up If you don't like what I'm saying then buck Swing when you see me we can throw them hands sucker Stand up If you didn't notice nigga, I don't give a"
  • Stand Up And Sing - Kool & The Gang
    "* Everybody stand up and sing, and say I love You (2x) Stand up and sing (stand up and sing), oh yeah (2x) Take this time to open you heart Show your feeling right from the start Now's the time to spread"
  • Stand By Me, Yeah - Sloan
    "You gotta roll with the punches to get to what is real Knock down the bastards and show them how it feels 'Cause you know It's not easy when you feel they Go out of their way to get you It's not"
  • Hell Yeah - Rev Theory
    "Can you feel that? You better hold on This one's about to get bumpy Hahahahahahaha... She's a ten, hellbent, I'm in heaven tonight Six speed sex scene playin' out in my mind One look, I'm hooked, motor"
  • Hell Yeah! - Zebrahead
    "Hell yeah! Whoo! Punk rock, tripping with The flavour of hip hop Spitting out venom as I'm Watching all your heads bob Representing for the outcasts And the have-not's Fiending to find light In a world"
  • Hell Yeah - Zebrahead
    "Hell Yeah! Woooooo Boom clock, trippin' with the flavour of hip hop Spittin' out venom as I'm watching all your heads bob Representing for the outcasts and the have nots Needing to find light in a world"

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