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Come on is't not ending day

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Come on is't not ending day

  • Ending - Burn Season
    "We wont make it this time Did my soul run off And get lost without you Fake it this time This is the last song ill ever wrte about you Right This can be the way Throw it in my face The fact that"
  • Ending - Longwave
    "an ending that's pretty a beautiful city to open the vein and take a hit i don't care if i break down tonight if i get out i don't care i'll take what i can get but if i get out it pulls me back"
  • Ending Our Days - Afterworld
    "The day we have been waiting for so long is finally at hand. Waiting of this better day is now over. But as it seems this day turns to a disaster... Final day is closing in, there is no way we can hide It's"
  • Hollywood Ending - Motley Crue
    "Ooh yeah-ah Did you want it this way Breaking us down a little bit at a time Is it easier now that I'm not around Oh is it time to draw the line We don't have to pretend Ya got your Hollywood ending (Another"
  • Happy Ending - Sugarland
    "Cowboys ride into sunsets The good guy always gets the girl Cinderella has just fit The glass slipper that changed her world We all know the stories We all know the fairy tales We all get the glory Of"
  • Ending Ceremony - Diphtheria
    "Here come the dead All bleeding red This one's been choked The other shot in the head Here come the flies Children with no eyes They hold each other's hands and dance A jig of world demise Chorus:"
  • First Day Of A Never-Ending Day - Vision Divine
    "Come on here with me Listen to my words... You don't have to close your eyes There's a cry coming from a new world A new age I have dreamt before is our destiny Everything you ever wanted won't die, end"
  • Come Come Now (Ending With "Mermaids Are Sea Sluts" Segment) (90.3 WRIU) - Sage Francis
    "(verse) Let me rub my back against the notches on your bedpost scratch these afterthoughts off my flesh and shed ghosts My head's close to your closet door. I've got the glass to my ear. My nose is in"
  • Never Ending Hoilday - Dover Drive
    "Seem's theres always something to be done But at the same time, there's nothing to do Bored out of my mind and yet procrastinating like I have no life Maybe I don't Why Do I do those things There's just"
  • Never Ending Circles - CHVRCHES
    "Throw me No more bones and I will tell you no lies This time At least I am not So cold You give me everything I never deserved This time You know I'll leave Here's to taking what you came for And here's"
  • Never Ending Blue - Brad Strut
    "(Sample) Now this song came along in a time in my life that I was experiencing the pitts of romantic involvement, or perhaps I should say "scraping the bottom of the barrel of love" im In the sun gettin"
  • Never-Ending Hallway - Chagani Umair
    "I can't seem to understand Girl, why you hate me so Is it because I love you so much? And you know I won't let go Why do you pretend to hate me? To be someone elses friend You hurt me but you say to her "I'll"
  • Never Ending Game - Master P
    "Check this out playas All y'all gangster niggas Y'all motherfucking gangsta bitches out there (the dope game) I'm a let y'all know something (welcome to the dope game) Something that'll never end, this"
  • Never ending saga - Guru
    "ft. Lae-D Trigga, BlessYeah... ain't nuttin sweet in these streets... Everyday it's a never-ending saga... - 2X It's a never-ending saga, the drama, the block's hotter than lava See the stress in the"
  • Last Chapter Ending - Crushead
    "it was a cold and lonely night when the car crushed down down in the river and a spark of live went out the boy inside lost his fight against the coldness and it's hard for me to believe that it was you hey"
  • Ending Theme - Pain Of Salvation
    "And so I find myself here once again First step down Remedy Lane Budapest you tore my world apart well, here I am Worn with rope ends on my mind Torn with blood scarred in my eyes But now I'm back to shake"
  • Happy Ending - Chingy
    "oh oh oh oh oh oh so much for my happy ending oh oh oh oh oh oh so much for my happy ending oh oh oh oh oh oh so much for my happy ending let's talk this over it's not like we're dead was it something"
  • Happy ending - Avril Lavigne
    "My Happy Ending Let's talk this over It's not like we're dead Was it something I did? Was it something You said? Don't leave me hangin In a city so dead held up so high On such a breakable thread You were"
  • Happy Ending - Mika
    "This is the way you left me, I'm not pretending. No hope, no love, no glory, No Happy Ending. This is the way that we love, Like it's forever. Then live the rest of our life, But not together. Wake up"
  • Never ending - Dawson's Creek
    "You were the never ending I never felt like I was pretending with you How did you do it? and was it the same for you I kept your coat on all winter Hoping you'd come back into view I should've known better"

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