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Come, Little Children

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Come, Little Children

  • O Come, Little Children - Christmas Carols
    "Christmas Carols Miscellaneous O Come, Little Children O come, little children, O come one and all, To Bethlehem haste, to the manger so small, God's son for a gift has been sent you this night To be"
  • Children - Bill Anderson
    "Children we're acting like children instead of like a man and a fullgrown woman We're acting like babies little bitty babies And we're about to throw away a lifetime of good good loving Love is not a"
  • Children - Bo Pepper
    "You take pills to make you numb But then you can't come No you can't come I bring your cigarettes to keep you sweet If only cigarettes could keep you sweet You've been down on your luck But they don't"
  • Children Children - Wings
    "I Know A Tyne Waterfall A Magic Little Place Where We Can Play Together And Watch The Fishes Race Children Children Where Are You Hiding In The Forest Playing In The Rain I Hope You Not Too Far Away"
  • Children, Children - Paul McCartney
    "I know a tiny waterfall A magic little place Where we can play together And watch the fishes race Children Children, where are you? Hiding in the forest, playing in the rain I hope you're not to"
  • Someday, Little Children - Sesame Street
    "Someday, little children, someday soon There's gonna be a lotta people, yeah They're gonna be living on the moon Yeah, living on the moon someday, It might sound crazy, but it's true You know who's gonna"
  • Lost Little Children - Tim O'Brien
    "Where are my mama and daddy They came a long time before me Now we've come on the steamship Atlantic From our home far across the stormy sea I have their letter in my pocket They said we would meet on"
  • Sleep Well, Little Children - The Carpenters
    "Sleep well, little children Wherever you are Tomorrow is christmas Beneath every star Soon the snowflakes will fall And tomorrow you'll see Every wish, one and all Waiting under the tree Sleep well, little"
  • Teach The Little Children - Sizzla
    "(can't make out 1st line maybe Swahili or Amharic) And let King Selassie I rise and all His enemies be scatter Whoa oh oh oh burn dem burn dem burn dem All you need is love to make you happy and"
  • Suffer The Little Children To Come Unto Me - Pungent Stench
    "child he's coming for you there's nothing that you could do he lurks the night a ghoul with cruel intentions waiting for you to cross his way a predator greedy for your intestines enjoying your cries"
  • Little Children - Brian Wilson
    "On a Monday mornin' you see 'em all there Little children they're marching along On a sunny mountain without any cares Little children they're marching along Marching along, siging a song Making rhythm"
  • Little Children - Eva Cassidy
    "(David Christopher) Dark night broken lights A boy on the corner with his hands held high He sees a gun sees an eye But he'd rather get shot than give it up Works for a violent man Who expects to get"
  • Little Children - Giles, Giles And Fripp
    "The innocence of little boys The taste of love they don't enjoy But when they look and they see To where their loving will be Live love and then they'll learn to play The innocence of little girls Their"
  • Little Children - Rez Band
    "Dead black kids in Atlanta - when will this insanity end? White or black, many or one; the killer poses as a friend, Fear grips the littlest children, they can hardly sleep at night, The Klan, the Nazis,"
  • Christmas Children - SHeDAISY
    "(Words and Music by Leslie Bricusse) Sing a Christmas song Christmas children live in a Christmas daydream Sing a Christmas song/ Christmas children hunger for Christmas morning Christmas children peep"
  • Ghetto Children - Kelis
    "(feat. Marc Dorsey & N.E.R.D.) Yo, wake up, wake up Ghetto children Wake up, wake up Ghetto children Wake up, wake up Ghetto children Wake up, wake up Ghetto children Wake up, wake up Hey, hey You're"
  • African Children - Culcha Candela
    "Ref: African children don't cry no more African people don't die no more Politician don't lie no more We haffi stand up And go for a brighter tomorrow So don't cry no more African people don't die no more You"
  • Lost Children - Gordon Lightfoot
    "Down the hall their voices ring, their feet are on the run Phantoms on the winter sky, together they do come Faded lips and eyes of blue they're carried in the wind Their laughter filled the countryside"
  • God's Children - Urban Clearway
    "(Jed) I remember when I was a little girl Thrown head first into this crazy world Safe was all I'd wanna feel Only our pain makes this life seem real? Teachers trying to explain war I'm sat trying to figure"
  • Naive Children - Victims Family
    "Well you've got everthing that you could possilby need. You've got your fast red car. You've got your lines of speed. You've got an office of your own and your fax machine and lots of tacky clothes for"

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