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Comeback Kid InTuition

  • Comeback Kid - Sharon Van Etten
    "hey, you’re the comeback kid see me look away I’m the runaway I’m the stay out late I’m recovering kid, at the top of our street I was somewhat like him I was somebody comeback kid comeback kid come back,"
  • Comeback Kid - Silversun Pickups
    "With all the fire set in our eyes Without a cornerstone to realize That later on we'll build the pyre And burn so easily well everyone but me And soon we'll sing in better moods A sigularity well"
  • Comeback kid - Kasabian
    "King Pin on a cutback /2x With sunken eyes Big cheese in a bed sit /2cx And shit the sky Slick move you said you wanna try me You should’ve left it just where you found it I see you creeping, thinking"
  • Comeback Kid - Abercrombie
    "Freddy wants to be a cartoon superhero and he never goes outside His eyes are glued to the TV screen most every day and night S'not making friends at school, his parents have concerns But he always"
  • Intuition - Hall & Oates
    "I've got a feeling My intuition's telling me so Just a beginning A seed you planted deep in my soul And I never knew this love before Didn't have a clue that there was more So I'm gonna tell you how it's"
  • Intuition - Yoko Ono
    "Hey, hey, hey, alright, Hey, hey, hey, alright. My intentions are good, I use my intuition, It takes me for a ride. But I never understood other people's superstitions, It seemed like suicide. And as"
  • Intuition - Dragonland
    "One fire A silent storm in every spirit Locked behind a lonely dream still aware When soldiers of fortune take your mind The heart is your kingdom Like magic when you find Intuition One decision Hold"
  • Intuition - John Lennon
    "My intentions are good, I use my intuition It takes me for a ride But I never understood other people's superstition It seemed like suicide And as I play the game of life I try to make it better each and"
  • Intuition - Lemur Voice
    "Gusts of color, senses of energy enter the realm of intuition. The question of validity is rhetorical in presence of Nature's purity A child's honesty, strength through vulnerability Yet feel the overwhelming"
  • Intuition - H-Blockx
    "I've heard it all beforeThe medicine dont help no moreIm told between the linesNo complaints no miseryIve sold social securityAnd this is why Im not surprisedIm not surprisedI cant denyRefrainIve seen"
  • Intuition - Natalie Imbruglia
    "Everybody's been in my face Tellin' me I gotta make a change All I ever hear day and night is"You better hurry up and get a life" I need some direction-'cause the clock is tickin' away Then a friend of"
  • Intuition - Girls Aloud
    "I'm just a simple girl In a high tech digital world I really try to understand All the powers that rule this land They say Miss J's big butt is boss Kate Moss can't find a job In a world of post modern"
  • Intuition - Feist
    "What gives what helps the intuition? I'll know, I'll know I won't have to be shown The way home And it's not about a boy Although although They can lead you Break or defeat you A destination known Only"
  • Intuition - DJ Encore
    "feat. Engelina I have come all this way Time to make a turn Will I make it right Ill live and Ill learn Im playing my own song now I will survive a change of key Because I follow this guideline Hiding"
  • Intuition - Engelina
    "Found an answer in my heart that I will follow it might keep sanity at bay But I'll be hollow not to give a part of me I get so much from you Could this really be a wrong when it feels right to do Uuh.. Feels"
  • Comeback - Foo Fighters
    "Tie up the transmission this one is not a test Silent all these years but now i'm getting you off my chest Reeling in the moment, I know it will never last Tired of keepin quiet, riding with all the rest"
  • Intuition - Daryl Hall & John Oates
    "I let you escape, slip through my fingers We made our mistakes, but memories linger Each time I turn a corner I swear I see your face But I'm standing here alone in the wonder What I really needed, what"
  • Intuition - Quindon Tarver
    "Im Just a Simple GirlIn a High-tech Digital WorldI Really Try to UnderstandAll the Powers That Rule This LandThey Say Miss Js Big Butt Is BossKate Moss Cant Find a JobIn a World of Post-modern FadWhat"
  • Intuition - Eight Fingers Down
    "The TV's one but I'm at the bar Another tragedy where I'm the star How did I know that life was an addiction? How can life be so bleak when you don't have one? But still I'm moving on and I found a way"
  • Intuition - Keri Hilson
    "Woohoo (x3) Hey hey... I got this crazy feeling I'm gon be single again I know it, I can feel it I know you gon mess up Wow, you really turn me on So, I, I really hope I'm wrong Woohoo It would break my"

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