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  • Comedy Tonight - Dixie Chicks
    "Something familiar, something peculiar something for everyone a comedy tonight something apealing, something apaling something for everyone a comedy tonight nothing with kings nothing with crowns bring"
  • Comedy Tonight - Stephen Sondheim
    "Something familiar, Something peculiar, Something for everyone: A comedy tonight! Something appealing, Something appalling, Something for everyone: A comedy tonight! Nothing with kings, nothing with"
  • Black comedy - Culture Club
    "Sweet cunning eyes try to take from me You're too young, I'm too wise, this is parody A taste of what you like can be fatal sometimes Arms that hold you tight but leave you cold, so cold The stars in the"
  • Tagic Comedy - Fools Immaculate
    "I know it's a joke Another game A little fun can ease the pain It's all well and good to be the fool As long as tears can touch you too. You laugh when I cry To make me smile You tell me everything's"
  • Pure Comedy - Father John Misty
    "The comedy of man starts like this: Our brains are way too big for our mother’s hips So, nature, she devised this alternative: We emerge half-formed and hope whoever greets us on the other end Is kind"
  • Black Comedy - Bright Eyes
    "(feat. Neva Dinova) Well once I gave a look to you but you never gave it back So here I stand expressionless but my memory's intact I guess the past is good for a laugh A comedy so dry and black It makes"
  • Divine Comedy - Tricky
    "I know what you see X5 Wanted with me Suffocate me with a notion Deserve me with devotion Wanted with me X2 Why are we not talkin' Why are we not speakin' No words can describe Inside, inside, I know what"
  • Comedy Song - Fool's Garden
    "Does anybody know the reason why She didnt wake me up to say good-bye Shes left me right here lying in my bed I feel so sad Hello good morning darkness I feel blue I guess she doesnt feel the same way"
  • Romantic Comedy - Stars
    "It's been five years; we've had good and bad The ivy grows thick in our dark backyard When I shave in the morning you don't recognize me I ask if you're still there and you answer 'truly' Don't walk away"
  • Strictly Comedy - Robert Pollard
    "Their wails heard from scenic overlooks And like fish marinating In the swamp, the glade The pig-nosed parade We do not even see them A world coming up for air That one should even care? Created for"
  • Comedy Is Over - Trauma
    "Tongues of fire Catch up with the shadows Paintings whirling in a drowse Are like a passing wind Here I am Here I am Though I shouldnt be here I am and I am and I am and than Im gone Oh my God Does this"
  • King Of Comedy - R.E.M.
    "Make your money with a suit and tie Make your money with shrewd denial Make your money expert advice, If you can wing it Make your money with a power ply Make your money with a buyout bribe Make it lie"
  • Stand Up Comedy - U2
    "STAND UP COMEDY Love love love love love Love love love love love I got to stand up and take a step You and I have been asleep for hours I got to stand up The wire is stretched In between our two towers Stand"
  • Alcohol Or Comedy - Bif Naked
    "My life was Comedy. Quitting drinking was the easiest thing I've ever done. I have never looked back. I simply cannot understand why the hell I waited so long! Unmanageable life--what an embarrassment!"
  • The Cloak Of Comedy - Rykarda Parasol
    "If I changed my mind And I want to rewind Because I took my time You say no dice I live alone I walk alone Everything I've known has stamp Why don't we be like a falling leaf? Time here is brief Got no"
  • Songs Of Love (Divine Comedy) - Ben Folds Five
    "Pale, pubescent beasts Roam through the streets And coffee shops Their prey gather in herds Of stiff knee-length skirts And white ankle-socks But while they search for a mate My type hibernate In bedrooms"
  • Theme From Casanova - The Divine Comedy
    ""The Divine Comedy's Casanovaa collection of songs for bass baritone and ensemble, inspired by the writings of the eighteenth century Venetian gambler, eroticist and spy; and performed for us there by"
  • Love What You Do - Divine Comedy
    "Living isn't easy No need to make it harder Stretch yourself until you snap Ditch your superstitions Lose your inhibitions Tell them you're not coming back If you want it, you can have it If you"
  • Absent Friends - The Divine Comedy
    "Absent Friends Absent friends, here's to them And happy days, we thought that they would never end. Here's to absent friends. Little Jean Seberg seemed So full of life, but in those eyes such troubled"
  • Freedom Road - The Divine Comedy
    "It's early morning on I-19. I ain't got much for company, A pick-up truck, a brown Volvo, And a couple of jokers on the radio. I wish that it could stay like this, But soon I'll have to put up with The"

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