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Coming at you with supersinic speed

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Coming at you with supersinic speed

  • Speed - Billy Idol
    "Running from the nightmare In the middle of the road Hell's no place for sleeping In a world beyond control Caught in the headlights Coming after you When I woke up this morning I had to do what I gotta"
  • Speed - Angra
    "Angra Miscellaneous Speed Speed, run the thoughts inside your brain Try to catch them once And you'll be alone There's nowhere to go Speed, all the memories will come Try to make them"
  • Speed - Annihilator
    "I'm on a mission, I'm gonna break the speed of sound My pulse is racing, I'm gonna have to put you down Acceleration I gotta, gotta go faster Give me more speed They say I'm crazy and I'm headed for disaster Give"
  • At The Speed Of Life - Wang Chung
    "(Jack Hues) A man lives in the city Surrounded by machines They take away his pity And give him what he dreams A stream of information On a green letter screen Makes him feel in touch with the world And"
  • At The Speed Of Life - Xzibit
    "Listen you fuckers, you screwheads Here's a man who won't take it anymore A man who stood up against The skunk, the kunts, the dogs, the fill, the shit Here is some one who stood up Here is... Yeah! this"
  • Coming - Jimmy Somerville
    "I am coming! I am coming! I am coming through! Coming across the divide to you In this moment of unity feeling an ecstacy to be here, to be now At last I am free Yes at last, at last to be free of the"
  • Speed Queen - Zuba
    "1) I like green grass and I like pontiacs I like cheap clothes and boys that'll never know When the wind blows, I smell El Porto So I keep cigarettes, down in my panty hose and I roll like thunder 2)"
  • Bullet Speed - Reptilian
    "Flying like a missile J am fire in the sky A supersonic vengeance, a machine that's flying high Tales of fury hate desire Writings on your soul in fire Seeking the revenge Flying faster than the speed"
  • Speed kills - The Smashing Pumpkins
    "Speed kills, but beauty lives forever speed thrills, but beauty knows your name i fell ill inside eternal winter, winter and stood still beside eternal flame and when i ride with you tonight we can move"
  • 3 Speed - eels
    "Got a 3 speed and banana seat Sitting back on the sissy bar Went to Sev and got a drink Wish I was in Daddy's car And I looked up at the sky last night And I thought I saw a bomb And why won't you just"
  • Light Speed - Dr. Dre
    "(feat. Hittman) Hey, yo whassup? My name is Dre Can I blaze some Chonic witchu? Nigga what? FO' SHO'! Roll that shit up! Hell yeah, still "Alwayz Into Somethin'" Heart still in Compton The comp"
  • Speed racer - Vic Chesnutt
    "Have I learned anything from all of these lectures?I think it's my attention span clipped by TV at an early agewell who heard the radio when you are five years old?I used to watch Speed Racer with that"
  • Speed Law - Mos Def
    "Relax, pump the brakes You're speeding money You'll smash your whole shit up (slow down) Lights be changing fast on these streets money, slow down Sleeping on the wrong cats Clear like a megaphone Pretty"
  • Speed Whore - Rigor Mortis
    "Ask me if I give a shit Am I just sick of it Look into my blackened eyes One more bump and you'll be mine Anything to get some more Look at you, you stinking whore You suck - Speedwhore Feeling"
  • High Speed - 2Pac
    "(E.D.I Amin) I speak For all my niggaz livin' in the rush Slow it down just a notch baby It's goin' be alright, it's goin' be alright (2Pac + E.D.I Amin) Life in High Speed Fuck the punishment, tie weed I"
  • High Speed - Tupac
    "(E.D.I Amin) I speak For all my niggaz livin' in the rush Slow it down just a notch baby It's goin' be alright, it's goin' be alright (2Pac + E.D.I Amin) Life in High Speed Fuck the punishment, tie weed I"
  • Speed limit - Eddy
    "I was getting kinda tired of her endless chatter Nothing I could say ever seemed to matter So I took a little drive just to clear my head I saw a flashing neon up ahead It looked like a place to find some"
  • At Full Speed - Jack's Mannequin
    "Should the canyons burn All night long like the 4th of July We won't need an alibi There's gas in the car Hours 'til sunrise And there's no guarantee That leaving town's gonna set us both free But stayin'"
  • Travelling At Speed - Dum Dums
    "I woke up in a sweat last night I realised I'd chosen my life And the cleanliness drove me over the edge At the supermarket where no one existed Claustrophobic hairspray, absolute sense of no control And"
  • At Breakneck Speed - Park
    "Prop me up and keep just one hand talking while the other slips underneath. Steals inches from me. All the lights seem to dim on command, lifting oxygen from eyelids. Calm yourself Deep breaths"

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