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Commone sense

  • Sense - Terry Hall
    "Sense Ian Broudie/Terry Hall I'm flying high on something beautiful and aimless, it's got a name but I prefer to call it nameless. It comes and goes leaves me on a bed of splinters, feels like I'm living"
  • Sense - The Lightning Seeds
    "I'm flying high on something beautiful and aimless, it's got a name but I prefer to call it nameless. It comes and goes leaves me on a bed of splinters, feels like I'm living in a town closed down for"
  • Sense - Pete Yorn
    "Time flew away, But something won't forgive it all, Days and weeks, Let's start from the beginning of a life. She called today, Pretending not to care at all, For days and weeks, Now he's hanging from"
  • The 6th Sense - Common Sense
    "The revolution will not be televised The revolution is here Yeah, it's Common Sense, with DJ Premier We gonna help y'all see clear It's real hip-hop music, from the soul, y'all Yeah, check it, yo The"
  • Sense Tu - Jennifer
    "Mai abans mhe sentit Al final del cam I ara s que s aix. No hi ha res que puguem salvar Ara s que aquest cop He perdut la partida Ha arribat el final. I s que no hi ha solució Buscar una raó Per sortit"
  • No sense - Cat Power
    "Do you remember Do you remember That night at context Making up shit Like we were animals We made no sense No sense We had no sex Can you see, can you see, can you see Can you see, can you see, can you"
  • Common Sense - John Prine
    "You can't live together You can't live alone Considering the weather Oh my, how you've grown From the men in the factories To the wild kangaroo Like those birds of a feather They're gathering together And"
  • Deeper Sense - Chamber - L'Orchestre De Chambre Noir
    "I red Bennett, danced Gurdjeff, practised Crowly and more A holy quest, without a clue, in sight, or to implore What is the deeper sense of our existence? So I travelled the world enjoyed fine arts experienced"
  • No Sense - Gerald Levert
    "It's Cleavland thang Gerald Levert, yeah A little Lazy Bone, Levert, Ken Dawg, let's do Columbus Levert and more Thugs united we stand divided we're fall sing with me yall Your love don't make no sense"
  • Sense Sensibility - Jennifer Rush
    "Top of the line State of the art Contours of a bird Gliding through the world. With a shine of the sun Colours of the day Open your door And slowly I drive away. This is your song This is a"
  • Furthest Sense - Ride
    "Unsure of emotions And unsure of my stand That time was so perfect Who could ever understand? So don't try to criticise You don't know the change that's in my eyes Plastic feelings and emotions Your"
  • Pre-Sense - Atrox
    "If my senses won't come to me I better come to my senses But I can't I'm too scared of being scared Like saving cancer-mice from labs Or half-eaten flies from cobwebs No sense of reality Or of concequence Come"
  • Non sense - Paolo Conte
    "Che soddisfazioneQuesto minestrone,Tutto il circondario sapr saprCome vivo io? Non lo so neanchioMa se me lo dicono lo soChe non sar mandare apposta dall esercitoUna minestra perfida come unabitudine,Roba"
  • Better Sense - Hot Water Music
    "to shed skin and begin an intake that will make a difference in clear thinking for conquering any fear that is thrown in direction when at a weak point or time of suffering the edge won't quit if there"
  • The Sense - Hot Water Music
    "This is not a model fit for any mold. The twisted old and bitter tongues are reckless just as they are cold. Dwelling on the dying is wet fingers to the flame. And I cannot say that I believe in everything"
  • Perfect Sense - No Fun At All
    "I saw you coming in, you condescending smile I saw you standing there, you didn't care at all You never listened much, a lack of interest You came around to me But how could I anticipate your love? Like"
  • No Sense - New Model Army
    "Are we still not speaking? Bitter words leave such a bitter taste Yes, I meant to hurt you But it was never meant to go as far as this And still I can make no sense out of these things that I do And I"
  • Carnival Sense - Gadjits
    "Come see the gentle man with the jackass on his back Parade him through the streets and then send him back He's the man of the estate, He's the man of land and title He's the man to make you chomp the"
  • Perfect sense - 98 Mute
    "Its been so long since the first day I met you girl and since then Weve been to heaven and been through hell Weve seen life in each others skin and through each others eyes You know me better than I know"
  • Dollaz + Sense - DJ Quik
    "Mmm Now let's get down to business, bitches Cause it seems like y'all just keep on tryin to diss this Nigga that you know that's been down for years I've clowned for years, and y'all could never fade my"

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