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Con bro chill- what i like

  • Chill - Nelly feat. St. Lunatics
    "Yo, what you tell a muh'fucker with two black eyes? Nothin, you done already told his punk-ass twice D, E, R, R, T, Y (we back, we back, we back) We all we got, yo, know I want y'all do? Yo.. Aiyyo stand"
  • Chill - The Rasmus
    "I gotta make a phone call to my best friends I gotta let them know that I'm leaving Everything behind me and politely I don't wanna hurt their feelings Oh no, no no I'll need to come back and I wanna"
  • Chill - Rasmus
    "I gotta make a phonecall to my best friends. I gotta let them know that I'm leaving. Everything behind me and politely I don't wanna hurt their feelings, oh no. I'll need to come back and I wanna explain"
  • Chill & Hussle - Unlv
    "Verse one: {lil' ya} It's that nigga of the block call me the hood mac Down to make some snaps so what's the haps? Do I need the strap? Will somebody give me a extra clip? 'cause I'm a need it if these"
  • Chill - EPMD
    "Chill... Yeaaaa hahahaha Equip wit the rap microchip Program aptitude one mo return oh My face in the magazines showing my eyes green (Chill...) Chill fresh new dip when I'm seen Yo dig it's the new"
  • Chill - Jay-Z
    "Uh huh (scratching) "chi chi chi chilly chill" This gangsta gangsta uh Uh huh This gangsta gangsta shit "chi chi chilly chill" I'm from murder murder Marcyville My nigga you heard we clap you we certainly"
  • Chill - Acid Android
    "all around the useless walls rows of warped perverted faces darkness smears my eyes and i drop down down to the ground sadness will it last or fade? hint of light i hoped today hope was maybe never not"
  • Just Chill - Jon Young
    "(JON YOUNG): so tired, so sick of yo shit its ova everytime i turn around u right ova mah shoulda i cant live witchu all up in my grill i dont undastandi wish that u could just chill BREAKDOWN (JON YOUNG): no"
  • Lets Chill - Z-RO
    "(Mexican D) What's up baby, Mexican D hollering this Just getting back with you, told you we was gone chill Come through, blow something, smoke something You know how we do it, keeping it real on this"
  • Sun Neva Chill - Pop Da Brown Hornet
    "(Intro) Oh shit, it's the Phantom baby With the Brown Bomber, baby Smoke Records, muthafucka MCA, 2000, uh-huh (Pop Da Brown Hornet) It's only Pop and I'm hangin MC's like a stockin Leavin them no option,"
  • Chill Boy - Nelly Furtado
    "i turned my head away, didn't want to hear what you said, you hushed in your mind. i showed up insecure, but i thought you would be showed, i guess i have lost time Chorus: but at the end of my life i"
  • We Like To Chill - 2 Live Crew
    "Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice I'm sittin' by the pool, thinkin' 'bout some women Wishin' that we all could be swimmin' Then the Poison Clan bought some tricks Couldn't find Luke, Marquis or Mixx Now I'm drinkin'"
  • Big Bro Thang - Big Brovaz
    "Intro: I cant feel my heart beatI get so cold, I cant breath J-rock: lord please Im on my knees, & im prayin 4 my enemies,I know they remember meBut they wont ever let me be, And im tired of running"
  • Bro, Ashley's Here - Attack Attack!
    "As I stare through these tears I see your lips start to turn This world is so un-perfect This love is so un-worth it Won't be mistaken for another love song I won't go away, I won't be done wrong Tell"
  • Bro Dependent - Lagwagon
    "I try to focus on what I am, listen to what I see, I thought of this a lot and its becoming oh so clear. I take it, in excess, but true feelings are supressed, I cannot find the words to say it, without"
  • Chill A Bit - B5
    "Shawty, Shawty, Shawty, Shawty, Shawty Just chill a bit ay Just chill a bit yeah uh huh Just chill a bit Lil mama just chill a bit yeah uh Just chill a bit uh Just chill a bit Lil mama won't cha uh Just"
  • License To Chill - Jimmy Buffett
    "Work, work, work Big pile of it and the boss is a jerk. I just want to disappear Wishin' I was somewhere other than here. Livin' for the weekend, Jumpin' off the deep end, With just enough money to buy A"
  • chill and refill - One Fine Day
    "brave they behave doing stupid things necessary to raise their top-career wasting my time with this is exactly what i fear cause sharing time with friends like mine will be always more worth living for chill"
  • Bro - Goldfinger
    "Your not my bro Don't say it dont you pretend that your my bro Don't say it dont you pretend that your my bro Don't say it dont you pretend that your my bro Don't say it dont you pretend that your my"
  • Wind chill factor - Boomtown Rats
    "I took a tube train through the subway systems. I rode those tunnels like a six foot mole. I came back out and I was gasping for air. I made it to your place, I was praying you'd be home. We really shouldn't"

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