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Conchita Wurst - See Me Now

  • Conchita - Lou Bega
    "Ooow!! (da ba da, da ba da) (Yahaa!!) de que ritmo chacha que nace en Havana recordando nosar cinco dias or menor There was a girl called Conchita She was a hot bonita All the boys want to meet her And"
  • See Me Now - Conchita Wurst
    "so here we are in the cold rain … you could see me rich you could see me drown quite observe my mind already travel far further then your eyes further then your heart cause you would say hold I would"
  • Wurst Cumz 2 Wurst (Eminem Remix) - Eminem
    "(dilated peeps sample) When tha worst comes to worst My peoples come first When tha worst comes to worst My peoples come first When tha worst comes to worst My peoples come first When tha worst comes to"
  • Conchita, The Waitress - Brave Combo
    "Let them say this love has no ending 'Cause I smile I took my time then But it took restaurant spending Till I was sure that she'd be all mine Let's see how it was that I met her And my love I did confess"
  • Where Have All The Good Men Gone - Conchita Wurst
    "Do you remember what your daddy used to tell you About the so called nice boys that keep on coming 'round He said they'll let you down At 21 I bet you've seen a little heartache But when you're 22 it's"
  • To the Beat - Conchita Wurst
    "I see you sitting there and stare don’t you wanna see the light? I see you sitting there and stare don’t you wanna see the light? there’s nothing I wouldn’t do crazy how many I can still fool whit every"
  • Firestorm - Conchita Wurst
    "Love is like a potion It's a chemical So lead me to the water Like an animal But you You could never hold me I could never hold you down And I can't get enough My heart is a firestorm And all that I"
  • All I Wanna Do - Conchita Wurst
    "You ain’t talking to me Been talking to people I’m not talking to you We muted the sequel Cos you and I We both know why Been way too high But nothing really matters now Too numb to cry Too far to"
  • Trash All The Glam - Conchita Wurst
    "on the rocks my being's cut in half I feel under glass don't look at me I'm over- and underwhelmed cover all the stares and trash all the glam just trash all the glam, ‘cause ahw hs come here unleash"
  • BODYMORPHIA - Conchita Wurst
    "i drink a cup of purity to celebrate the times dream away reality no borders on my mind sickening beauty is all that you see glossy glow seductive drag the shine pull the train get dirt to flirt"
  • Rise Like A Phoenix - Conchita Wurst
    "Waking in the rubble Walking over glass Neighbours say we’re trouble Well their time has passed Peering from the mirror No, that is me A stranger getting nearer Who can this person be? You wouldn’t know"
  • See Me Now - Little Mix
    "Jesy: I feel the rain on my skin Wash away all the pain I was in I see the sun in the sky No longer know how it feels to cry Jade: And it really doesn't matter So what? So what? That I've been hesitating"
  • See Me Now - The Kooks
    "Well I've been a lot places, I learned to tie my own tie too, I've met a lot of faces, I've got some questions I'd like to ask you. If you could see me now, If you could see my smile, See your little"
  • See Me Now - Tommy Shaw
    "Oh babe I'm on top of the world And I can't look down I can't look down You're still out there I can almost hear you call Look out girl I'm ready to fall The mountains we've climbed The bridges we've"
  • Hit Me - Conchita Wurst
    "hit me with the bullets you make up in your head hit me with the pain that you came to get hit me with your threats that were left unsaid hit me with your bull and don't dare to pull back hit me with the"
  • Call Me Up - Conchita Wurst
    "Loneliness calls I can’t fight Can’t stop the echo in my mind My mind My walls are up They’re paper thin Longing for shelter Let me in Let me in We kiss, break up Get up, back down Fell off the edge To"
  • Forward - Conchita Wurst
    "Forward Forward Forward here we are in the dark and .. hold down here and you truth you look at me with a frozen heart you out for blood but you and me will never be the same you and me further gonna"
  • Under the Gun - Conchita Wurst
    "Under the Gun Under the Gun Under the Gun Under the Gun I, I, I, live in my sea shell i live in my damn shalter call me cheeky call me wild I travel I need I travel I need to guide sometime Under the"
  • MY LIGHTS - Conchita Wurst
    "My lights are brighter when I feel right, It’s my right to stand here in the spotlight, Long nights of longing for salvation, They’re all gone cause I found my own solution, I was trapped in a spiral moving"
  • MALEBU - Conchita Wurst
    "There’s no place like this Taset like sugar Cool as the ocean breeze Or floating Floating in it Every breath Takes me back Never forget The Times we had Summer night In MALEBU Was like a falling out"

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