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Connie Stevens

  • Jive Connie - Connie Francis
    "Oh Oh Oh,Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Schner fremder Mann du bist Lieb zu mir Schner fremeder Mann denn ich trum von dir doch am tag gehst du mit einer andren Frau vorbei Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh du gehrst zu Ihr und ich steh"
  • Connie O - Frankie Valli
    "O Connie, O Connie, I miss you so. Where have you gone to? O Connie O My Connie O Connie O My darling, my darling, What changed your mind? My heart is broken, I'm hurting so, My Connie O. Wasn't it yesterday"
  • Midnight To Stevens - The Clash
    "i searched through the drinkers each propped over his glass i ran through each bar until i found guy at last guy you've been to the doctor no i don't think it wise took one of his pills boiled the blood"
  • Mandy (John Stevens) - American Idol
    "I remember all my life Raining down as cold as ice Shadows of a man A face through a window Crying in the night The night goes into Morning, just another day Happy people pass my way Looking in their"
  • Connie and val - Patty Griffin
    "Down at the switchboard of the old Tell N' TaleThey got some fascinating stories to tellConnie and Val nice old galsMinding the back of the store for 30 years or moreHey Val do you remember that girl back"
  • Who's Sorry Now - Connie Francis - Connie Francis
    "Who's sorry now Who's sorry now Who's heart is aching for breaking each vow Who's sad and blue Who's crying too Just like I cried over you Right to the end Just like a friend I tried to warn you somehow You"
  • Sound Of Forever-Even Stevens - Jodi Benson
    "I think it's fine watchin it all go by Stop and worry if you'll know when The things they start and ask you why and when it stops, you'll find a need for an end The good times roll so let them go now stand"
  • Music Of My Heart (John Stevens) - American Idol
    "You'll never know What you've done for me What your faith in me Has done for my soul You'll never know The gift till you've given me Carry you with me Through the days I had I think of what I've been And"
  • Montage Part 1 Hello Twelve Mark Connie - Original Cast
    "conceived, choreographed and directed by MICHAEL BENNET book by JAMES KIRKWOOD and NICHOLAS DANTE music by MARVIN HAMLISCH lyrics by EDWARD KLEBAN FOLLOWS "Sing!" VAL Hello Twelve, RICHIE Hello"
  • Sixteen Reasons - Connie Stevens
    "(Sixteen Reasons) Why I love you 1...The way you hold my hand 2...Your laughing eyes 3...The way you understand 4...Your secret sighs They're all part of sixteen reasons why I love you 5...The way you"
  • Together Alone - Connie Smith
    "[ Nat ] So many things to see in this old world but all I can see is you [ Connie ] In a crowded subway train walkiin' in the country rain you're there with me too [ Nat ] All of the songs sung in any"
  • Something Pretty - Connie Smith
    "[ Connie ] There's something pretty in a summer rainbow there not just colors anymore [ Nat ] And there's something pretty in the way the stars flow something I never saw before [ Connie ] There's so many"
  • Two Together - Connie Smith
    "[ Nat ] If you're not in my arms then you're too far away And when you're far away I'd get the blues [ Connie ] You're the first thing I think of at the dawn of day And the last thing that I'll ever want"
  • No One - Connie Francis
    "Connie: Pretty little baby, Backup: Yah, yah, Connie: Pretty little baby, Backup: Yah, yah, Connie: Pretty little baby, You say that maybe, You'll be thinkin' of me, And try to love me, Pretty little baby, I'm"
  • If It Ain't Strong Enough - Connie Smith
    "[ Dallas ] I'd swim the wide Missouri with a rope tied around my neck [ Connie ] I'd cross the state of Texas a hoppin' on one leg [ Both ] If that ain't strong enough there ain't no such thing called"
  • Yours Love - Connie Smith
    "YOURS LOVE WITH NAT STUCKEY (Harlan Howard) '68 Tree Publishing [ Nat ] May the fruit of my toil be yours love and may the food from my soil be yours love [ Connie ] And from this moment on may a love"
  • Even The Bad Times Are Good - Connie Smith
    "(Even the bad times are good) [ Connie ] If there's a chance that your heart misses the words I try to say with kisses If I don't seem to be as happy as I should I wouldn't want to live without you I love"
  • Perpetual Motion - Jamie Stevens
    "PERPETUAL MOTION ****************************************** Author: Carman Futter / Jamie Stevens (ASCAP) Composer: Jamie Stevens (ASCAP) 2001 by Stevens/Futter (verse 1) A sunrise doesn't share What"
  • Unbreakable - Jamie Stevens
    "UNBREAKABLE ****************************************** Author: Rodney Ronquillo / Jamie Stevens Composer: Rodney Ronquillo / Jamie Stevens 2002 by Ronquillo/Stevens verse 1: There are times The words"
  • Morning Announcements - Even Stevens
    "Lawrence Junior High wont you lend me an ear, I hope this P.A. System is loud and clear Now listen up people, i got something to say These are the morning announcements for today. Be sure to check the"

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