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Conrad Sewell - Firestone

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Conrad Sewell - Firestone

  • Firestone (ft. Conrad) - Kygo
    "I'm a flame Shot of fire I'm the dark in need of light And we touch, you inspire Will it change in me tonight So take me up, take me higher There's a world not far from here We can die in desire Or we"
  • Conrad - Ben Howard
    "Climb out Out to where you see the curl of the world, We're alone just like you said cold cold world, life lasts only one thing left to roll last year to learn, you were the boat that bridged in the"
  • Conrad - Widespread Panic
    "Conrad the Caterpillar thought he was really killer, Couldn't wait to build a cocoon (original lyrics) Couldn't wait to buy blue suede shoes (recent lyrics) Spent all his days eatin' leaves in the shade And"
  • Joseph Conrad - Sarius
    "To nie koniec nawet jeśli powiesz nie wiem już raz słony czas polubić smak przeżyć jak zła kiedy łajba tonie a znana stara twarz o świecie jedną z wielkich praw przegrasz tylko kiedy pójdziesz sam za tym"
  • Taste the Feeling” (Coca-Cola campaign) ft. Avicii - Conrad Sewell
    "Feels good In my heart In my soul When your arm’s beside me I don’t never walk this day to end We can.. When you’re sitting beside me Take a little So we can feel The rhythm you feel Together we be Together No"
  • Lead Me To The Cross - Chris & Conrad
    "Savior I come, I quiet my soul, remember Redemption's hill where Your blood was spilled For my ransom, yeah, yeah Oh and everything I once held dear I count it all as lost And lead me to the cross where"
  • You're The One - Chris & Conrad
    "Time falls off the face of the earth Every moment feels just like the first time You, You found me And the heavy things that were holding me down You carried away and I seem to be weightless now I'm weightless"
  • Buried Alive - Chris And Conrad
    "We've all broken ground Take one look around We're in over our heads and we keep diggin down We've all broken ground Makin' sure nobody sees the dirt on our face That just would not come clean And hoping"
  • I'm At Home - Chris And Conrad
    "A heart can break a thousand times before it finds The love that makes it beat again I've had my share of ups and downs in this whole life Nothing compares To this love It's our love I'm at home when I'm"
  • Lead Me To The Cross - Chris And Conrad
    "Savior I come Quiet my soul remember Redemptions hill Where Your blood was spilled For my ransom Everything I once held dear I count it all as lost Lead me to the cross Where Your love poured out"
  • Let It Out - Chris And Conrad
    "How long can you keep building Those walls around your heart? And how long can you keep running From who you really are? Don't you know that he knows you Sees everything you've done So tell why you keep"
  • Love Revolution - Chris And Conrad
    "It feels as cold as winter time In my heart and in my mind It leaves me aching for the light I feel so numb and paralyzed Lord, won't you break my heart for what breaks yours? Fan the flames inside this"
  • Rescue - Chris And Conrad
    "I've walked through the valley Been tossed in the storm, yeah And all of the demons Were comin for more, yeah yeah And anywhere I went I was alone You came to my rescue So I can make it home Chorus: You"
  • Sing Hallelujah - Chris And Conrad
    "Breathing seems harder now Life will all but last And all at once the pleasure is gone It's so predictable But now I see I will forever sing Sing Hallelujah My hearts ready Ready for you I am captured"
  • You're The One - Chris And Conrad
    "Time falls off the face of the earth Every moment feels just like the first time, you You found me And the heavy things that were holding me down You carried away and I seem to be weightless now I'm weightless"
  • Always There - Chris And Conrad
    "I have run but I cant lose you, I built up walls but You just break through I'm trying to escape trying to escape, But your keepin up the chase keepin up the chase I break your heart but you just come"
  • Breathe Your Life - Chris And Conrad
    "Lost in an ocean, it seems my time has come I'm hardly breathing as fear fills my lungs The life is fading fast I don't know how much longer I have Breathe the life in me I'm drowning in this tragedy Of"
  • Bye Bye Birdie (From the Columbia Pictures Production "Bye Bye Birdie" - Ann-Margret
    "We love you, Conrad Oh, yes we do We love you, Conrad And we will be too Bye bye Birdie I'm gonna miss you so Bye bye Birdie Why'd ya have to go? (We love you, Conrad) No more sunshine It's followed you"
  • Snip Snip - The Tiger Lillies
    "Conrad's mother said Conrad dear I must go out and leave you here. but mind now, Conrad, what I say, don't suck your thumbs while I'm away. snip! snip that great tall tailor, he always comes for naughty"
  • From The Word Love - Ricky Skaggs
    "FROM THE WORD LOVE (Keith Sewell) '91 Keith Sewell Music I took my mark for the sounding of the gun The challenge for your heart had just begun I never knew I would cross the finish line I gave it"

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