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Teksty piosenek (1988)


  • Constant - Watermark
    "You alone are wise You alone are all consuming fire And I want to press in to know This God that so amazes me You alone are good You alone are the only good in me And because of the work of the cross You're"
  • Constant - Dark Tranquillity
    "With each daring new concept creation and form one fragment of shelter from heaven be torn The bleeding through barriers shine of redemption the taste of renewal let art once again be a weapon The whim"
  • Constant - Emilie Autumn
    "You appeared to me Like rain after a dry spell Like growth after a hard year Like life after death And it had been so long Yet my eye could discern Less beauty in its object Than my memory maintained"
  • Constant Craving - k.d. lang
    "(K.D. Lang/Ben Mink) Even through the darkest phase Be it thick or thin Always someone marches brave Here beneath my skin Constant craving Has always been Maybe a great magnet pulls All souls towards"
  • Constant Tourist - Lunik
    "On your forehead it says (written in dark letters) Look but don't touch, taste but don't swallow My heart has been your playground (and now it's all upside down) You never asked, you never apologized I"
  • Constant Illuminations - Funeral For A Friend
    "Where's the emotion? Tuned to the sound of sincerity Without connection The lesson doesn't come for free Senseless distractions Your spoken words are just a lie These interactions The desperate act of"
  • Constant Rotation - Puffball
    "Hey, I've got an energylevel that could bring down the nation. You gotta hold me down cuz I'm on constant rotation. You gotta put me in a cell cuz I can't stand still. I'm running around in circles,"
  • Harmony Constant - Michael Nesmith
    "Quietly perusing my state of affairs With nothing apparently wrong A silent and quiet restoration occurs Of emotions forgotten and gone Then, slowly my eyes start an effortless rise Exposing the past"
  • Constant Rain - Sergio Mendes
    "Chove chuva Constant is the rain Chove chuva Endless is the pain Chove chove chove chuva Endless is the pain As I stand here and remember When once our hearts were one And everyday was spring to me To"
  • Constant Static - New Found Glory
    "Yeah I'm on the verge of something good It's been up my sleeve this whole time, waiting Yeah I'm not the condescending type, I'm just a boy turned man completely overnight Now I I can't relate to your"
  • Constant Motion - Dream Theater
    "Tunnel vision at blinding speed Controlling my thoughts, obsessing me Void of any uncertainty Throughout my very soul Lost illusions of mind control Resisting all hope of letting go Racing impulse of"
  • Constant Knot - City And Colour
    "How much would you bet that if I tried hard enough I would spontaneously combust? I wish I could disappear and run away from all of my fears. I think I'm coming undone. So stay the night. I promise that"
  • Constant ships - Sodastream
    "Constant ship sail, i watched from the bay the border lies open but i've wrestled these skips again it's the reason she died it's the reason she died, he said i won't blame you ascensions come i guess"
  • Constant Danger - Doro
    "Give my heart to any stranger Throw my heart out any door Put my heart in constant danger I don't want it any more It just get's me in trouble It just get's me in love I fly high and then I stumble The"
  • Constant Danger - Doro Pesch
    "Give my heart to any stranger Throw my heart out any door Put my heart in constant danger I don't want it any more It just get's me in trouble It just get's me in love I fly high and then I stumble The"
  • Constant Elevation - Gravediggaz
    "(Grym Reaper/Too Poetic) Beeeware! Four figures appear through the fog Yeah! Gravediggaz cut like swords... rrRRRAAA!! Fear makes ya brain go numb You ain't, got a clue, where the Gods, come from I sold"
  • The Constant - Anthrax
    "In a time or place And do you know my face And how it is I know you Something so familiar Can't recognize And I slip, and I slip As I slip unstuck in time Gotta find my constant Or my mind is lost"
  • Planck's Constant - Velvet Acid Christ
    "f**k you, motherf**ker rusty nails rip at my hands rolling down in my bed rip apart the vision that you see with your eyes on tv red tear, into your face another dream of society's fate oh, we'll crawl"
  • Constant Resurrections - Funeral For A Friend
    "Closing folding like a star Bring you back to see the lights Bluest water falling down on your skin On your skin Keep you eyes locked away In some lonely place Don't stop, don't stop When the music's"
  • Constant Point - Harmful
    "Youth... My youth... Thoughts... Realize... You were not involved to tell us how Never want to figure out myself You... put me on a shelf Never want to figure out yourself Please, do! Point... Thinking"

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