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Copy of A

  • Copy Of A Copy - Dead Poetic
    "She told me dont let them in. Youre a copy of a copy. She told me dont come again. This is awful. This is all wrong. Now I feel it coming back again. Slide down the walls, on the floor. Oh, Ill pretend"
  • Copy of A - Nine Inch Nails
    "I am just a copy of a copy of a copy Everything I say has come before Assembled into something into something into something I am never certain anymore I am just a shadow of a shadow of a shadow Always"
  • Copy Me - Ambitious Lovers
    "Like animals eyeing animal trainers Keep both hands where i can see'em Stand in the sun for seven hours We've up to our necks in a body of water I'll miss the way you bring me my water When I'm drowning"
  • Carbon Copy - Lazlo Bane
    "Carbon copy of myself, Like 2 o'clock struck on a bell, Who could tell? Duplication I'd be heaven, he'd be hell Give him the worst of me as well, I'd send myself, On vacation Watch out Here he comes, He's"
  • Hard Copy - MC Lyte
    "Step 1 to the 2 (4x) Yeah Rrrah [ VERSE 1: MC Lyte ] I'm a big shot, hot shot, gimme one shot, I wreck shop In and out the boon docks I got the street smarts I'm on the air like Jordan You'll never"
  • Hard Copy - Dom Pachino
    "{*sampled singer "ohh-ohh-whoa"ing in background throughout song*} (Intro: Dom PaChino) Yeah, yeah, yo, Terrorist (Tera Iz Him) Bang that shit in ya whips, niggaz For real, yeah, rock that shit, mama Sing"
  • Copy Party - John Hiatt
    "Down on the beat They're lining up everyone Who's got a mind on a bullet and a mouth like a gun Boys and girls Stripped to their innocence We run some real weak links in this long chain of events Cop"
  • Carbon Copy - Nuts Can Surf
    "saturday night on the town that's the night i'm gettin' down with my boogey-oogey shoes on the move, i'm gettin' loose everyone I know wants to be the same, everyone I know acts so lame. everyone I meet"
  • Cut Copy Me - Petula Clark
    "Hungry with you and when you are near I hide my coyness and fear Don't let the light grow dim It's just you and I in the moonlight here Cut copy me I'm all yours You're the shore line I see when I'm off"
  • Copy Cat (ft. Kelis) - Skream
    "Aw, come here copycat You’re my puppet You know I love it Aw, come here copycat You’re my puppet Look at how it work babygirl You could do it, you could do it You you could do it, I did it already Look"
  • I Mostly Copy Other People - The Almost
    "So this is the time when you be what you just wanna be I always thought this would come oh so naturally I'm gonna do just what you order me to do So chase me, chase me, I'll run twelve circles around you... I'll"
  • Carbon Copy (I Can't Stop) - Rahzel
    "featuring Scratch TJ Swan Ladies and gentlemen we got TJ Swan in the house tonight Ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen Ladies and gentlemen we got Rahzel in the house tonight Please enter"
  • Carbon Copy - Karmin
    "I'll never paint the world if I use Da Vinci's brush I'll never write like Dylan if I'm always in a rush I'll never help the world by passing on the blame I'll never help the world by keeping it the same I'm"
  • Carbon Copy - Urban Dance Squad
    "Wish and stay green like the hornet Keep kickin' like kato Wish my middlefinger never pointed To those who always act so-so Insane to drain out the character Muteness gets a rendez-vous Got the extra curricula I"
  • Copy Cat - Hypnotic Kick
    "Well I was once like you I wanted to Be just like you All the things I'd do Followed you The things I said The things I'd do Dont do it again And I wont hear And I wont see What you say Say to me I want"
  • There Will Be No Morning Copy - Clann Z
    "Your borders are bloody mirages that expand and contract at the will of the blade drawn across the back of a people in shadow. We are on the ropes. Tasting the blood in our mouths, mixing with what little"
  • Don't Copy Me - Robots In Disguise
    "Was your hair cut by the council? Two in one, Louise Brookes and Shirley Temple. One Madonna glove and a jacket too tight. Are you wearing your whole badge collection out tonight? I've got the style and"
  • Carbon Copy Killer - Scarlet
    "killing spree for the disposable moderns right now you are the plastic dolls of today slowly dismembering yourselves you are an army of decay killing time with flash and shine i'm your carbon copy"
  • Copy In Black And White - Absynthe Minded
    "I've met some smart-looking women (copy in black and white) I've seen intellectual guys (copy in black and white) All of this under attendance (copy in black and white) and know this is the oldest children's"
  • Copy Cat (feat. Tierra Whack) - Melanie Martinez
    "over my shoulder eyes peeking and analyze my every move while covering state o a, om cuz you are colder then ice on my skin wanna get that A plus baby o you take mishit cuz I a, little, right? I won’t"

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