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Could you be a pillow It slows the problem

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Could you be a pillow It slows the problem

  • Pillow - Adem
    "It's night time I'm sleepy Will you take me home? It's snowing Out here Will you keep me warm? Could this be my home for tonight? Rest my head upon the pillow Need to stop my head from spinning I can't"
  • Pillow - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) What does the dove see There at the window? A man and woman furious. that picture on the wall, A bluebird in a tree, Something here is not resolved. Time is a crashing thing That's what the"
  • Problem - Beanie Sigel
    "B-Sieg in this motherf**ker holla at ya boy, yeahhh Beat novacane, AKA Mr. Miami, AKA get the f**kin job done (Beanie Sigel) Yeah.. When I cop it's 4 doors I'm too big for a coupe nigga And when I go"
  • Pillow Talkin' - Tech N9ne
    "(Verse 1) Tech N9ne If you you see thunda From a gun this is somethin that'll get the heat on ya when she's under the sheets on the beautiful sleep numba Don't no wake an yappin when she's in a deep slumba If"
  • Pillow Talk - Pansy Division
    "I want to steal your pillow Want to hear your pillow talk I wouldn't be so jealous If i knew what was going on No secrets, no games That was the rule we made In love for now But it ain't no marriage vow With"
  • Pillow talk - Eternal
    "Imagine you are here with me To do anything you want with me What would be the words you'd say to me I wanna know so tell me right now While I've got you on the phone with me Tell me the ways you should"
  • Body pillow - Atmosphere
    "(verse 1) then there was this one night when I took the time to examine a napkin in a chicago hotel room I wasn't alone it was a night after a show space was full energy was consumed there was a girl emphasis"
  • Problem - Remy Zero
    "Inside it's you feel so tired Your minds move too fast Until you're knocked back on the ground. Feelings that will linger around Summer here and the sun will find you Falling out with the world around"
  • Pillow Talk - Doris Day
    "Secret Love Doris Day - written by Sammy Fain and Paul-Francis Webster - written for the movie "Calamity Jane" - #1 song of January 1954 - Tommy Edwards (#28, 1954); Ray Anthony (#29, 1954); - Billy Stewart"
  • Problem - Method Man
    "You don't want no problems, problems You don't want no problems, problems Yeah... real man... with ya stinkin' ass Come on... that's my nigga right there... let's do it Never count me out, nigga, just"
  • Problem - Ten Times A Day
    "What's wrong with you She said nothing much I'm just figuring out The voices in my head What's wrong with you She said she said I wish I could tell myself Tell yourself she said... I've got this"
  • The Problem - Downhere
    "There's got to be some reason for all this misery A secret evil corporation somewhere overseas They're pulling strings, arranging things It's a conspiracy Or what about the ones who shape the course of"
  • The Problem - Cassidy
    "1-2 1-2. I need all my real niggaz to stand up. All you fake ass niggaz fall back. It's a problem. Philly stand up! (What's ya name dog?) Cassidy (Man, tell 'em again) Caissidy (Man, where ya from?)"
  • Surrealistic Pillow - Teena Marie
    "There's a message in my madness, Coming out to you The only one who ever knew me There's a maybe in my head baby, You'll be coming too Pink clouds all in my eyes, purple mountains capsize When I'm thinking"
  • Pillow Talk - Sylvia
    "I, I, I, I, I Hey, baby, let me stay I don't care what your friends are 'bout to say, ah-ah What you friends all say is fine But it can't compete with this pillow talk of mine You can't find love on a"
  • Pillow Talk - Kid Cudi
    "Damn girl... Where did you learn to do all that? Ay, can I tell you somethin'? Listen. Girl the sex was crazy (crazy) Better yet amazing (amazing) Don't be sad (don't be sad) I ain't going nowhere (going"
  • Problem - The Rakes
    "Hello? Yes, I've already told your colleague, but it's my iPod; the battery only lasts for half the time it's supposed to, and I, yes, I've tried turning it on and off. Okay, well, tell me what to do,"
  • Problem - Jackyl
    "You want the truth! You want the truth! In my hands I hold a problem It has a will It has a mind of it's own I got a problem (problem) As it stands I got a problem (problem) In my hands You want the truth! You"
  • Problem - Brazilian Girls
    "Better start crying over my dead body Life without a ride just dont feel the same Come up short Youre on teh streets of NYC They hung my friend smiling just an hour ago I've got a problem What you do last"
  • Pillow - King's X
    "I walked thru the door and took a seat Listening to words that seem to bounce right off my chest Like I heard it all before Teach an old dog the same old trick Tide underside my pillow Willow thundering"

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