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Counter strike fisz

  • Counter strike - Basshunter
    "Enemy spoted!Afirmative! (facada)(dano)(tiro)(faca)(HEADSHOT)nha nahnha nahGet your possition and wait for my GO!(x4)GO GO GO!Let's get out of here!(faca)(dano)(tiro)(faca)(HEADSHOT)(galinha)Get your possition"
  • Counter - Fuel
    "In your chambers dark powers burn Roulette wheel it slowly turns Glass coffin filled with fingers tool Try to find them Chorus: Over the counter I've got it all Access to Excess respectable I'd feel all"
  • Strike! - Atari Teenage Riot
    "STRIKE! (c'mon c'mon) STRIKE! (c'mon) STRIKE! (c'mon c'mon) STRIKE! (c'mon) Carl Crack Verse: Can you feel me? (hanin screams) race thru your body? can you feel me race thru your body acclerating the muscles"
  • Strike - Gorky Park
    "Got no excuse NET You shake it up DA Can't step aside NET When hit is up DA No one's away NET It just began DA Ain't gonna wait NET Move it come on DA Can't loose your hit "
  • Strike - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Des british aux niakoues jusqu'au filles de Perse j'ai tir les plus belles filles de la terre hlas l'amour est dltre comme l'ther et les popers De monj buncoeur j'ai abaiss la herse sarrasine je crains"
  • Strike - Oxymoron
    "Get on strike! When the bastards take you up at the station. Questions hole into your head. They wanna name you detailed information. While they're treating you like shit. When you got the boot"
  • Strike - Nikki Flores
    "Rollin in my ride I saw my brother's girl Christina She said that there gonna be a party down at Misty's later Felling lonely down and so confused I told her meet me there by two So I pulled up at the"
  • Strike! - Ry Cooder
    "Well I got off the train one evening in a little mining town I started walking up the main street when the sun was going down When I heard some voices singing, so I went to see what for Might just be"
  • Strike - Apartment 26
    "The situation is critical. Evacuate, alarm, strapped down and still. Flicked switched will detonate; Causing me no harm till I'm cut to size. I call to memory times I Hold you down like that. Does anyone"
  • Counter Culture - Blame the City!
    "Counter Culture Counter Culture Counter Culture for me! Spoon fed rebellion Since day one Gimmie an answer Then gimmie a gun False beliefs, to fit my needs Keep me dumb to feed your greed Counter Culture Counter"
  • Strike it while it's hot - Bette Midler
    "Do do do do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do"
  • Counter Attack - Dri
    "Counter attack! Counter attack! We've his underground long enough They've got power, but not enough Time to start, time to act They've got our lives They've got us trapped Stab the system in the back Face"
  • The Counter - Psapp
    "Siphon off top layers Leave an etching in the dirt Tracing passed the history To date back to the hurt Fingers leave a trail on me A map of what I've done Each hair that grows precisely Shows a timeline,"
  • Counter Act - Clark Anne
    "It's in your look there's no doubt I know exactly what it's all about it's not what you say I'm listening to like the air around us I can see straight through to your real intention what you really mean hidden"
  • Bean Counter - Graham Parker
    "Pre>in answer to the question about the groove this song is based on here Is a rough version. I'm not sure if it's right nor not. it's possibly I've made It (the chorus especially) needlessly over-complicated."
  • Counter Parts - Swollen Members
    "(feat. Dilated Peoples) "Check it out" One two yo yo yo Yo hit the switch in December I'll be on till November Bombin, disturbin the calm at civic centers Make a smoothie outta rapper and his ice"
  • Counter action - Elephant Man
    "Intro: Yuh Know!!!, Cecile yuh check di file wrong Member this badman nah run from gal fi get slam They know yuh pick so much artist and still nuh choose one Check back da comparison and counter...Hey"
  • Counter Spark - Sondre Lerche
    "You could be sad but never torn You saw the light when it was on You never turned or looked away Your eyes were focused, mine were grey Your sentences were concentrated You made your points so understated Where"
  • Counter Clockwise - Closet Monster
    "A product of your dysfunction to you on the right there is only one way You think I should go to school, get a job, find my place ACCEPT QUIESCENCE APATHY OBEY I don't want to grow up if that means I have"
  • Inspiracje (feat.Kosi, Fisz) - Molesta
    "Warszawa, Paryż, Berlin czy Dakar bo muzyka jest językiem wszechświata tego nie da się zatrzymać Nowy Jork, Haga, Londyn czy Praga bo muzyka jest językiem wszechświata to jest muzyka pełna ukrytych treści Odkąd"

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