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Courtney Leigh - Angel

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Courtney Leigh - Angel

  • Courtney - Nerf Herder
    "You bared your soul You showed us your Hole Courtney Love Don't throw it all away Courtney Love Don't you go Changin' Courtney Love Courtney, Courtney Love I saw you in a movie about pornography"
  • Tender Leigh - Jimmies Chicken Shack
    "i'm not lazy i'm just comfortable here not out of work just in more time and more beer and i can't foot the bill but i can kick it if you give a dog a bone he'll probably lick it's mean time and"
  • Annabelle Leigh - Tarkio
    "Anabelle Leigh Do you consent to be my only love I see you there on the bed You're shirt lays bare, your thin white arms And surely by now Surely by now All the plans we made are gone Surely by now Surely"
  • Courtney Love - Nerf Herder
    "you came from some town out in the sticks to become a modern stevie nicks you had the guts, a lot of ambition the riot girls thought you were bitchin' you bared your soul you showed us your hole courtney"
  • David Courtney - Rancid
    "Yeeeeeah, all you motherfuckers, criminals will be suckers, If you don't step aside for David Courtney, Well, all you motherfuckers, criminals will be suckers, If you don't step aside for David Courtney!"
  • Rachael Leigh Cook - Red Car Wire
    "Wake up breathe out tell me what you Thought about I just gotta know Breakdown falling caught me on my knees I'm crawling to be with you Help me help you, you swept me off my Feet I need to be with you And"
  • He's Courtin' Courtney - Dickies
    "I bought me a '38 I just got back from heavens gate he's courtin' Courtney I didn't think she'd get far but now she's a fuckin' movie star he's courtin' Courtney he's courtin' Courtney she'll keep me"
  • Angel - Angel
    "When I'm upside down You turn me right side up By the simple words you say When I'm south of you, Well your north of me And I know your here to stay well your fingers walk and your body talks to me sweetly"
  • More Than Friends (ft. Kelli-Leigh) - James Hype
    "What's it gonna be Cuz I can't pretend Don't you wanna be more than friends Hold me tight and don't let go Don't let go Have the right to loose control Don't let go I often tell myself That we could be"
  • Angel - Angel Faith
    "oooooh, oh angel, i'm talking to you. when i'm upside down, you turn me right side up, by the simple words you say. when i'm south of you, well you're north of me, and i know you're here to stay. well"
  • Rat A Tat (ft. Courtney Love) - Fall Out Boy
    "Rat a tat tat Rat a tat tat tat hey! No thesis existed for burning cities down at such a rampant rate No graphics and no fucking Powerpoint presentation So they just DIY'd that shit and they built their"
  • Run 2 You (ft. Courtney Drummey) - Komodo
    "She says her love for me could never die But that'd change if she ever found out about you and I Oh - but her love is cold It wouldn't hurt her if she didn't know, 'cause... When it gets too much I need"
  • Angel - The Adicts
    "You are an angel that money couldn't buy You are an angel Oh lord don't ask why You are a lover seductive from the start You are a lover that mends my broken heart And when you bang your gong I will surely"
  • Angel - Angela Winbush
    "Angel, mmm, ooh Angel, mmm, hmm Angel, mmm, ooh, ooh, ooh Angel, yeah (oh, oh) Mmm, ba doo doo ba doo Doo, ba, doo, doo Doo, ooh (angel) I found a certain paradise Within my life with you Heaven opened"
  • Angel - Down Below
    "Hold your angel, he came from the stars And it's a cold a cold world outside Hold your angel Hold your angel Hold your angel "
  • Angel - Anita Baker
    "Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... If I could I'd give you the world Wrap it all around you Won't be satisfied"
  • Angel - Wumpscut
    "Angel come to me to me come to me Angel belong to me to me belong to me Angel you have wings to fly fly to me Angel do you doubt no need to have doubt Angel feel my love my love for you feel my love for"
  • Angel - Madonna
    "Why am I standing on a cloud Every time you're around And my sadness disappears Every time you are near You must be an angel I can see it in your eyes Full of wonder and surprise And just now I realize "
  • Angel - Current 93
    "well hello angel a gift and a smile well hello angel as we walk a mile and a twisted man leans on twisted sticks with children's laughter hanging on swings well hello angel and the skipping rope turns whilst"
  • Angel - Elvis Presley
    "Angel, with those angel eyes Come and take this earth boy Up to paradise Angel, may I hold you tight? Never kissed an angel Let me kiss one tonight If I said "I love you" Would I be speaking out of turn? I'm"

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