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Cover Drive- Sparks

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Cover Drive- Sparks

  • Sparks - Cover Drive
    "Happy to see you setting me off like sparks You ignite all the colours inside my heart On the doorstep like we'd never been apart Hope you know that I'm happy to see you It's just another night The boys"
  • Sparks - Coldplay
    "Did I drive you away? I know what youll say, You say, Oh, sing one we know, But I promise you this, Ill always look out for you, Thats what Ill do. I say oh,, I say oh. My heart is yours, Its you that"
  • Drive - Steve Wariner
    "Straight ahead, right down the highway Out across New Mexico Passing trucks with Haggard singing on the radio. There's a shootin' star falling behind me But wishin' won't make a dream come true Right now"
  • Drive - El-P
    "C'mon, ma, can I borrow the keys? My generation is carpooling with doom and disease Buckle up, skipper The new american Asterix You're riding shotty with Jesus of Nascar-eth At the end of the day, we all"
  • Sparks of the tempest - Lady Sovereign
    "The Sparks of the Tempest Rage a Hundred Years OnThe Voice of the Dreamer Screams, the Cause of the PawnThe King and the Queen Are Gone, Each Piece Is the SameThe Difference Between Us Is a Part of the"
  • Sparks of the tempest - Kansas
    "The sparks of the tempest rage a hundred years on The voice of the dreamer screams, the cause of the pawn The King and the Queen are gone, each piece is the same The difference between us is a part of"
  • Sparks - Skylar Grey
    "Hidin' from starlight Swattin' at fireflies Can't face the sunrise Or look into your eyes (Look into your eyes) Turnin' down cigarettes (Oh) Blowin' out candlesticks (Oh) I've been burned too many times Now"
  • Sparks - Faith And The Muse
    "How carelessly the bound daylight caresses Oblivious to wandering eyes extinguished Free me reckless with the night Elusive scenes enkindled burst to fire Where splendor casts umbrageous twin And love"
  • Sparks - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde Caught in the times we live in Caught in the times we know It's taking a real hard line You feel you're becoming a number Nobody needs your trouble Gives you the time of"
  • Sparks - Hilary Duff
    "I can’t hear a single word Just know you’re talking ‘cause your lips keep moving Every thing I thought I’d learned Goes out the window All I want is one thing You can promise castle, treasures, babies I"
  • Burnin' down the sparks - Nancy Sinatra
    "Standing in the crowdsLost out in the streetLoving the chaosWith my heart down at my feetTaking every step like it's my (very) lastLooking round the cornersSearching through the glassFor a glimpse of youEyes"
  • Sparks - Royksopp
    "No much I gained or break, it's those tiny little spotsDaily life that makes me forget my wounded heartIt doesn't matter when, it may rain or it may shineGlow and reason months come back from time to time(repeat)No"
  • Turn Up The Love (Ft. Cover Drive) - Far East Movement
    "We are one, tonight And we breathing in the same air So turn up the love Turn up the love We turnin' up the love Turn it up now! Get it poppin', hop the molly Dirty bass, We so body body Too legit, we"
  • Drive Blind - Myslovitz
    "Can't see the lights or the blue orange signs Can't see the road or the long white lines Feeling the ground through the pedals in the floor Feeling death pounding at the door Windows all open, chaos"
  • Drive Blind - Ride
    "Can't see the lights or the blue orange signs Can't see the road or the long white lines Feeling the ground through the pedals on the floor Feeling death pounding at the door Windows all open, chaos in"
  • Starlight Drive - Last Winter
    "Never thought life would change me. The boy who dreams in the stratosphere. Time is forgiving so let it go. Time is forgiving so let it go. Because you're gonna find out. When it all comes down. We were"
  • Tales Of A Hustler"(feat. Sparks - Beanie Sigel
    "BEANIE SIGEL Miscellaneous Tales Of A Hustler"(feat. Sparks Yeah Sparks in here, The Truth in here Yeah Yeah - Witness - Tales of a Hustler Im going to ride nigga Ya Know - This just the life we live uh,"
  • Millenarian Drive - Celestial Season
    "Come to the world where the sane man crawls and drop a lot of worries there feel delight wrong for a while when the wind went dry it took a minute to deny it's sad song Come to the world where the good"
  • Mind Drive - Yes
    "Don't forget to seek out the world that you want to stake out Actions speak much louder than words And you get to realize Just as long as you have control, holding the fire Just as long as you keep control,"
  • All Sparks - Editors
    "You're answering questions That have not yet been asked All sparks will burn out in the end You burn like you're bouncing Cigarettes on the road All sparks will burn out in the end All sparks will burn"

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