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Cover open blaik, prity face, do you wont more, skiling of your eyes

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Cover open blaik, prity face, do you wont more, skiling of your eyes

  • Open Your Eyes - Angelique Kidjo
    "Angelique Kidjo Keep On Moving The Best Of Angelique Kidjo Open Your Eyes Min bi do t la Gb fib dit joib nub kiii Min bi do t la Mon djin nou bi kanan non an I've lived my life sometimes pretending The"
  • Open Eyes - Authority Zero
    "Yeah you judge me For god knows what now Always bitching, always moaning And trying to bring me down But, I can't be bothered By all the things you say So shut your fucking mouth And pass that 40 my"
  • Wont Stop - Wiz Khalifa
    "In the trap with some killers on the real Real man, I am man On the real, I'm in the trap with some killers On the real, I'mma stack me a million On the real, I'mma fuck this nigga broad On the real,"
  • Open Your Eyes - Goldfinger
    "Open your eyes To the millions of lies That they tell you every day Open your mind To the clever disguise That the advertisements say How do they know?... What's good for you Wake up Wake up Whoa oh Wake"
  • Open Your Eyes - Guano Apes
    "Hide your face forever dream and search forever Have you ever been for sale ? when your isms get smart oh so selfish and mindless with that comment in your eye Do you think that you are hard ? really"
  • Open Your Eyes - Pillar
    "Your runnin' the race that never ends to make amends With the friends that you've had since the day that your life began You're caught up in the rat race with your face disgraced 'Cause there's a time"
  • Open Your Eyes - Yes
    "You got a great imagination We carry on In the same old way No lessons Learned From yesterday Talk of changes Lost in pages of paperwork I believe how can we refuse to see I've received what could be our"
  • Open Your Eyes - Sum 41
    "Lately, I'm not quite myself. Maybe, I do need some help. Just my confusion, Trust my delusion. Don't you, Regret you met me. Go through, These steps to get me, Back to where we start, 'Fore I fall apart. If"
  • Open Eyes - Berman
    "there's nothing more to you, than earthly flesh and empty bones, still searchin' for nothing, I'm face down and all alone show Me everything, give Me all you've got, reveal mysteries, and mountains will"
  • Eyes Open - Trip Lee
    "Verse 1: Good evening brethren, let's go a special direction Look back, let's meet a young'n that was born in 87 His parents was so happy, rejoicing at they new blessing He breathes life, at the same time"
  • Open Up Your Eyes - Jeremy Camp
    "Open up your eyes And see these warning signs Breaking through your heart and all the reason of your mind Open up to find Your action leaves behind The very hope that's given for the world to feel alive Oh Chorus And"
  • Cover Your Eyes - Children 18:3
    "Dear Emily, I don't think I believe in you anymore. It's a mystery, but what I'm seein' I haven't seen before. And with these tears you loose the last of my restraints. Cover your eyes! She said run but"
  • Open Up Your Eyes - Agnes Carlsson
    "Your heart feels like gets me run over You call and ask if you can come over I say yes even though I know better But I guess I m hoping that you finally that her You run back here to my door Every time"
  • Open your eyes - Vanessa Williams
    "Never be afraid to love never be afraid to just be just cast away the chains of doubt have the courage to be free Don't cloud your rise with father's lies see only what you want to see to stuplicate the"
  • Open Your Eyes - Hoobastank
    "You want what you deserve but it's right in front of you You want something better than any other You don't even bother to figure what it is that you think you deserve You'll find it all one day but not"
  • Open Your Eyes - Midnattsol
    "Open your eyes Open your eyes and see Open your ears For the thing you fear Reality Your victims so insecure Their faces so sour But for all your crimes you will pay Forever My strength makes you weak My"
  • Open your eyes - Nick Lachey
    "Yeah baby He told you he could be the man that I could never be He has a way at making promises that he can't keep He gets so angry when I try to point this out And still it's you who's always calling"
  • Open Your Eyes - BLACK BOX
    "Love is freewheeling, keeps me wakin' all night long But just like makin' love, becomes a part of you Nobody's losing when we get so satisfied Because of you i've got to shouting out my love Open"
  • Open Your Eyes - Sloth
    "Open your eyes (x3) The truth is inside of you Mass hysteria Giving away Poor translations Feeding the hate Do not attempt to Adjust your reception Interpretation Has blocked you all out :Chorus: When"
  • Open Your Eyes - Keith Green
    "This generation of believers that you and me are a part of, we are responsible for this generation of souls, all over the world. We're responsible for them. We're responsible to pray daily for the needs"

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