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Cradle of Filth I Am The Thorn

  • I Am The Thorn - Cradle of Filth
    "The needle in the eye of the hurricane The poison in the font The nail in the coffin of the profane I am the lot Maniacal the fire That weaves inside my soul When dripping tongues of hate,envenomed,roll Like"
  • Thorn - Zavorash
    "Thorn (Music: Nil, Backing Vocals: I. Hate, Lyrics: Totalscorn) The path of final war embarked upon, brother versus brother, love is forlorn, Life laid waste, all crawling for the swords, commeth storms,"
  • Filth - Waco Jesus
    "F**king want to shove your shit up your cunt, watch it liquefy as use it four lubrication, punch you in the throat and cum in your mouth, watch you gasp for breath as I cut off Air to your lungs... eat"
  • Cradle - Seraphim Shock
    "Frantic bride bleeding The sea hypnotized A world void of meaning An empire's lie Look in my eyes Tell me what do you see My dear twisted mortal Come make me believe Hide behind doctrines And guild ridden"
  • Cradle - Atomic Kitten
    "I will rock you like a baby lover Cradled in my arms I will keep you safe from danger Shelter you from harm There will never be another lover Treat you like I do We can drift into forever on a love that's"
  • Thorn - Crest
    "I see the thorn in your eye I feel the pain when she cries pale are the mornings at fall a new day just waiting for more in her room so quietly I see the thorn in your eye although she weeps so silently I"
  • Thorn - Biohazard
    "I got this thorn in my side, I try, but I can't get it out, Been killing me for years gone by, a miserable, painful bout, No matter how hard and long I try to rip at it, it stays, Buried deep inside my"
  • Thorn - Norther
    "In my eyes I despise your twisted life Something controlling your fucked up mind? Just a thought of you with your twisted little smile Stings me like a thorn in my spine You told me sacred lies Through"
  • Thorn - Mudhoney
    "I've got a thorn in my side About the size of your eye I feel it sticking through I feel it sticking through You're all watching for me With such intensity It doesn't matter what I do It doesn't"
  • Thorn - My Bloody Valentine
    "Walk all over me Even though you can't decide Look out, (jump back) You'll be on your own Hillside, slip and slide Feel the pain, it's no surprise Look out, look out Thorn will be your love I felt your"
  • Thorn - Eightball
    "Temptation talking to me I try my best not to listen The world fuckin wit me Tryin to stop my ambition And niggas talkin bout me I know they hopin and wishing That ima give it up or quit But I say fuck"
  • Thorn - Blind Guardian
    "A black swan Is born in that night The misty pond Got a new king Got a new king So what can we do with our lives When it all begins It's hard and it's cruel Will grace die in pain? Will light ever rise"
  • Thorn - Unida
    "Do you wanna say goodbye to your best friend, your buddy? Never wanted to slap your girl, she's your money I said love, only love You spread your wings and you fly with the best it's so bloody, it's so"
  • Thorn Within - Metallica
    "(Hetfield / Ulrich / Hammett) Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned Find me guilty of the life I feel within When I'm branded, this mark of shame Should I look down, disgraced, or straight ahead and"
  • Cradle - Mudvayne
    "Breathe... Push... ...I lost you, you were my god thought what do I do now you were never there for me never there to carry me, 26 years looking back that time is gone it was you I believed in look what"
  • From the Cradle to Enslave - Cradle of Filth
    "Two thousand fattened years like maniacs Have despoiled our common grave Now what necrophagous Second Coming backs From the cradle to enslave? Sickle constellations Stud the velts that welt the sku Whilst"
  • The Oceans Of Filth - Dies Irae
    "in a moral embrace the giants are met, fighting for dominion I am the jugde and the end and death I became, destruction of all the worlds when the time is ripe I shall spit out the plague from my guts I"
  • The Cradle - Gandalf
    "Have you ever asked yourself "What am I doing here?" Life is hard but it can be an enjoyment As long as you treat everyone's life fair So if you want to rock a cradle Then be sure it's thine If you want"
  • Filth - Marilyn Manson
    "You bite the tinfoil they give you Your piano eye mind is detuned You are amused by your confusion Staple your face to mine if you're afraid to be alone I'll mail you razor blades for christmas If you're"
  • Filth God - Panzer AG
    "How can you call yourself a god, Don't even bother to interfere, Created in your image, What kind of creep does that make you anyway. There is no hell, We are allready here, And why do I fear death, If"

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