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Cray dysty lylbet

  • Phone Booth - Robert Cray
    "(D. Walker, Robert Cray, Richard Cousins & M. Vannice) I'm in a phone booth, baby Number scratched on the wall I'm in a phone booth, baby Number scratched on the wall I'm new in Chicago Got no one else"
  • If You're Thinkin' What I'm Thinkin' - Robert Cray
    "If you're thinkin' what I'm thinkin' Let's not waste any time It's been real lonely here lately It's either your place or mine If you're thinkin' what I'm thinkin' Ohhh, you might just save my life It"
  • Twenty - Robert Cray
    "(Robert Cray) When you're used up, where do you go Soldier Mother dry your eyes, there's no need to cry I'm not a boy, it's what I signed up for When you're used up, where do you go Soldier I can't take"
  • I'm A Good Man - Robert Cray
    "(Robert Cray and Dennis Walker) I don't mean to brag But I know I'm a good man At least I try and understand When things don't go just like we planned I'll do anything you want me to I'll make you happy If"
  • Bad Influence - Robert Cray
    "(R. Cray & M. Vannice) You used me To get ya anything you wanted Oh...but I'm a changed man It's your other friend that gets ya what you want now If I go through those same things again I'll be worse"
  • I Was Warned - Robert Cray
    "(Robert Cray & Dennis Walker) Oh, I was warned about her love But like a fool I went on Whether they're right or wrong At least the mystery is gone The more people talked about her The more I had to"
  • Price I Pay - Robert Cray
    "(Robert Cray and Dennis Walker) Out on the road Late at night The highway is so inviting Since you said that we were through I remember what you told me I'm trying to drive away these blues I can do"
  • T-Bone Shuffle - Albert Collins, Robert Cray And Johnny Copeland
    "(Copeland vocals) Let your hair down, baby Let's have a natural ball Let your hair down, baby Let's have a natural ball If you don't let your hair down, woman We can't have no fun at all (Copeland solo) (Collins"
  • She's Into Something - Albert Collins, Robert Cray And Johnny Copeland
    "(Say what she do!) (Young Bob on vocals) The snappin' of her finger makes the dog wags its tail The whistle from her voice will make the train jump the rail Take her to a race track Show her face Horse"
  • Don't Touch Me - Robert Cray
    "(J. Watson, M. Davis & Ling) Don't touch me, baby No Just leave me alone Because the way you treat me, baby You know that's wrong I'm leavin' you, baby Gonna hit that highway Back home When I took you"
  • I Shiver - Robert Cray
    "I get the blues in the morning. So bad, I scare myself My hair is turning gray so fast, I'm worried about my health, And I shiver all over, I shiver all over, I shiver all over, 'cause I ain't got you! I'm"
  • Just A Loser - Robert Cray
    "Maybe I'm just a loser Whose will is none too strong But I don't want to lose her Even if my choice is wrong I've been used to all the heartache The jealousy and pain So I'm well aware of what it takes To"
  • Forecast (Calls For Pain) - Robert Cray
    "Coffee for my breakfast Shot of whiskey on the side It's a dark and dreary morning With the clouds covering up the sky The forecast calls for pain The forecast calls for pain My baby's turning cold And"
  • Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark - Robert Cray
    "Dead of the night baby We're finally alone I'll pull up the shades If you'll unplug the phone Put on some music Marvin Gaye's real nice Once we get settled I'll turn off the lights Don't be afraid"
  • Night Patrol - Robert Cray
    "(D. Amy) See him cuddled in the shadows Sleepin' on his cardboard bed Using rags for a pillow Where he lays his unwashed head His blanket's old newspaper Not much good against the snow See so many like"
  • Not Bad For Love - Robert Cray
    "Not bad for love. Not bad at all. Isn't it amazing, how it's so strong. We've been around much too long. To let a little pain, cut us off. Those days are gone. Love's not bad at all. Down on my luck and"
  • Smoking Gun - Robert Cray
    "I get a constant busy signal When I call you on the phone I get a strong uneasy feeling You're not sitting there alone I'm having nasty nasty visions And baby you're in every one, yeah And I'm so afraid"
  • Right Next Door (Because Of Me) - Robert Cray
    "I can hear the couple fighting right next door Their angry words sound clear thru these thin walls Around midnight I hear him shout unfaithful woman And I knew right there the axe was gonna fall It's"
  • Still Around - Robert Cray
    "Something happened this morning when I opened my eyes and looked around me Something strange was in the air But what it was I just could not pin it down And then I heard the shower running and I knew what"
  • I Guess I Showed Her - Robert Cray
    "I payed the clerk and moved right in A single room with one big twin There's a chest and mirror Shower's down the hall Room 16 ain't got no view But the hot plate's brand new I guess I showed her"

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