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Crazy off my life

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Crazy off my life

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Crazy off my life
  • Mark Morrison Crazy
    "All of these girls trippin' on me (trippin') See here now I'm goin' crazy ever since I went Number One (like a bomb) My whole world pandemonium Everybody crazy turnin' on me Can't dis a brother for going"
  • Neil Diamond Crazy
    "Lately, I can't sleep at night I can't turn off my mind You've got me goin' in circles When you're not around me I just keep thinking What my life would be without you Isn't it crazy Like I'm on a string"
  • Northstar Crazy
    "(feat. Tonebone, Midnight and Shoshot) (Intro: Midnight) Yo! This for all my motherfucking niggaz On the West Coast, on the East Coast In the mid-West, the Dirty South Nigga, I don't care what you doing Who"
  • Alana Davis Crazy
    "You've got your home of the brave And I've got my land of the free You conform to what society says And I conform to me Looking for light in the corners, Getting caught in the spider web You look at me"
  • R. Kelly Crazy
    "(Chorus) Im going crazy Feels like im losing my mind And I dont know what to do Seems like im running out of time (Going Crazy) (Oh!!) And the gorgeous ring I bought Man she don't have a clue that I'm"
  • Screw 32 My Crazy Life
    "Nothing's really expected Opposed and underrated But we'll be over as potentially as we can Can we amend and do this thing together For life is something simple Its the hope that springs again (Chorus) Who's"
  • Gino Vanelli Crazy life
    "It's a crazy life a hazy lifeA mixed up jumbled phasy lifeA crazy life for people who want to smileI just don't understandWhy so hard to say hello before goodbyeIt's a coocoo life a lulu lifeA moody magic"
  • Phil Vassar Crazy Life
    "I rise and stumble from the bed It wakes the worries in my head And I pour myself a bowl of Cheerios I think about the good and bad The happiness outweighs the sad And the balance evens out the highs and"
  • Tim Rushlow Crazy Life
    "Woke up with my tear stained pillow on the floor again I think I had a bad dream, Cause I think I had a hard night Cause you know its been a crazy life So I jump into the shower and It feels like my"
  • Lil' Rob Crazy Life
    "Shit, man Fuck that pinche jura ese If they only knew where the fuck I was, right Right underneath their pinche puerco noses and shit They ain't gonna catch me ese I'm too Goddamn sly, slick, and wicked Fuck"
  • Skrewdriver Better Off Crazy
    "I don't wanna be no office boy I wanna hold my head up high And if I want to fight somebody I don't wanna be asked why (chorus) My friends tell me, I'm better off crazy My friends tell me, they tell me"
  • Kiss Crazy crazy night
    "Here's a little song for everybody out there People try to take my soul away But I don't hear the rap that they all say They try to tell us we don't belong That's alright We're millions strong This is"
  • Kurt Nilsen Crazy crazy nights
    "These are crazy crazy crazy crazy nightsThese are crazy crazy crazy crazy nightsPeople try to take my soul awayBut I dont hear the rap that they all sayThey try to tell us we don't belongThat's alright,"
  • Kiss Crazy, Crazy Nights
    "(Whoow! Here's a little song for everybody out there) People try to take my soul away, but I don't hear the rap that they all say They try to tell us we don't belong, that's alright, we're millions strong This"
  • Golec uOrkiestra Crazy is my life
    "Ledwie zaśniesz a już musisz wstaćw lustrze witasz przemęczoną twarzJeszcze sen nie dokończonya już wpadasz w życia szponyosaczony pajęczyną sprawPora szczytu, piekło w środku dniaktoś w zaułku na gitarze"
  • A1 Crazy
    "The crazy things I heard you say I'm mad about you all the same I never really saw the crime Yet went ahead and served my time I never met someone like you before But sometimes that is not enough Cuz"
  • The Kelly Family Crazy
    "Say why am I so crazy I'm sorry I can't stop me from growing They ask me Why am I crazy And I tell them I can't stop me from growing Why am I so,so,so crazy I think that I'm just an artist Being crazy"
  • Usher Crazy
    "I'm crazy, so crazy I'm crazy about you I'm crazy so crazy, about you (Crazy 'bout you baby) What kind of love is this That keeps me hypnotized - cant' get you off My mind Don't ever let it end - let"
  • MercyMe Crazy
    "Why I would I spend my life longing for the day that it would end.. Why would I spend my time pointing to another man.. Isn't that crazy How can I find hope in dying, with promises unseen.. How can I"
  • Amos Tori Crazy
    "Amos Tori Scarlet's Walk Crazy Not sayin' not charmed at all Not sayin' that you weren't worth the fall And I was alone when I knew it was real Down the canyon when I knew I had come To the line Through"

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