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Cristina Rus - Jumatatea Ta 2012 (Radio Edit)


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Cristina Rus - Jumatatea Ta 2012 (Radio Edit)

  • Je Suis Jalouse (Radio Edit) - Emily Loizeau
    "J'ai encore pleur deux heures Sur ta bote de petits beurres La fameuse avec les lettres Les photos de New Hampshire Ton voyage en amoureux Avec Adle de Bayeux Je trouve son nom ridicule On dirait une marque"
  • Radio Edit - Sweatshop Union
  • Radio Edit - Justin Timberlake
    "Hey girl, is he everything you wanted in a man You know I gave you the world You had me in the palm of your hand So why your love went away I just can't seem to understand Thought it was me and you babe Me"
  • Amnezja (radio edit) - Phill Chill
    "Utwór 'Amnezja (radio edit)' z albumu 'Pokolenie Y' Phill Chill (premiera styczeń 2023r.)"
  • Just The Two Of Us(Radio Edit) - Eminem
    "Just the two of us.. (8X) Baby your da-da loves you (hey) And I'ma always be here for you (hey) no matter what happens You're all I got in this world I would never give you up for nothin Nobody in this"
  • Spaceman (Radio Edit) - Babylon Zoo
    "Babylon Zoo Miscellaneous Spaceman (Radio Edit) Spaceman I always wanted you to go into space, man (intergalactic Christ) Spaceman I always wanted you to go into space, man (intergalactic Christ) Pungent"
  • Cristina - Kid Abelha
    "Vou me embora Agora pr longe Meu caminho ida sem volta Uma estrela amiga me guia Minha asa presa se solta Vou ver Cristina Vou ver Cristina Vou ver Cristina E por onde for Vou deixando marcas Marcas"
  • Cristina - Tim Maia
    "Vou-me embora agora pra longe Meu caminho ida sem volta Uma estrela amiga me guia Minha asa presa se solta, eu Vou ver cristina, vou ver cristina, vou ver cristina E por onde vou, vou deixando Marcas"
  • Lazarus (Radio Edit) - Porcupine Tree
    "As the cheerless towns pass my window I can see a washed out moon through the fog And then a voice inside my head Breaks the analogue And says "Follow me down to the valley below You know Moonlight is"
  • Yassassin (Radio Edit) - Litfiba
    "You want to fight But I don't want to leave Or drift away Yassassin - I'm not a moody guy Yassassin - I walk without a sound Yassassin - Just a working man, no judge of men Yassassin - But such a life"
  • Promiscuous (Radio Edit) - Nelly Furtado
    "N:do i throw u off? t: nope. N: didnt think so T: how u doin young lady, the feeling dat u give me really drives me crazy, u dont have a player on your trunk i was loss of words first time dat we spoke N:"
  • Rewind (Radio Edit) - Vasco Rossi
    "A meno che non stia davvero pensando solo a te ogni respiro ogni momento che vivo A meno che tu non sia l'unica l'unica davvero per me le altre le altre s che le vedo ma te ti sento dentro come un"
  • Rainbow (Radio Edit) - Elisa
    "You are not an enemy anymore there's a ray of light upon your face now I can look into your eyes and I never thought it could be so simple you can hear the music with no sounds you can heal my heart without"
  • Fergalicious (Radio Edit) - Fergie
    "(Will I Am:) Four tres two uno Listen up ya'll, Cause this is it The beat that I'm bangin' is Ferglicious (Fergie:) Fergalicoulsdefinition make them boys go loco They want my treasures so they get their"
  • Glamorous (Radio Edit) - Fergie
    "If you ain't got no money take yo' broke broke home If you ain't got no money take yo' broke broke home G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S We flying first class Up in the sky Poppin' champagne"
  • Home (Radio Edit) - Dream Theater
    "'''The Sleeper:''' Shine - lake of fire Lines take me higher My mind drips desire Confined and overtired Living this charade Is getting me nowhere I can't shake this charade The city's cold blood calls"
  • Surrender (Radio Edit) - Javine
    "(Speaking:) Y'know what It's time for you to surrender your love uh uh uh It's not about what ya wanna know The time is right and that's for sure It seems so silly, but you complete me Your hanging"
  • Everything (Radio Edit) - Alanis Morissette
    "I can be a nightmare of the grandest kind I can withhold like it's going out of style I have the bravest heart that you've ever seen And you've never met anyone who's as positive as I am sometimes You"
  • Life (Radio Edit) - Haddaway
    "Life Life will never be Life Life will never be...the same Hey yeah Time is getting cold What is going on? What is on your mind? Are your feelings gone? Need to see it clear, Where do we go? Why are"
  • Time (Radio Edit) - Milk Inc.
    "(Verse 1) It maybe true That it's worth another try Then again I've often wonder why There's no answer There's no reason left to stay Is it time? Tell me there's an other way (Refrein) Time Take us back"

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