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  • Crucifix - Altaria
    "Riding towards the war, Like noble ancient knights. Down on their knees they fall, Before the evil eyes. The symbol of salvation under darkened clouds, Facing demons that fell from above. The legions"
  • Crucifix Kiss - Manic Street Preachers
    "so mighty so hegemonic so hating so desecrating so there so nowhere so hurting we fall between indifference rejection and the whole fucking wall we fall Christin me fuhrer nazarine Believe in tomorrow"
  • The Crucifix - Jag Panzer
    "When your love exists no more it's time to find another door Rekindling flames that have gone dim, let feelings spread on a whim Look toward the light and fix your eyes, let the white dove fly When your"
  • Crucifix Me - Nightfall
    "(Japanese version bonus track) Show me what you feel sister Show me what you need Show me how much you want me Your kiss my lethal dose will be My lethal dose your love will be Love me, kiss me feel"
  • The Limb Crucifix - Watain
    "Show me the face of uttermost madness Reveal the mystery of time reversed For in chaos lies mights forgotten From which we all have emerged Crawling from wombs - a vast reflection A rupturing from"
  • Scars Of The Crucifix - Deicide
    "Impale the body, scares of his flesh, hung up to die on the crucifixion, bleeding to breathe, cursing at god...Why!!!!!!! The glory resurrection; live in wounds of recollection, Who take his will unreasoned,"
  • Scars Of The Crucifix - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "(movie quote: The Addiction) I finally understand what all this is How it was all possible Now I see, good Lord, how we must look from out there Our addiction is evil Vinne Paz: My brain's on another"
  • The Crucifix And The Flag - Aus Rotten
    "The crucifix and the flag are both the f**king same They both represent dominance and control Arrogant symbols displayed high about our heads A constant reminder that you are being controlled If the government"
  • Of Prometheus And The Crucifix - Trivium
    "I am the Promethean Tragic figure in this dream Dream known as life I bring spark into the lives Take the molded, show them fire Fire's the spark in their eyes My flesh is ripped at daily It's the cross"
  • Blind Destruction - Crucifix
    "Youth and violence, youth don't fight i see no humour when someone's getting hurt when the lights go down, everythings a fucking blur you fight out on the streets, you take it on the dance floor you take"
  • Death Toll - Crucifix
    "Born weeks premature not to everyone's delight crippled from malnutrtion, another unwanted child she cradled him in her arms while she brushed away the flies praying that her newborn can survive through"
  • How When And Where - Crucifix
    "We condemn all military action the power and destruction the force used against our will the useless blood they spill just a matter of time, how when and where the guns and bombs are very real they're"
  • Indochina - Crucifix
    "The scene gorssly repeats itself in my head the background's a blur wading deep in blood a violent new order of distrust and hate a genocidal war where the shooting hasn't stopped indo china lost forever indo"
  • No Limbs - Crucifix
    "we dont condone your mass murder we dont believe in this human torture we wont tolerate the coming pain in your fucking war nothing's gained your iron fist is clamping down make the poor work the ground till"
  • Prejudice - Crucifix
    "These men bought by prejudice their laws not made for justice their live, i want no part of this, your death , dig your own grave or go your own way who are these men running with guns what pleasures do"
  • Rise And Fall - Crucifix
    "Too many times i've wished i had said all the thoughts that were in my head to all the people that i adore the splendor never rises to what it's for i've had enough, i've said enough this picture paints"
  • Search For The Sun - Crucifix
    "here we stand with a passion for life a world without hate, no violence no strife see all there is to see hear all there is to hear know all there is to know feel all there is to feel a world without war"
  • See Through Their Lies - Crucifix
    "I can't forget what seemed like yesterday the memories of war they just won't fade see through their lies the years i was there, it seems so far away everyone tried to ignore it, saying it'll go away it"
  • Skinned Alive - Crucifix
    "you can walk down any city's streets on any given day of the year and pretend that what we have is peace but we live our lives in constant fear of a hellish inferno, a mass crematorium, ashes to ashes,"
  • Stop Torture - Crucifix
    "Savage and barbarous, they continue the practice of torture the police engage in riots, the army gears for war stop the mutilation,stop the torture stop the torture for profit and war corporations use"

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