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Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith. i was fly

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Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith. i was fly

  • Da Hype (Ft. Robert Smith) - Junior Jack
    "I'm flying again, so good to pretend, I'm in love with the end, I just want to be yours... I'm flowing away, so good to just play, I'm in love with today, only want to be yours.. I just want to"
  • How Not To Drown (ft. Robert Smith - The Cure) - CHVRCHES
    "I am writing a book on How to stay concious when you drown And if the words float up to the Surface I’ll keep them down This is the first time i know I don’t want the crown You can take it now You promise"
  • Blue Ocean (Ft: Willow Smith) - Jaden Smith
    "Don't tell me you cried cause I know that you didn't Don't tell me you love me, I know I'm just trippin' Cause you tore down my ego, and I listened Why did I... listen? /2x Man I met a girl at Coachella I"
  • Castles - Freya Ridings
    "you left my love you hit the target you got that rush and then you walk out the door you kept me small, is what you wanted I never notice you held my hand into darkness I didn’t care it made me just want"
  • Robert - Dolly Parton
    "Robert's appearance is something to behold Dressed in the finest of store bought clothes My mamma sews my clothes cause I'm just a poor girl But Robert is as real as his daddies gold Robert could have"
  • Crystal - Fly To The Sky
    "Dialog Baby, I've waited so long to tell you how I feel inside And I think you should know I'll be here for you, whenever you call on me I'll be loving you, till my last day comes 1st verse I can show"
  • Finger Smith - Shaggy
    "Now this is for amusement purposes only, ha Be carful of your neighbourhood pick-pocket Me brednn whe them call name slick Who this Well who this come catch it the original finger smith Yur neighbourhood"
  • Smith Bros. - Raekwon
    "Take it back 1993, '94 or something Yeah, runnin' through the stairs and shit Trynna to get to the roof Narcotos is on, some other shit My niggas won't stop til we straight, select bigger gates We won't"
  • CRYSTAL (ft. Karwan) - Szpaku x Rolex
    "Nie widziałem długo słońca, jak faraon Blada skóra, ja i Fallout, 4 rano Zabunkrowany w bloku Weź zostaw mnie w spokoju Co jest ziom z ludźmi? Mi się kontakt jebie znowu To wszystko zanim przyszła ta zaraza"
  • Strange Timez ft. Robert Smith (Episode Six) - Gorillaz
    "Spinnin’ around the world at night Spin around in balck and white Spinnin around until te Sun comes up Strange time to see the light"
  • Crystal - Buckingham Nicks
    "Do you always trust your first initial feeling Special knowledge holds true, bears believing I turned around and the water was closing all around like a glove Like the love that finally found me Then"
  • Crystal - Wolfy
    "Are we to look at stars above like Crystal And think that the lights dim only for our egos And we who cry can pull aside our thought of love on paper And think that we can save our rock and roll And where"
  • Crystal - Sheryl Crow
    "Do you always trust your first initial feeling Special knowledge holds truth Bears believing I turned around And the water was closing all around Like a glove Like the love that had finally, finally found"
  • Crystal - Fleetwood Mac
    "Do you always trust your first initial feeling special knowledge holds truth...bears believing i turned around and the water was closing all around like a glove like the love that had finally, finally"
  • Crystal - New Order
    "We're like crystal, we break easy I'm a poor man, if you leave me I'm applauded, then forgotten It was summer, now it's autumn I don't know what to say, you don't care anyway I'm a man in a rage (just"
  • Crystal - Mando Diao
    "Fade away... All that we have dreamed of Bergman said it all, the magic is in the fall, so true... When you see him tell him all that you don't know all how much we've grown so I cry but like always,"
  • Omen (ft. Sam Smith) - Disclosure
    "I'm feeling something, something different When you left, I'd appeared to change I was blinded, I'd not envisioned The same face in a different frame It's an omen, caught my baby crying Saw the silver"
  • Kite (Ft. Willow Smith, prod. Téo) - Jaden Smith
    "your motion got me rollercoastin i want all in your ocean man look it when i goes in i have no friends but if you had seen where we came you would know that we’re just makin a name just off dex and we"
  • Helikopter (ft. Robert Gawliński) - Golden Life
    "coś mi pokręciło głowę czuję w sobie dziwny stan nie wiem z jakiej to przyczyny jest mi dobrze niech tak trwa idę sam ulic sto helikopter mi wiruje wciąż nie wiem co kręci mną kolorowych ludzi widzę krąg ja"
  • Roberta - Tom Jones
    "ROBERTA WITH JOOLS HOLLAND WRITERS HUEY PIANO SMITH, JOHN VINCENT I ain't mad at you Don't you be mad at me I ain't mad at you So don't you be mad at me One and one is two Two and one is three I wanna"

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