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Cum in true my dreem let me show

  • Money make me cum - Rick Ross
    "Dis for the trill bitches fuck a nigga money make me comeBoss u betta tell emI need a real bitch 365 let her count the cheese let her see the piesSome may say in foolish but we have a ballShe make moves"
  • Let the children cum to me - Moonspell
    "Hey you little Jesus bride why have you smiled to me ? Hey you little Jesus bride why have you sang to me ? They say that God is inside us all, and sometimes He is not in the way that I have preached for"
  • Show - Nelly
    "(ali) Yeah, yeah, check, check See I aint about playin, leezy bout cash in advance Cash in on the casual, actual, factual plan Makin a killin man, went from that to makin a livin Rightous willin, the only"
  • Let It Show - Riot
    "Let me know the feeling I have seen Somewhere deep, deep inside a dream Is it only in my mind, it's only you Till the end I felt like I believe Something real, something I have feared Loving you is all"
  • Cum on everybody - Eminem
    "Hmm-hmm-hmhmhmmhm.. ahhh, whooooo!! Shit Yo, mic checkTesting one, two, um... twelve(whattup whattup whattup.. Outsidaz) This is my dance song (Outsidaz)Can you hear me?(Rah Digga, Pacewon, Young Zee)"
  • Magna Cum Nada - Bloodhound Gang
    "Why try? I'm that guy Holden Caulfield from "Catcher In The Rye" Put away 'cause he wasn't all there Like a jigsaw puzzle you might compare Me to him not a liver but wurst Been much better off as a still"
  • True Roots Show - 7 Seconds
    "You ask me if it feels the same, wo oh oh You wonder if it feels alright, wo oh oh I ask myself that every day, wo oh oh Sometimes i feel so far away I never will forget it, and i will not regret it Ten"
  • Make Me Cum - Mindless Self Indulgence
    "Beautiful, I know I am I'm the one who wants to sleep with-- Me, on top, getting fucked, By myself, In and out, LET IT OUT! I'm the one who makes me so happy, and I want me all just for myself, I'm the"
  • Let The Record Show - Emilie Autumn
    "Turning tricks with absent guile Reeling in your crooked smile Why did I turn to you? I only wanted a hand to pour my heart into And now I'll bump my grind through another night Lose my mind in another"
  • True - Montell Jordan
    "Verse i Listen. Girl I am down with you (true) Are you down for me (true) Can I trust you with my life (true) That's how we supposed to be (so true) We can get this dough (true) Live out our wildest dreams"
  • True - Will.I.Am
    "Yea.. Yea.. I Know I Know It's True It's True Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey It's True My My My My My Love Is True Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey It's True My My My My My Love Is True Huh Huh Huh Hu-Uh Huh I Know This Much"
  • True - Brandy
    "Whooaaa yeah yeaaah In your arms I feel right at home Thats the feeling I aint felt before If youre feeling the same way then let me know Cuz theres nothing worse than being in love alone Chorus Is it"
  • True - Fergie
    "Yea.. Yea.. I know I know It's true It's true Hey hey hey hey hey it's true My my my my my love is true Hey hey hey hey hey it's true My my my my my love is true Huh huh huh hu-uh huh I know this"
  • True - Black Eyed Peas
    "Yeah, I know, I know Yeah, It's true, It's true Huh huh huh hu-uh huh I know this much is true Huh huh huh hu-uh huh I know this much is true Hey x 6 (Its true) My x6 (Is true) Hey x 6 (Its true) So"
  • Let Me Show You - Buddy Guy
    "Let me show you I love you Each and every day I would not havin' Any other way My mother she taught me How to show you my love Because my way's in action Speak much louder than words Put your"
  • True - Do
    "Do-True You're telling me, that you want to make me see that I'm the one and only in your life there's no other who can make you feel the way that I do but eventhough you try so hard I'm still afraid"
  • True - Jaimeson
    "true true jaimeson true angel blue true steve feelgood true comin to u bak once again still 10 outta 10 still makin a menz still jaimeson as i enter the 3D base adventure who says i never meant to do"
  • True - Angel Blue
    "{Angel Blu} True!! (True) jameson (True) angel blu (True) steve feel good (True) comin' to you! {Angel Blu} I know whats being said but theres no regret form this, lets make arrangements for an appointment"
  • True - Paul Wall
    "50-50 Mill twin...Lew Hawk.. Chamillionaire, Paul wall the color changin click, Paid in full records, check ya sound scans we the waterboys Mayne Forget what them boys is talkin bout I'm true, i'm true."
  • True - Paul Wall
    "(*talking*) Here lizard-lizard-liazrd, uh It's the almighty King Koopa, Chamillionaire The color changing lizard, the Mixtape Messiah Please stand for the ghetto national anthem, let's go Forget what"

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