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Curt kobain
  • Proof Kurt Kobain
    "(Proof Talking) This my last letter right here Fuck this world, lets get the fuck outta here (Proof) I put my soul through the ink Bless a path with thoughts at my thoughts Before I grow extinct My back-bone"
  • Tom T. Hall Song For Uncle Curt
    "I hate to write this song I never wanted to but after all Curt writin' songs is what I do Right now the paper's staring at me cold and blank Defying me to even try express my thanks But this song is for"
  • Hall Tom T Song for uncle curt
    "I hate to write this song I never wanted to but after all Curt writin' songs is what I doRight now the paper's staring at me cold and blankDefying me to even try express my thanksBut this song is for you"
  • Curt Smith Soul On Board
    "I was born at the wrong time A child lost on the skyline When I felt a need to change So I looked deep within me Somehow touched by the real me Had to find another day So take the heart of this man Heal"
  • Curt Smith Calling Out
    "Dear God I'm doing the best I can I'm doing the best I can I'm doing the best I can Spinning round Falling down World just keeps on turning Chaos breeds People's needs When we should be learning And I"
  • Curt Smith Beautiful To Me
    "I was laying listening to the rain By my side you were silent, sweetly sleeping I thought 'how beautiful'-how very beautiful You looked to me Fast asleep while the rain fell down Walking through a world"
  • Curt Smith Wonder Child
    "I don't need no one else I get by by myself These feelings I will hold inside me I listen to my heart This world could fall apart Could it be that I'm afraid to see the light? It used to be easy Was it"
  • Curt Smith Words
    "To t.v. screens and complex books My inner world of reason looks To try to feel or touch the things you see With a face and voice so serious Words so detached in spite of us You overjustify how you feel And"
  • Curt Smith I Will Be There
    "Holding rightly on to something you believe It's getting harder when we practice to deceive But you know when night falls I will be there I will be there I will be there to hold and guide you Dark is"
  • Curt Smith No One Knows Your Name
    "Somewhere, sometime I became a part of you And then in time, in time it seems like I got to heart of you And inside my mind I could entertain Almost anything you could throw at me But does it feel like"
  • Curt Smith Rain
    "Here I am I've got to make it through Another day with confusion all around me I'm striking out. I've got to find a way It feels like I'm starting out on my own If I could find something to believe in Something"
  • Curt Smith Come The Revolution
    "We've got to tell the government That freedom is God sent Where's the inspiration Living like we do Can't tell the devils from the angels Faithless believers all over town Where's the voice of reason"
  • Curt Smith Still In Love With You
    "I think I'll fall to pieces If I don't find something else to do This sadness it never ceases Oh I'm still in love with you And my head keeps on reeling It's got me in a crazy spin Oh darlin' darlin' darlin' Is"
  • Curt Smith Aeroplane
    "Shut down Tangled up in your machinery No sound Just the faceless press of words and wheels Surrounds me Like molasses on my soles and eaves Come out Can anyone come out and play All I want is an aeroplane Rubber-banded"
  • Curt Smith What Are We Fighting For
    "What are we fighting for What am I trying to restore by taking aim at you It's not that I need the best I want you to see I long to be successfully repressed I don't know why we fall What are we fighting"
  • Curt Smith Sorry Town
    "Alison cries on a radio Monday Lipstick goodbyes and a promise to call He's in a veiled illusion She's out of mind They're happy ever after And so am I Cool in sorry town I watch you drown Cool in sorry"
  • Curt Smith Jasmine's Taste
    "Jasmine's taste grows deeper than the ocean or her dreams For what it's worth Jasmine's taste grows deeper than the ocean or her dreams For what it's worth Volatile she wants your fear She's old, old"
  • Curt Smith Reach Out
    "So many things you said last night In your attempt to be forthright How certain things are meant to be If it's of benefit to me This moments really celestine You said "I'm not sure what that means" But"
  • Curt Smith Pale Shelter
    "How can I be sure? When your intrusion is my illusion How can I be sure When all the time you changed my mind I asked for more and more How can I be sure When you don't give me love You gave me"
  • Curt Smith Trees
    "It's time to brood Put up the walls of sound And practice all the finer points Of falling down I'll put aside The calculated eyes The even tempered smile Diffuse again Given time to discuss these points"

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