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DAATH Blender For The Baby

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DAATH Blender For The Baby

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DAATH Blender For The Baby
  • DAATH Blender For The Baby
    "Your cells are gonna get it Your strain contaminated Your cells conjoin shun the love, but you're going to get it Your system torn from the straps of the gods The one you chose will be gone by night Insect"
  • The Pretty Reckless Blender
    "I used to hate you, but now i love you so like a rose, so like a rose and when you kiss me i wanna slap you sorry folks I'm feelin I'm lost I chew my nails down i look at the ground I am pissed i am shy Because"
  • Amy Ray Blender
    "In a sea of white faces I heard the latest version of The Clash. Still no ticket for the races, And the sisters still get the shaft. We got a punk rock problem I'm tired of playing shirts and skins here. How"
  • Yello Blender
    "My ladies, please come closer, my name is random tox. I have the great honor and pleasure to present to you turnex The son of durex, the blender for the next milennium. This is a revolution for your kitchen. Smashed"
  • Pretty Reckless Blender
    "I used to hate you, but now i love you so like a rose, so like a rose and when you kiss me i wanna slap you sorry folks I'm feelin I'm lost I chew my nails down i look at the ground I am pissed i am shy Because"
  • Skillet Promise Blender
    "When I was a young boy I saw a vision of your face I made a my first promise to you Yeah ya know it took some time But I love you now I realize I am a promise maker I am a promise breaker On the"
  • Celtic Frost Os Abysmi Vel Daath
    "A pallid sun sheds dimmest glow. On mute and pallid soil. I am the one, a life long gone. A refuge raped in search of life. Like a shadow on this earth. In embraces pale as human flesh. I am unborn, and"
  • Planlos Blender
    "Wir sind jmmerliche Blender Kinderficker, Leichenschnder Die nette Frau von nebenan Der junge Mann von gegenber Sie alle spielen das gleiche Spiel Ein Maskenball der Sympathie Ein Tropfen Gift, am besten"
  • Megaherz Blender
    "Ich sehe wie du bist Ich seh dass da nichts ist Mich wickelst du nicht ein Ich kenne deine Tricks Ich seh nicht in dein Licht Nein, mich verdrehst du nicht Ich sehe wie du bist Dass da nichts ist, ja Du"
  • Such A Surge Blender
    "jetzt kannst du es spren, du kannst es fast berhren du warst noch nie so dicht dran es fhlt sich gut an du lsst dich verfhren das was dich zurckhlt alles was dich in die ecke drngt das was dich vom glck"
  • Peter, Paul & Mary For Baby
    "I'll walk in the rain by your side, I'll cling to the warmth of your tiny hand. I'll do anything to help you understand, I'll love you more than anybody can. And the wind will whisper your name to me, Little"
  • DAATH Just For A Second
    "I, I'm the on little me Summer any day You were never found But tell me anyway Want that instant salvation What I want I want You were never supposed to see Everything was given to you right from the"
  • R.Kelly Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby
    "Anything you want baby Anything your heart desires Because you've been there for me (Truly there for me) I'm gonna give it to you Listen [1] - Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby"
  • The Roots Baby
    "Slow down when you're hitting them corners Fuck around, spill this 'gnac on my two hundred dollar suit (stop being a backseat driver man) (turn him up) Your ma don't like to jitterbug, said this unholy"
  • Bullshit Baby Bullshit Baby
    "Look at this from my point of view, Try to try hard though it's tough for you Concentrate on all of the depth, There is much, you see, won't do with restraint What's the point in searchin' for Forced applause,"
  • Baby Boy Baby Boy
    "From the day that I saw you I knew that we would pursue Cause the chemistry we felt that day Felt so real, and so true Looking back on a year we spent together How it's been, what we went through Although"
  • Alexia Baby Baby Baby
    "Uh ah ah Baby baby baby Uh ah ah Baby baby baby Every time I see you close the door I wish I could believe that you would never lie As I see you walking down the street tonight I ain't so sure"
  • Babyface Baby Baby Baby
    "Babyface Miscellaneous Baby Baby Baby Written by l.a. reid, babyface, daryl simmons (1992) Performed by tlc And you want my love Well that's alright Well it will be there for you morning, noon and night But"
  • Joss Stone Baby, baby, baby
    "Baby, baby, babyTell me do you really love meBaby, baby, babyWill you always be there for me?I can't live without your lovingBaby, can't you seeBaby, baby, babyTell me do you love me nowI can't wait to"
  • Aretha Franklin Baby, Baby, Baby
    "Baby, baby, baby, this is just to say How much I'm gonna miss you But believe while I'm away That I didn't mean to hurt you Don't you know that I'd rather hurt myself? (I'd hurt myself, I'd hurt myself) Baby,"

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