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  • Carnivore - Carnivore
    "Drool dripping out Hy tongue hanging southSaliva flowing freeMy eyes full of lust My balls gonna bust Give yourself to meThirst I can't quench C'mere you wenchThere's something that I needCarnivoreI'm"
  • Carnivore - Jewel
    "So much space can fit inside More than words can say I'm left here with my hands all awkward Trying ??? I used to know you But not anymore Your substance has been subtracted Word by word Silence in my"
  • Carnivore - LIZ PHAIR
    "You've told me maybe a thousand times A smart girl would've recognized There isn't any business in the street But some nights, Daddy I catch you wrapped up tight like a sleeping bag You're softly twisting"
  • Carnivore - Clawfinger
    "Give me a reason i give you good advice coz' we are all reactions we're thinkin over twice the public execution is got to be well planed get yourself the right tools and watch those good events fast and"
  • Carnivore - Quindon Tarver
    "So Much Space Can Fit InsideMore Than Words Can SayI'm Left Here With My Hands All AwkwardTrying I Used to Know YouBut Not AnymoreYour Substance Has Been SubtractedWord By WordSilence in My EarsWhere Once"
  • Carnivore - Bigwig
    "i eat turkey, i eat meat, i ate your mom, i eat meat, i ate your dad, i eat meat i eat chopped meat i eat raw flesh i ate your dog i eat a vegan every day taco bell, micky d's, b.k i eat a vegan once a"
  • Destruction - Impellitteri
    "Feels like we're losing ground With every step we take Why must we live in so much horror There's not much time left Before we slip away And we don't have the time to borrow A new day arrives Another page"
  • Destruction - Abacabb
    "This is my destruction I am lost for words This is a science I have my own techniques Things wont be the same again None of you can stop me now Things wont ever be the same again. None of you can stop"
  • Destruction - Cancerslug
    "take a look into my eyes do i look like i care if you or i live or die or if i wet my filthy cock tonight and i dont want your reason so f**k your cheap rebelion i am your destruction take a look into"
  • Destruction - Caliban
    "mandkind's birth caused destruction two feelings of love & hate manipulation is the way to hide the truth you control your feelings to reach your aims you check up the thoughts to press upon your decision lies"
  • Destruction, Destruction - Farewell Flight
    "Its a brand new day The words we say here are everlasting; they dont ever stop Its ok that I am a black hole Youre my star Im absorbing your atoms into my heart Its cold out here, this time of year,"
  • Destruction Overdrive - Black Label Society
    "Forever rolling on The wars we wage unknown Eternal is the blessed end Destruction Overdrive Disregard for life Obsessed throughout the end of time Ohhhhhhh yeah Throughout the end of time Throughout"
  • Conveyorbelt Destruction - Kinesis
    "Thoughts of sex and fashion This is our emotion TV, work and drinking Ill, then dying, then dead This is our emotion Conveyorbelt destruction This is our emotion Conveyorbelt destruction Keep your gold"
  • Destruction Overdrive - Zakk Wylde
    "forever rolling on the wars we wage unknown eternal is the blessed end destruction overdrive disregard for life obsessed throughout the end of time ohhhhhhh yeah throughout the end of time throughout the"
  • Paranoid Destruction - Agonoize
    "I live in a lie Don't ask me why Lay in my bed With a gun to my head Whispering voices in my head Running shadows follow me I could not feel right from wrong You're in me neither it can't be real Paranoid Paranoid"
  • Mass Destruction - Nattefrost
    "Vicious times of turmoil Faces in despair All is left in ruins All is laid to waste Mass-Destruction A conqueror in flames Mass-Destruction This is Death !! Chemical warfare Global Death Human pesticide Strangled"
  • Love Destruction - Warrior Soul
    "Far out scenery, the year 2000 You like destruction, well let's get started The country's broke, the kids retarded Crime stained lovers, in cities rotted Love my hatred, love my treason It's what you"
  • Self-Destruction - Bloodgood
    "Pathway to heaven or highway to hell Which one you're on is easy to tell Live for yourself, no time for the Son Don't blame God for your own Self-Destruction! When it's all over, your life is done No"
  • Self-Destruction - Fallacy
    "(J. Hall/K. Holz) Self-destruction enters the sky All beings are going to die Pandemonium carries out Hurry up, scream and shout Self-destruction is on its way Don't interfere or you will pay Hold out"
  • Mass Destruction - Bloodthorn
    "Panzer churning, smashing, burning Crushing force on chained feet Armoured beast, steelclad terror Pulverizing, grinding meat Total war No redemption Violent death Mass destruction From the skies they"

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