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  • Devil you know - Nine Days
    "Isabel it's meSo open up your door and let me inIts getting coldI'm sorry for all the things I saidYou know I didn't mean themYou're not getting oldSo what if it's trueI'm not going anywhere without youI"
  • Devil You Know - Pinback
    "I've been away for a long, long time. Tears from the trees fall on sullen lives. Dropped in the wake of a plastic mind. Some kinda love and I heard it's mine. It's the Devil and I can't see you Split"
  • Devil In You - Handsome Devil
    "I'll make you shiver, I'll make you shake, It comes as no surprise, I'll take your body, I'll take your soul right before your eyes, I know and you know, I Take no lip, I'm shooting from the hip, Got"
  • Devil - Gothminister
    "Hey Devil What is you plan to day I didn't ask for it to be like this Hey Devil is it never enough for you Or won't you quit 'til I'm on my knees You make it really hurt when everything is doomed and"
  • The Devil You Know - Anthrax
    "I've been a man of brutal means Dealing out my business it's so obscene I'm not crossed just recognized As the son of a bitch that put it right between your eyes An unexploded ordinance Variate the"
  • The devil you know - Face To Face
    "God is a man It's all right Everything is fine You live the perfect life Never one immoral thought inside your mind What they say Does it make you feel ashamed Isn't everyone the same Does it matter that"
  • Better The Devil You Know - Sonia
    "Better The Devil You Know (Dean Collinson / Red) It's better the devil, devil, yeah, yeah, yeah It's better the devil, devil, yeah, yeah, yeah Baby, don't do things that make me blue You know my"
  • The Devil I Know - Joan Armatrading
    "Makes the call Say everything's gonna be all right Don't worry Joanie I'll be a little bit late tonight But I worry 'Cos I know That's just how I got you Likes a woman That he has to chase a lot So I"
  • Devil - The Servant
    "Knocking on my door was an evil silhouette Knocking this morning a black silhouette Knocking on my door was an evil silhouette And his eyes were glowing like two lit cigarettes Me and the devil were standing"
  • Devil - Staind
    "She sits alone again and tries her best not to pretend that all she used to live for was the love that wasn't there. And every time she needs to do the things that she believes will fill the void inside"
  • Devil - Lullapop
    "I'm addicted to the leather said the devil to the angel I'm allergic to the feather and it doesn't go together I don't believe that you will ever change and I don't blame you cause you're made that way who"
  • Devil - Video Nasties
    "I held your hair while you were sick last night, So tell all your friends that I'm a nice guy, I could have seen us walking through the gates, So tell your parents I'm a nice guy. I'm a nice guy but it"
  • Devil in you - Glenn Hughes
    "I know where you beenyou're in dangeryou been livin' in sinI don't want your apologyit's gotta be your destiny'cause you been messin' withthe wrong crowdain't no doubttailor madeyou're runnin' tough and"
  • Devil In You - Darius
    "You, got my head in a spin Don't know how you got into my heart You've bewitched the man that I used to be You, you've got a sexy way of walking A mesmerizing way of talking And I try to pay attention,"
  • Devil Beside You - The Used
    "Just by the look of it As in the way you wrote me off Im not supposed to see Your eyes tell lies you mouth can never spill I wasn't feeling it I don't even need to shake your hand I guess you were born"
  • The Devil - Kindred Spirit
    "Written by debbi peterson & walker igleheart Main voice: debbi Produced by kindred spirit Released on 'kindred spirit' (1995) Another sleepless night She can't take much more Broken promises Scattered"
  • Devil Inside - Hikaru Utada
    "Everybody wants me to be their angel Everybody wants something they can cradle Oooh They don't know I burn! They don't know I burn! They don't know I burn burn burn! Maybe there's a devil! There's something"
  • Devil Inside - Utada Hikaru
    "Everybody wants me to be their angel Everybody wants something they can cradle Ooooooohh They don't know I burn They don't know I burn They don't know I burn They don't know I burn Maybe there's"
  • Devil Inside - Utada
    "Everybody wants me to be their angel Everybody wants something they can cradle They don't know I burn They don't know I burn They don't know I burn Maybe there's a devil (or something like it) inside Maybe"
  • Black Devil - King Diamond
    "There he was that little man, sitting by the altar... Black Devil Carved in stone so dark and could... Black Devil Help me, Help me, cause I don't know what's going on It was the early morning of the seventh"

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