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DJ Antonio feat. Natasha Grineva - Last Kiss

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DJ Antonio feat. Natasha Grineva - Last Kiss

  • Unicorn (feat. Natasha Bedingfield) - Basto
    "We are who we are and we love who we love And if I'm feeling something, there's no way to turn it off When you feel lonely, coz’ there's no one the same You're not the only one that's feeling this way Who"
  • Antonis - Liesbeth List
    "Er voert een stenen trap omlaag, omlaag tussen stenen en doden De Wiener Graben wordt het graf, van partisanen en joden Ze dragen de stenen op hun rug, de stenen waaraan ze bezwijken Uit deze hel keert"
  • Antonia - Motion City Soundtrack
    "She makes a lot of abstract art She haggles for the cheapest price She never orders take-out food Before 10 o'clock at night She's really into snowmobiles She owns a lot of nice flashlights She cares"
  • Lovechild (feat. Antonio Phelon, Liquid Beats Remix) - Grits
    "love child love child you need to know bout this love child love child you need to slow your roll wild child wild child and get to know bout this love child love child loved child it's a sadder day than"
  • Antonio Ricci - Black My Heart
    "i fire at will i'm taking everything i'll bring this city to it's knees im sick and tired of being hungry i've spend my last fucking breath passed out and my nightmare doesnt end everyone of you gets a"
  • Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown
    "Yo this is Nappy Boy Radio live With ya boy T-Pain We love rap music Listen, uh, we got a caller on line one Caller what's your problem: Hello, I'm on the radio with T-Pain (How's it goin,, yea) It ain't"
  • Natasha - Rufus Wainwright
    "You walk alone in the valley of life In the shadow of love under the trees of happiness You walk alone like a baby unborn Like a father unknown Like a pocket penniless I'm happy that you really care But"
  • Natasha - Capital Inicial
    "Tem dezessete anos e fugiu de casa s sete horas na manh do dia errado Levou na bolsa umas mentiras pra contar Deixou pra trs os pais e namorado Um passo sem pensar Um outro dia, um outro lugar Pelo caminho"
  • Daddy Dj - Daddy Dj
    "Daddy DJ, please take me to the party And let me dance along, until the lights are on You leave me once again home alone The fridge is full but my heart is achin' You think I can make it on my own Just"
  • Zakazany Owoc (ft. Dj San Antonio) - MADA F
    "lata na karku lecą kolejne lecą kolejne to chyba miłość, skoro tu jestem skoro tu jestem jeśli chcesz, odejdź ja nie ucieknę ja nie ucieknę chcę tylko ciebie i nikogo nie chce Semper fidelis fidelis Semper trochę"
  • San Antonio Rose - Hank Williams
    "Written by Bob Wills (As performed by Ray Price on "San Antonio Rose - A Tribute To The Great Bob Wills") Spoken intro: Hi, neighbors, this is our new album And we've chosen songs from the great Bob"
  • Last kiss - Mariah Carey
    "Baby I know this, know this, know thisAint gon' be our last kiss, last kiss, last kissAint gon' be our last kiss, last kiss, last kissFeel so empty insideSince our last kiss goodbyePicture you in my mind"
  • Last kiss - Glassjaw
    "Sketch it out. Shut up now. Poor catholic school girl. Making love to her, I'm nuts like this. Did she think we'd ever see at all? See at all.. Make up.. Fall out.. On this scrape on new shores. Sacreliege"
  • Last Kiss - Guillemots
    "There's something Oh, so unusual About the way you say you're sorry Over and over again There's something Oh, so unusual About the way you say you're sorry Over and over again One love, one last kiss One"
  • Last Kiss - Anita Cochran
    "I know you're going, I know this is goodbye And I can't make you stay no matter how hard I try And ooh, if your leaving, please grant me this one request And leave my heart with some happiness If this"
  • Last Kiss - A Perfect Murder
    "Tonight the road home. Feels so long. So many questions. Without any answers. I lost you once again. Now miss you once again. This last night together. Meant nothing to me. Not anymore. You just killed"
  • Last Kiss - Mest
    "Forever, I'll wait here Well, I don't know what it is you see in me Cause I'm everything you won't believe I'm certain you're not Wish you'd just stop and walk away We'll do our own separate ways Cause"
  • Last Kiss - Crystal Kay
    "* watashi ga saigo ni kimi ni shite agerareru yasashisa wa I say goodbye wakatteru 2(futa)ri ga saisho ni yorisotta ano hi wa ima demo kagayaku noni kitto Last kiss kanashimi wa kimi yori mo soba de itsu"
  • Last Kiss - Alabina
    "Desert has called out my name I should go out there again So why could hear somebody pray And prayers will follow me Chorus: Would you carry me Faithfully, over the seas I'll open the sky To kiss you"
  • Last Kiss - Perl Jam
    "Oh where oh where can my baby be the lord took her away from me she's gone to heaven so i got to be good soI can see my baby whenI leave this world. We were out on a date in my daddy's car we hadn't driven"

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