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DJ Herzbeat - feat. SARAH

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DJ Herzbeat - feat. SARAH

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DJ Herzbeat - feat. SARAH
  • Claude Barzotti Sarah
    "Sarah, je t'imaginais pas comme a, t'es toute petite et voil Je capitule dj, je tombe Sarah. Sarah, je te regarde et tu as, les mmes yeux que Vanessa Et pour la seconde fois je tombe Sarah. REFRAIN: Tu"
  • Charles Aznavour Sarah
    "Dans la boutique du tailleur Tes vieux parents, tes frres, tes soeurs Nous avons tant de peine au coeur Sarah, Sarah reviens vers nous Mamie ne cesse de pleurer Sa grande enfant, son adore Tu fus toujours"
  • Wyclef Jean Bounce (Feat. Sarah Connor)
    "spoken yo man you know what! what? here me and sarah going down she saw me talking to shorty the other day, man shorty hip on the block? yeah you remember shorty! yeah! that was a nothing man we we're"
  • DJ Eprom & Sensi Poza kontrolą (feat. DJ Lem)
    "To jest poza, poza Poza kontrolą /2x To jest poza kontrolą poza kontrolą /4x Po-po-po poza kontrolą Mój sąsiad lubi latać w kosmos Pcha do nosa na ostro Pije w chuj coli bo ma w gardle gorzko Pierdoli"
  • Josh Groban There For Me (feat. Sarah Brightman)
    "There for me, every time I've been away Will you be there for me, thinking of me everyday Are you my destiny, words I never dared to say Will you be there for me? Just think of you and me, we could"
  • Lovebugs The Letting Go (Feat. Sarah Bettens)
    "I can read it from your lips And near it near between the lights There’s no need to say it’s over I can taste it in your kiss You and every time we touch We can’t deny it any longer It’s understood in"
  • Johnny Hallyday Oh Ma Jolie Sarah!
    "Oh ! Ma jolie Sarah Combien de temps encore Oh ! Ma jolie Sarah Attendrai-je ton corps ? Si tu crois que je vais dpenser des nuits blanches Si tu crois que je suis un oiseau sur ta branche Tu vis dans"
  • Bat For Lashes Sarah
    "Adopting Sarah's heart Was never gonna be easy With an angel tattoo sinking beneath her belt Sarah And the dirty blonde sea-water Sea-water gushing down Chewing fingernails in her shit-eating grin Sarah They"
  • John Parr Sarah
    "Monochrome rainbows disappear, may be the sun isn't hereHow could you leave me standing here, waiting so longI want your love, I need your love, 'cause you're here in my heartSarah don't you give up on"
  • Prince Sarah
    "Hey! What a night, what a city Girl, U sho' is lookin' pretty Tryin' 2 catch a cool one Checkin' 4 a little fun Sarah, oh Sarah, honey, is that U? Is that U, baby? Got yo' good shoes on Ribbon in your"
  • Kyo Sarah
    "Sarah, elle est belle mais seulement quand elle pleure Quand elle voit sa mre au fond d'son verre Et ce, quelque soit l'heure J'ai vu tellement de feux teints dans les yeux de Sarah Et la peur des lendemains,"
  • Blues Traveler Sarah
    "Music & lyrics: john popper When she speaks, it thrills me When there's rage in her heart, it kills me But one look from her eyes could still me And oh, when she smiles I'm talking about sarah What a"
  • Sherrie Austin Sarah
    "You don't wanna smile. It's been this way for awhile. Got nothing good to say. Friends are calling. But you don't pick up the phone. You don't wanna laugh. You tore your diary in half. You never"
  • Tyler Kyte Sarah
    "And if you sent a Raid out, a raid on me, Well tell me that it takes two, To come in secretly, And take em out And end all end all to be, Well tell me are you waiting For someone like me? The honest truth"
  • Sido Sarah
    "(Sarah, ich muss dir unbedingt was sagen, aber ich wei du magst kein Hip-Hop, deswegen sing ich fr dich) Sarah, warum bist du so gemein zu mir? Warum knnen wir keine Freunde sein? Du liebst mich doch,"
  • The Lynns Sarah
    "(Patsy Lynn/ Peggy Lynn) I found her picture in his dresser As though he'd put it there to find And the moment that I saw her There was no doubt in my mind I just stood there shakin' My whole world about"
  • Ray Wilson Sarah
    "Sarah, sweet Sarah, hold me so close to youReach out, no reason neededYou're the one for me, SarahYou're the one for meLike a dream come true, so beautifulI will be with you foreverAnd if the nights grow"
  • Grant Lee Phillips Sarah
    "Our tragedy is as old as the night Our fable done told a thousand-odd times For fate is an unmerciful queen Made a quest out of you and a soldier of me I curse the stars that take you away Take you away"
  • Ray LaMontagne Sarah
    "When we first met we were kids, we were wild, we were restless And after a while, I grew coarse, I grew cold, I grew reckless I hold this memory, hold you so close to me, whispered were we always happy Lately"
  • Wolverine Sarah
    "Sweet little Sarah, dressed in innocence Trying hard to hide the tears running down her face Sweet little Sarah, all scared inside In the middle of a nightmare, wide awake... Though a long time ago, the"

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