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DJane HouseKat feat. Rameez - All the Time

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DJane HouseKat feat. Rameez - All the Time

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DJane HouseKat feat. Rameez - All the Time
  • DJane HouseKat My Party (feat. Rameez)
    "Party people, wanna see your hands up Dj HouseKat and the place to be If you wanna know me, Rameez We can find it out, you can see what we're all about Make the move and turn it out Now, now squeeze I'll"
  • DJane HouseKat Girls In Luv (feat Rameez)
    "Hey girl don't I know you I can tell you wanna know too Let me dance you must be antilope Cause you're an angel in disguise You'e the apple in my eye I can't denie I mean you got me mesmerised Got out"
  • DJane HouseKat & Rameez ASS UP
    "Ladies and gentlemen And children of all ages We have your attention please Could you please put your faces down And your asses up Wight up! No, check this up, yo! I like to move it baby I like to disco"
  • DJane HouseKat & Rameez 38 Degrees
    "38 Degrees And it’s getting higher You can love me heart Like I do 38 Degrees And we’re getting closer Let that breath Take you over Ya, you know me YO, boy, Rameez Let’s bring my party back Me and DJane"
  • Groove Coverage Think About the Way (ft. Rameez)
    "Music is the vibe So open up your eyes Time is running out So find the feeling /4x Think about the way How we live today Think about the way How some people play Think about the way That we live today Think"
  • Inna Good Time (feat. Pitbull)
    "Mr Worldwide and an International Sensation - Inna Let's have a good time! Knick knack, patty whack Give your boy a bone Mister 305 but I'm globally known I'm in the zone, I ain't talking 23 But when it"
  • Rameez Hello Summer
    "I tried to keep my cool, the phone is always drained, Then I missed my bus for the broken down crank. They told me I should chill, sorry I can't The story of my life, every day is the same. Coz early"
  • Jude Harrison Waste my time (feat. Shay)
    "Friends are telling me I lost my mind When I hooked up with you Maybe thats true Said that Ill wake up one day Asking what did I do Maybe thats true too When Im with you everythings alright All I know"
  • Paris Hilton Good Time (feat. Lil Wayne)
    "Oh I love it Are you having a good time Cause I'm having a good time And I might be a bit tipsy But that's okay 'cause you're with me Are you having a good time Cause I'm having a good time And I might"
  • ALIEN CUT & DINO BROWN Party Time (feat. Vivian B.)
    "Here we sing together tu du di du di du da All the girls acting hard, making boys go wild Here we sing together tu du di du di du da This is how we have fun when it's party time Hear the people screaming"
  • K Koke My Time (feat. Bridget Kelly)
    "And I swear the stars are falling faster than they ever did And the sun is burning harder than it has before And the moon is closer to my reach than it has ever been My time is coming, my time is coming And"
  • Timbaland Time (Feat, She Wants Revenge)
    "I Got A Feeling She Keeps Me In The Dark I Gotta Get Keep My Eye On Her She Ain't no Walk In The Park I'd Offer This But She Want That She She She Want It All You See She Wanted To Paint The Picture And"
  • Kurupt It's Time feat. Deadly Venoms
    "DV.... DV.. Yo we trying to make the cash ya'll without a doubt Representing both coasts what you roaming about? Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Fuck this who wanna bring the ruckus Yo I know they know they ain't"
  • The Strokes All The Time
    "Those that try anything once Should we care about the only ones? All the time that I need is never quite enough All the time that I have is all that’s necessary You’re livin’ a lie, You’re livin’ a lie, You’re"
  • The 7th Guest All The Time
    "He wakes up in the afternoon And there's no reason to get out of bed No reason to open his eyes And a fairy appears to him then "Wake up you lazy bum and go on a quest You have nothing left to lose So"
  • Az Time
    "(feat. Nas, Nature) At the ripe age 24, I done seen it all done it all Some dreams stay fresh and some are spoiled Dealin with time went to spring, summer, fall Its crazy changes, is this that made"
  • Archive All Time
    "Reflecting on what's been Though past will be future When again yesterday to be made For me hazy times fume all around Burning grass in a field of endless supplies Tall people casting shadows on the"
  • Wally Lopez Now Is The Time (feat. Jasmine V)
    "Yeah yeah yeah yeah I feel so alive Now is the time Yeah yeah yeah yeah Let's shout it out For living for now Yeah We gonna shut it down (yeah yeah) Make every moment count The only way we know how We're"
  • Justin Bieber All Around the World (feat. Ludacris)
    "You're beautiful, beautiful, you should know it x2 I think it's time, think it's time that you show it You're beautiful, beautiful Baby what you doing? where you at? where you at? Why you acting so shy?"
  • Linkin Park Guilty All The Same (Feat. Rakim)
    "Tell us all again What You think we should be What the answers are What it is we can't see Tell us all again How to do what You say How to fall in line How there's no other way But oh, we all know You're"

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