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DJane HouseKat feat. Rameez My Party

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DJane HouseKat feat. Rameez My Party

  • My Party (feat. Rameez) - DJane HouseKat
    "Party people, wanna see your hands up Dj HouseKat and the place to be If you wanna know me, Rameez We can find it out, you can see what we're all about Make the move and turn it out Now, now squeeze I'll"
  • Girls In Luv (feat Rameez) - DJane HouseKat
    "Hey girl don't I know you I can tell you wanna know too Let me dance you must be antilope Cause you're an angel in disguise You'e the apple in my eye I can't denie I mean you got me mesmerised Got out"
  • 38 Degrees - DJane HouseKat & Rameez
    "38 Degrees And it’s getting higher You can love me heart Like I do 38 Degrees And we’re getting closer Let that breath Take you over Ya, you know me YO, boy, Rameez Let’s bring my party back Me and DJane"
  • ASS UP - DJane HouseKat & Rameez
    "Ladies and gentlemen And children of all ages We have your attention please Could you please put your faces down And your asses up Wight up! No, check this up, yo! I like to move it baby I like to disco"
  • Party - Yung L.A.
    "(feat. Young Dro) He party she party we party Let's party you party who party just party let's party Let's party let's party let's party let's party Whip section off tha chain party over here Big ballers"
  • Think About the Way (ft. Rameez) - Groove Coverage
    "Music is the vibe So open up your eyes Time is running out So find the feeling /4x Think about the way How we live today Think about the way How some people play Think about the way That we live today Think"
  • PARTY (feat. Wax & Herbal T) - Ofenbach vs. Lack Of Afro
    "PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY while you aim to maintain the status quo embody the persona of the average Joe me and the Herbal T and Lack Of ‘fro are less rational we international to reiterate in case you’re"
  • Ain't A Party (feat. Harrison) - David Guetta & GLOWINTHEDARK
    "Ain't a party without me no? There's crazy everywhere that I go One day I'll put it all behind me But trouble always seems to find me Holding now a party Get crazy with somebody Are you feeling naughty? I"
  • Ready 2 party (Feat. Angie) - SNOOKERS
    "Hey girls, are you ready for the weekend? come on lets head out for the streets, lets go me and my girls we are heading for the club, put your hands up if you can not get enough pass the bottle to the"
  • Get My Party On (Feat Chaka Khan) - Shaggy
    "ya ya man, i just got my hair braided, car waxed, put on my player face, it's 12 o clock, its time to get it on hey yo chaka midnight to fair i'm seemin, squeemin armed with the franklins wheelin, dealin got"
  • It's My Party (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign) - Icona Pop
    "Don't know why he is not here And I called him more than twice But he won't pick up Where the guys I had a couple of friends come Not the ones I really like What the f*ck It's my party and I'll cry if"
  • Bacardi Party (Feat. Magic Juan) - Huey Dunbar
    "The door... A-ha... C'mon... (uh) C'mon Magic, can you turn my headphones up a lil bit brother?.. That's whut I'm sayin (lil Dun, Magh. Juan) shoulda..uhhh... I'm in the gate now Gimme the beat 'cause"
  • Party people - Fergie
    "Feat - NellyLets go. St. Louis Yeaaahh. Lets go I told ya I gon change the game LA all day They cant ya boy I get money Ya m*f*'s aint ready (Fergie) Just walked thru the door what's it gonna be, I can't"
  • Party Hoes - Twista
    "(feat. The Speedknot Mobstaz) You looking chilliy wit yo thick ass I know you got plenty niggas out there who trick cash I damn near caught whiplash as you walked pass Fucked up the blunt ashes Peepin"
  • Braveheart Party - Nas
    "(feat. Mary J. Blige, Jungle & Wiz) Yeah... ay yo Jungle... ay yo Wiz... Come on man... Let's do this It's a Braveheart party y'all C'mon Throw your hands up cuz we wanna dance Don't be afraid just"
  • Party Continues - Jermaine Dupri
    "(feat. Da Brat, Usher) Monday, ten fifty-three A.M. JD, it's me, Bree Call me, babe Havin' all them parties, us cats down here think ya'll on vacation, man Stop doin', man Come on See, I been"
  • Soldier party - Mac
    "feat. Master P (Mac) Ughhhh! Oh yeah nigga. Representin fool. No Limit for life fool. Them niggas think it's a game Mac? (Soldier rags on in the bitch ya heard me?) Don't play no games fool. Uggghhhhhh!!!!"
  • Party People - Timbaland & Magoo
    "(feat. Jay-Z) (Jay-Z) Guess who? Uh, uh-uh uh-uh Jigga, ya heard? Uh-uh, a-Timbaland, ya heard? Uh, Twista, ya heard? C'mon, c'mon Uh-uh, uh-uh, g-ge, ge-geah Yo.. yo.. ye-yea, ye-yea Turn this up.."
  • Bloc Party - Fort Minor
    "(feat. Apathy, Tak of S.O.B.) ...invasion! Hey Ap, why dont you do the uhthe intro on this shit? Apathy: Yo Apathy, Fort Minor, Styles Of Beyond, Demigodz Here we go Yo, rappers like heavy"
  • War party - Mac
    "feat. D I G, MagicChorus (Mac) : It's World War Can't nobody run and hide It's World War Cuz everybody's gonna die It's World War Nigga Can't no nigga run from me they gun for me and come for me Feel the"

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