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  • Love Dont Come Easy - White Lion
    "There comes a time when baby you and me We gotta work it out whatever it will be It feels so right but somewhere deep inside You dont know how you feel you dont know if its real Chorus: Do you want"
  • Easy - 2Pac
    "I hate it when you say everything behind my back and I dont even understand what the heck your trying to do and even if I knew and what you put me through this song is really easy so I named it after you Everytime"
  • Easy - Tupac
    "I hate it when you say everything behind my back and I dont even understand what the heck your trying to do and even if I knew and what you put me through this song is really easy so I named it after you Everytime"
  • Baby Dont Go - Fabolous
    "I try to play cool Actin like what you do don't phase me, don't phase me Meanwhile I'm sittin at home, all alone Tryin to keep myself from goin crazy When I'm in the house, when I think about When I see"
  • Dont Turn Away - Face To Face
    "FACE TO FACE FAT WRECK (Time wasted by : .iup.edu) Don't Turn Away CHORDS -YOU'VE DONE NOTHING / You don't know what you want to be/you don't know what you want to do/never going to amount to"
  • Easy Come Easy Go - Blazin' Squad
    "alight rocky u up for this blud, yeah freek everyones in position, the bags r in place, spike-e leave da engine runnin i wana b in and out u get me, quick team, no mistakes, lets go lets hit um"
  • Easy Rider - Janis Joplin
    "Hey mama, mama, come a look at sister, Shes a-standing on the levee trying to do that twist, But easy rider dont you deny my name, Oh no, oh no. Well, I got a girl with a diamond ring, Ill tell you,"
  • Easy money - Planeta
    "1, 2, 3, 4Easy, easy moneyits something like a pretty stuff on your lineeasy, easy businessits something like a pretty stuff on your lineshot down in flames around the worldyou have foundations and you"
  • Easy Living - Marvin Gaye
    "Living for you is easy living It's easy to live when youre in love And I'm so in love There is nothing in life but you I never regret the years that I'm giving They're easy to give when you're in love I'm"
  • Dont Stand So Close - The Police
    "Young teacher the subject of schoolgirl fantasy she wants him so badly knows what she wants to be inside her there's longing this girl's an open page book marking she's so close now this girl is half his"
  • Dont' close your heart - Hall & Oates
    "I know how it feels to be on your own In this cruel world where hearts are bound to turn to stone Where you are alone And tired of breathing It's all going wrong And you just can't stand the pain any more"
  • Easy Tonight - Five for Fighting
    "You were wrong You were right And you are gone Tonight You were free So alive You were wrong You were right And you were down You could see And you wore hearts for me And you were sharp"
  • Dont You Want Me - Human League
    "You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar When I met you I picked you out, I shook you up and turned you around Turned you into someone new Now five years later on you've got the world at your feet Success"
  • Over Easy - O-Town
    "you said that its over over easy if i let go the pain will subside cause saying goodbye is never pretty and its uglier living a lie but answer this one thing for me why what did you mean when you said,"
  • Speak easy - 1208
    "Follow me I'll show you what i see some say were waste of space but i think we've found our place they're so concerned about the way we live struggle to make a buck they point the finger at us a lot has"
  • Be Easy - Loon
    "Sheezy homie let's pop a bottle This is for the fellas in the spot who wanna rock with me so now i wanna find me a model We all came in to do what we do I know you aint trying to get caugt up You dont"
  • I dont wanna lose you - Hall & Oates
    "You and I have separate lives girlYou and I go different ways on roads that crossWhen love and loss is ruled by fatePeople have a tragic habitOf letting love get in the wayThey tend to lose their overviews"
  • Love dont need no tyranny - Tanita Tikaram
    "Love don't need no tyrannyLove to bring you downWhen I'm older and forgivenAll forgiveness - must be livingLove don't need no tyrannyWant to bring me downWhen I'm older and forgivenAll is easy - all forgivenCan't"
  • I dont need it done - Dwight Yoakam
    "Honey you sure do it well But I don't need it done I know if I did it with you It'd be a whole lot of fun I'll send my regrets But I won't hedge my bets I found a real true love Now I don't need it done"
  • Dont cry for me Argentina - Madonna
    "It won't be easy, you'll think it strange When I try to explain how I feel That I still need your love after all that I've done You won't believe me All you will see is a girl you once knew Although she's"

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