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  • Arcane Sun Your Name
    "Though I've called your name a thousand times, my words are blown back into my face. The wind makes my skin harder still. The clouds race by over-head and I fight to remain standing, the signs of endless"
  • Backstreet Boys Callin' Your Name
    "Baby hear my cry Despairs obviously set in my eye (in my eyes, I need you) So bless me with your bliss ?? give this love a try (love a try, cause..) G-Girl I need you bad, to heal this emptiness Going"
  • Halifax Name Your Price
    "So close yet so far you taste it on the tip of your toungue This bittersweet feeling A falling star by my window pane Reminds me of those songs that I wrote While sitting next to her writing about you"
  • Dream Evil Calling your name
    "Serious, is this just another dreamSo delirious the way that you make me feelI can't control myself when you are in my sightToo dangerous haunting me through the nightYou're the reason I can't sleep at"
  • Nikki Flores Dream
    "Ohh, yeah I sit in my room thinking bout the look in your eyes when you stare at me I'm wirting your name a billion times in my head Dreamin of you is getting me through when I start to lose my sanity"
  • Jennifer Holliday A Dream Out There With Your Name On It
    "Stay strong, I tell myself When things are going wrong. There's times I'd love to be a winner, As I see my chances growing dimmer I hold on To memories. Small one, my mother said, Your life has just"
  • Steven Tyler Love Is Your Name
    "Send your kisses my way Bring your sweet heart to me I’ve been waiting for so long Tell me all your stories Leave some open for me Write your name into this song I walk through the fire Run through the"
  • Jim Carroll I Write Your Name
    "I write your name Everywhere I go Like a worn out code Just to let you know I write your name On my loneliness On the closet hook where you hung that dress Don't you see You turn this trust To wind and"
  • The Carpenters Calling Your Name Again
    "I wake up in the dark Silence brings me to my senses I wonder where you are Then I feel a pain, a pain in my heart Cause I'm living without your love And I'm all alone for the first time And it doesn't"
  • We Are The Fury Still Don't Know Your Name
    "i met you in the bar then i took you to my car turned on the radio you took me to the stars i still don't know your name we stood up and parted like criminals flee a scene took it all for granted"
  • Anthony Evans Your Name
    "As morning dawns and evening fades You inspire songs of praise That arise from earth to touch Your heart And glorify Your name Your name is a strong and mighty tower Your name is a shelter like no other Your"
  • Aimee Joy Weimer Your Name
    "As morning dawns and evening fades You inspire songs of praise That rise from earth to touch Your heart And glorify Your name Your name is a strong and mighty tower Your name is a shelter like no other Your"
  • MercyMe Your Name
    "words: Nathan Cochran and Bart Millard music: MercyMe verse And I will be thankful if all I have is my breath And I know that I've been saved by Your grace and in Your name In Your name I've found peace In"
  • Radial Angel Your Name
    "Falling down Down to the ground We praise your name Sweet Lamb of God I know you're there I sing you this praise Although I'm scared I still bless his name I can feel your love in my life All I can hear"
  • Delight Your Name
    "don't ask me about this smile I can't tell you what it is another place, another life don't know how it reached me here now when we are perfect strangers it all came back for one moment all those feelings,"
  • Ozma Your Name
    "Your name was given to you Out of two hearts something new It seemed too small when you finally grew But it was yours; what could you do? You felt that life was a chore Keeping your boat close to shore So"
  • Shekinah Glory Ministry Your Name
    "Great and mighty is your name, oh godHeaven and earth proclaim, oh godYour power and your majesty, oh godYou rule and reign in victory, oh god Bless your name (repeat 2x's)Lord we will bless your name,"
  • Ultravox Your name
    "Something stops me from seeing too clearA misty haze floats round the roomThe murmurs make it hard to hearThe voices and the wordsThe day seems to drag awayMy speech is sparse nad tends toslurI wonder"
  • Tricky Your Name
    "If you like-a me like I like-a you Then we like are just the same I'd like to say, This very day I'd like to change your name Cause I love you and Love-a is true and If you will love-a me One live as two To"
  • Meredith Brooks Your Name
    "You're everywhere I walk I don't remember if I smiled I don't think we talked But you always hung around a while And I don't know your name Yeah I think that you were tall I don't remember if I was ever"

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