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  • Won't Look Back - Duke Dumont
    "And I, I, I was close to you Youu , it makes me stronger No matter what we're going through, I won't look back, won't look won't look back! I won't look back, won't look won't look back! You make me wanna"
  • You Wont Be Lonely - Billy Ray Cyrus
    "I know you've seen all your dreams turned to dust, I know your hearts been left in the rain to rust... You Wont Be Lonely Now. I see the long trail of tears in your eyes, Back to the day when the innocence"
  • Don't Stop Wont Stop - Fabolous
    "It's been a year and some change And I've been hearin' some things That there's some motherfuckers tryin' to be me But ain't none of these motherfuckers tryin' to see me So I won't stop, and I don't stop,"
  • Don't look back - Libertines
    "Don't look back into the sun Now you know that your time has come And they said that it'd never come for you Oh my friend you haven't changed Looking rough and living strange And I know that you've got"
  • Don't Look Back - Making April
    "You're getting weak in your decisions The ones that wake you just to say goodnight And there's nowhere to run from them this time If there's nothing I can say to break you free of all your fears Then"
  • Don't Look Back - Split Second
    "some days seem like eternity with you but still there is nothing else i can do to keep you here but i can say dont worry we're here to lay chorus: dont look back im by your side we can make it if we"
  • Never Look Back - Madball
    "i know its hard for me to see, the way things have come to be but i must leave it be. cant keep looking back, i dont know how to act. i dont know where to start, i know ive been here before. my conscience"
  • Ocean Drive - Duke Dumont
    "We're riding down the boulevard We're riding into the dark night, night With half the tank and empty heart Pretending we're in love, when it's never enough As the silence filled the lonely air They can"
  • I Won't Look Back - NEEDTOBREATHE
    "Love, love isnt always Love, the way that we mean Just like you are right now is all, all that I need Lets start over, dont be afraid cause I wont keep track Lets climb to the top If you wont look"
  • Stop Wont Stop Feat Jay-Z - Young Gunz
    "Yo C they thought we wasnt gunna come wit comethin for the clubs.. HAHA.. check it out.. Can't stop, Won't Stop Rocafella Records cause We get down baby, we get down baby The Girls the Girls they love"
  • There's Nothing I Wont Do For You - Gabrielle
    "when you're feeling blue don't know what to do and need my help i'll try, 'cos thats what friends are for i'll open my door always to you i'll share your pain, i'll place no blame no knife in the back,"
  • You Wont Be An Orphan For Long - Various
    "Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, and Bjorn Ulvaeus THE RUSSIAN: Knowing I want you Knowing I love you I can't explain why I remain Careless about you FLORENCE: I've been a fool to allow Dreams to become"
  • I Wont Tell - Mobb Deep
    "(50 Cent/(Havoc) talking) Yo Hav' where you was at last night (Man i couldnt get off last night) I came thru nigga, ask P, Yo P! Watch he'll tell you (Yea Aiight) Bad bad bitch fought me nigga, i fix all"
  • Look Back - Spiritual Beggars
    "No underhanded lies Better look me in the eyes Speak the truth if you are still my friend Cause I won't be fooled By any calculated tries Better change your plan Or take your final bow Look back I"
  • Look back - Mushroomhead
    "As I look back my anger turns to rageThese eyes become the windows to a cagePeace? When has peace had its page?Nothing but the same old storyAs I look back, it looks me in the faceOnce small step means"
  • Bullets With Names (ft. Young Thug, RJMrLA, Lil Duke) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "look, i got a bullet whit somebody’s name on it oi get up on emi don’t need no aim on it killed me a goat so my jacket got stains on it wiping my nose like I got some cocaine on it pulled out his coffin and"
  • The Duke Of Sex Money - Marvelous 3
    "Take a look at daddy mo' with his attitude slung down low. He's a pistol packin' pete with a cocain tongue, Long enough to lick his pinkie toe. Drives a corvette, sparkle green, He'll make a little kitty"
  • I Wont Be There - Atomic Kitten
    "I've been looking for the girl that I once knew The girl with nothing to lose Right before she met you I've been telling her everything that I've learned since then Never gonna make them Same mistakes"
  • I wont forget christmas - Icarus
    "What If There Was no Manger. No Wise Men. No Savior. Just Another Day in December. Id Be Hopeless. Oh, So Hopeless. But On That Day With the Angels Watching, Creation Waiting, Came As a Baby. Like An Echo"
  • Wont Forget About You - Natalie
    "Hey baby, you know I havent forgotten about you. You know I always dream and think that were in the same place too Damn its just not the same without you I need your touch At midnight we went out with"

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