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DYAN - Looking For Knives

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DYAN - Looking For Knives

  • Dull Knives - Imagine Dragons
    "I'm holding my breath Holding so tight Nothing is wrong Nothing is right I'm in the dark Looking for light Won't someone please save my life? Inside I'm a mess But I don't let it show I'm just hanging"
  • Hiding Knives - Junius
    "Stepped outside and I walked to the edge Toes pointing down looking over the past again I'm frightened by my urge to descend Opened up my chest many times before To the knife of love to the best unborn I"
  • Like Knives - City & Colour
    "Your words are like knives They peel my skin and pierce my soul... Your body will burn tonight... Though your heart may still remain cold And I will blame myself And I will blame myself For holding on"
  • Hot Knives - Bright Eyes
    "The Wife forgave the Mistress for she only entertained The pain was gone the instant she cleared her throat to speak her name Said, "Both of us must suffer from the same unending ache" The world was not"
  • Knives Of Summertime - Sparklehorse
    "A flock of knives cut the sky And buried in my black eyes And the clouds they bled in my head And autumn rains soaked the dry beds And the hurricane of her eyes Willed away the knives The knives of summertime Summertime The"
  • Fun With Knives - Velvet Acid Christ
    "blood, guts fun with knives blood, guts fun with knives die, die, die, die for me and i'll die for you won't you die for me? and i'll die for you just like jesus christ just like all their lies just"
  • Crawl through knives - In Flames
    "The black hole forever mine. I need the fear. Push me out Ohh be brave Show me signs Should I feel shame for the questions that I have with you? If you could be The things I need. (I'll crawl through knives"
  • Looking - Ziggy Marley
    "my frustration won't subside I've been tried time after time but it's not my style to quit there is more to life than this in obscurity or fame we're all playing in this game searching for something searching"
  • Looking - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "(A Tale Of Two Meanings)I'm looking for a man who knows how to finishBetter than to beginI'm looking for a girl whose age is VirginiaName around seventeenI'm looking for a tie that won't get knottedOne"
  • Looking For - Ann Lee
    "You've never even thought of this you feel a hunger in your soul you said if you could miss me miss me you'd be in love. You think your heart is cold as ice but there's a flame however small and"
  • Guns For Show, Knives For A Pro - Parkway Drive
    "I saw the disappointment from across your face. A mark of solitude. So heres to giving in. Your eyes have betrayed you. And ill wear this mask of disgust for every day Ive met you. Disarm with a smile. Your"
  • Knives - Colony 5
    "Claiming ever higher grounds Look out sky, we're coming down Like flying daggers or raining spears Watch out God, you know we're here Sharpened knives, slicing fears Sharpened knives, swallowing tears Obeying"
  • Knives On 45's - The A.K.A.S
    "Like a pen and pad of loose leaf filled front to back with bad ideas and tales of loose teeth. Like diaries of rivalries; cures for your anxieties. They travel through scores of tangled cords, hanging"
  • Knives - Therapy
    "My girlfriend says that I need help My boyfriend says I'd be better off dead I'm gonna get drunk, come round and fuck you up I'm gonna get drunk, come round and fuck you up And you can't help my life But"
  • Knives - Fuel
    "Give me one good reasonTo why you're so blindI covered your back againNow you'd better cover mineChorus:If i turned and walked awayWould you stick your knives in meHow much longer till you breakUntil i"
  • Knives - Therapy?
    "My girlfriend says that I need help My boyfriend says I'd be better off dead I'm gonna get drunk Come round and fuck you up I'm gonna get drunk Come round and fuck you up And you can't help my"
  • An Evening With Knives - Dreadlock Pussy
    "I'm not prone to change play out THE GAME like I'm supposed but I watch you stride right to you goal and I wonder WHY I don't know what you know TAKE MY ACHE AWAY disguster MAKE ME YOU TO STAY disguster take"
  • Night Of The Long Knives - AC/DC
    "Who your leader who your man Who will help you fill your hand Who's your friend and who's your foe Who's your Judas you don't know Night of the long knives Night of the long knives Night of the long knives Night"
    "AC-DC For Those About To Rock NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (1981) (Young, Young, Johnson) Who's your leader, who's your man? Who will help you fill your hand? Who's"
  • Dance Of A Thousand Knives - Enthroned
    "Screams of Anguish are rising in the Land of Brahmn, As the cult of Tugs, prepare the flesh for the grand godess, Chants of allegiance raise panic within dementia, WIth pride the offering lay waiting for"

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