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Da pirate

  • Pirate - Ini Kamoze
    "Pirate, Pirate, Pirate I don't wanna be friendly with a man who would tell me one truth and twenty lie Who would try to break what I done make Well I don't respect you guy Now ya want to know how much"
  • Pirate - Cher
    "He'll sail on in with the summer wind That blows on this came day Everybody called him "Pirate" Dark and handsome in his own way And the fire in eyes Lit all the fire inside of me And soon you were feeling So"
  • Pirate - Rufio
    "Lets kill the playlist. All the same bands, so repetitious. Denying us the freedom we deserve. Will someone tell me why we even listen? Airwaves are filled with repetition. What ever happened to selection? Tune"
  • Pirate - Rick Ross
    "I guess there ain't no nice way to tell you niggas it's game over, huh? Pray for me Hallucination of money, while nigga's stomach just rumble Had to fuck with the Haitians and break a kilo to crumbles Nigga"
  • Rest Der Welt - Die Toten Hosen
    "Schon oft haben wir uns voneinander getrennt, wir kamen immer auf den Knien zurck. Doch dass es dieses Mal irgendwie anders ist, weit du so gut wie ich. Unser Weg ist hier zu Ende, mit einem Mal sind wir"
  • Da Bomb - Gravediggaz
    "(Gatekeeper) In '97 don't be alarmed, Gravediggaz drop (Da Bomb! Da Bomb! Da Bomb!) G, R, A, V, E, D (Da Bomb!) I, double G, A to the zig zag Z Droppin' (Da Bomb!) (Grym Reaper) Ay yo I really hate snakes I"
  • Dip Da - Suga Free
    "Hey momma, what's happening? (Dip da through the 9-7) This one's for you baby girl That's right (As we tip toe to the 9-8) Lee, my baby, what's happening? We gon dip da through the 9-7 As we tip toe to"
  • Da Land - Dirty
    "(feat. Burn One, Mr. Blue, Pimpin' Small) Yeah Dirty up in here son It's the original, the Haitian straight from Kingston the Virgin Island Better known for the Swamp Come doooooown!! Now I'm up early"
  • Da Rebirth - DJ Jazzy Jeff
    "(feat. Cy Young) A one two, a one two A one two, a one two I'd like to introduce myself.. Many people think this style is terrific It is kinda different, but lets be specific Let's pay respects, dig"
  • Da Storm - Originoo Gunn Clappaz
    "Chorus: (strang): I Be starang, man i gets wicked on the flows (louieville):its Louieville, you know i pack the bat like so (top dawg): They call me top Dawg, but better known as D.O. motherfuckers better"
  • Sammy Da Bull - Proof
    ") (Chorus: Nate Dogg) All these niggaz talkin 'bout what they gon' kill Heard you caught a misdemeanor then I heard you squeal Holdin hands with the D.A. while you made your deal Three thousand miles"
  • Shut Da Fuck Up - Da Beatminerz
    "(feat. Apani B Fly, Jean Grae) You need to sh-shut the fuck up.. Wha wha - Yea, yea What, what - Beatminerz baby Jean Grae, A.B. emcee, stay out Yea take that, shut da fuck up Know what I'm talkin about "
  • Mich Und Den Rest - Fehlfarben
    "So wie immer geh ich durch die Stadt etwas ist anders ich wei nicht was zwar fhl ich mich erschlagen und matt es mu mehr sein als das Es kommt mir nicht mal mehr komisch vor da die Welt mich vllig kalt"
  • Somethin 4 Da Youngsta's - Da Youngsta's
    "(VERSE 1: Qu'ran) There was a time, I used to wish I was older So I can look over my own shoulder When it came time for partyin I always had to check with a guardian You know, mom and dad Sometimes I think"
  • Radio Pirate - Le Grand Orchestre Du Splendid
    ""Hello, salut les potes! Ici Jean Pat' de Radio Pirate!" (Radi Radi Radi Radio) Radio Pirate. (Radio) Tout l'monde s'clate, (Radi Radi Radi Radio) Radio Pirate. (Radio) Tout l'monde s'clate! On a nos"
  • Pirate Moon - Thea Gilmore
    "Up in the midnight blue, That's where I'm going to Up where the sirens scream Through every misplaced dream Up with the Pirate Moon In bloody monochrome That's where I'll call my home Up where"
  • Pirate ships - The Cure
    "Far away Far away child Turn your eyes Far away child I will sleep Right down beside you Tonight I will sleep Tonight Pirate ships Pirate ships child Merry and bold Sparkling and rich child Coming to dock"
  • Pirate Bones - Natasha Bedingfield
    "What if I squeeze myself into any shape And I still don't fit? What if I bend myself so much that I break And I can't mend it? What if I burn so bright that the fire goes out And I can't stay lit? What's"
  • Gigi Pirate - Burning Heads
    "Hush my baby, baby dry your tears, The murder is done There'll be no more victims No more gas bottles full of nails, We've put the criminals in jail No need to cry, No need to fall down, Stop living"
  • Password Pirate - Saga
    "Hey Jack you're under attack I'm in and out and you can't fight back I'm a fat cat inside your Mac I'll turn your mouse into a rat Picked the lock, don't need your key I'm on the line, takes no time To"

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