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Dady was a milkman breathe

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Dady was a milkman breathe

  • Milkman - Bully
    "I could be a milkman What a good milkman I would be, I would be Droppin' by your porch and all It's been a while, you're always good to see But I'm just a circle in Logan's square Spinnin' around in my"
  • Dady Was Her First Man - Haggard
    "A sweet girl of eleven years Within her brain: The darkest fear caught by absolute disaster Her virginity - lost to the own father There he comes with alcoholic breath Now her mind is fallen, emotions"
  • Kansas City Milkman - Level 42
    "born in this place you only see so far hear what we say if we put the truth in your hands would you really like to know Kansas city milkman a row of houses through the dawn a sleeping city where"
  • The Milkman - Anything But...
    "Anything But... Perfect The Milkman I open my door, Just to hear the call, Of the milkman saying goodbye, He Said: I'm taking you wife, out of your life, and we don't care if you die. Next morning"
  • Breathe - Crossbreed
    "my last chance at sex was simple enough where i could breathe why can't everything just be a certain way to let me see common sense would tell me that the cancer's eating right through me failed tests"
  • Breathe - Jessica Mauboy
    "How can I, How can I breathe How can I, How can I breathe I'm breaking down a little I'm throwing in the towel Need you to get me off the ground You sayin that it's over n we can't be together But I really"
  • Breathe - Abney Park
    "I wish I could breathe I wish I could stand I wish I had a chance here holding you hand I wish I could speak I wish I could talk I wish I could breathe Since the first day I was alive Feared we would"
  • Breathe - Ryan Huston
    "Do what I say not what you tell me to I cant take you, think I hate you I cant believe you were quick deceive When I loved you think I still do Im so divided I cant breathe Take away the pain Let"
  • Breathe - Skinlab
    "I'll give you just a little I'll give you just a little I'll give you just a little of my time yeah I'll give you just a little I'll give you just a little I'll give you just a little of my time Time,"
  • Breathe - Anberlin
    "This is surrender To a wartorn life I've lived Scars and stripes forever In need of change I can't resist No need to hide anything anymore Can't return to who I was before I can finally breathe Suddenly"
  • Breathe - Dexter Freebish
    "Oooooh I wake up everyday scared about tomorrow I just don't know what to believe, oh no And are we running out of all this time we borrowed I'm drowning in reality Breathe We've got to let it go Just"
  • Breathe - Wheat
    "(Come on) I wasn't there I guess (Come on) I wrote down the wrong address I wish I was I confess I was in the way I guess (Come on) I was standing outside too long (Come on) Coming on way too strong You"
  • Breathe - Somersault
    "Sorry Babe, the mess I made, was like a razorblade But dragonflies don't bleed you dry And anything beneath my wings might be shimmering But when I fall, I'm drowning all And you'll breathe Breathe a"
  • Breathe - Nas
    "Nas Breathe In America you'll never be free Middle fingers up, fuck the police Damn, can a nigga just breathe? Braveheart still QB's finest Grindin', enough diamonds to change the climate Not only"
  • Breathe - Maria McKee
    "At first I was scared When I opened up my head And the motor that was runnin' Was the mind of you I was scared when I looked at my reflection And the shine I saw Were the eyes of you I was scared when"
  • Breathe - Almah
    "Life has always been there You can try to hide But it's everywhere The color of roses The shine of sunrise The strength of the waves The tears in your eyes The rage of the storm The smile of a child The"
  • Breathe - Roxette
    "(Breath your love) I've gotta come down, I've been awake for far too long. My eyes look torn, They were so strong. I wore the crown, I wrote the song Now it's fading. My heart was open Like a window to"
  • Breathe - Depeche Mode
    "I heard a rumour They travel far You know what it's like The way people are They talk and they talk Though they don't understand They'll whisper and whisper And lie on demand Please tell me now I want"
  • Breathe - Lee Carr
    "Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh U-Oh U-Oh U-Oh U-Oh Oh Oh if you ever been in love and you know just what i'm talking about expect when you really know you finally find the person u want and you wanna spend the rest"
  • Breathe - Taylor Swift
    "I see your face in my mind as I drive away, Cause none of us thought It was gonna end that way. People are people, And sometimes we change our minds. But it's killing me to see you go After all this"

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