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Daft Punk Renoma Street

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Daft Punk Renoma Street

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Daft Punk Renoma Street
  • Daft Punk Aerodynamic (Daft Punk Remix)
    "Celebration Know we're gonna do it right-ah Tonight-ah Just feelin' Music's got me feelin' of need Need Yeah Come on We're gonna celebrate One more time Celebrate in being so free Music's got me feelin'"
  • The Weeknd Starboy (ft. Daft Punk)
    "I'm tryna put you in the worst mood, P1 cleaner than your church shoes, Milli point two just to hurt you, All red lambs just to tease you, None of these toys on lease too, Made your whole year in a"
  • Pharrell Williams Gust Of Wind (ft. Daft Punk)
    "My heart is filled, with love and care Not an ounce of gas, I would get up there The answer's simple You lift me up The view up here, I see all the stars There go Venus, and there go Mars Somethin' you"
  • LCD Soundsystem Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
    "Daft punk is playing at my house, my house I'll show you the ropes, kid, show you the ropes Got a bus and a trailer at my house, my house I'll show you the ropes kid, show you the ropes I bought fifteen"
  • The Weeknd I Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
    "Tell me what you really like Baby, I can take my time We don’t have to fight Just to take it step by step I can see it in your eyes Cos they never tell me lies I can feel that body shake And the heat between"
  • Blue Cheer Punk
    "(Dickie Peterson) I'm young and fast Baby, I'm so slick Better get down Don't fake a trick. Gotta get my baby, yeah Gotta see her move This street dog daddy I done enough tonight. (right baby, alright) I"
  • Daft Punk Aerodynamic (Slum Village Remix)
    "Yeah, speak to the hand, I'm all your (?) Tired of livin' this life everyday it's a gamble Puttin' pieces together that don't even assemble Feelin' like somebody I don't like but I resemble I'm so sick"
  • Thunder Cosmetic Punk
    "Cosmetic punk, that's what you are Dressed like a street kid in your brand new car Your mom's a doctor and your daddy's rich You don't want nothing, ain't life a bitch (you're sitting on top of the world) And"
  • Casualties Punk Rock
    "Casualties Miscellaneous Punk Rock Committed fromthe beginning There is no fucking turning bak Forgotten youth, just wastes awy Always forwad, never look back Break all fucking barries This street nosie"
  • Van Halen Atomic Punk
    "I am a victim of the science age A child of the storm. Whoa, yes I can't remember when I was your age For me! It says no more, no more Nobody rules these streets at night but me The Atomic Punk Oh, yeah."
  • Daft Punk Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (The Neptunes Remix)
    "Daft Punk Neptunes Work it Make it Do it Makes us Harder Better Faster Stronger More than Hour Hour Never Ever After Work is Over Work it Make it Do it Makes us Harder Better Faster Stronger More"
  • Daft Punk One More Time (Romanthony's Unplugged)
    "Romanthony Coming straight for you One More Time Now listen Ooh, I just saw you last night And we made good love Then came the morning light Still it's all I think of Just one more time One more time,"
  • Sex Pistols Punk rock christmas
    "OiYehIts gonna to be a punk rock christmas this year,even santas gonna bea sex pistol for a dayall those christmas trees swinging safety pins from theirleavesits gonna bea punk rock christmas this yearthere"
  • Daft Punk Instant Crush (feat. Julian Casablancas)
    "I didn't want to be the one to forget I thought of everything I'd never regret A little time with you is all that i get That’s all we need because it's all we can take One thing I never see the same when"
  • Assorted Jellybeans Punk Rock Jock
    "when i go to shows or go to play the same damn thing happens everyday you socked that guy cause you thought it was neat i laugh at you when i see you on the street ha! individuality, it draws a blank in"
  • Warrior Soul Punk And Belligerent
    "I'm going out tonight And I'm going out drinking Don't bother waiting up 'Cause I'm coming home stinking I'm tired of sitting 'round Watching my world going down Gonna get kicked out Of every bar in town Cause"
  • Good Clean Fun Punk Rock Love
    "She didn't have to try, she really caught my eye With the glint of metal coming from her face She is my punk rock queen, angry but never mean It takes a lot to make her draw her mace We are so underground,"
  • Avril Lavigne The Punk Show
    "Hanging out behind the club on the weekends Acting stupid, getting drunk with my best friends I couldn't wait for the summer and the Warped Tour I remember that it's the first time that I saw her there She's"
  • The Game Black Wall Street
    "I Made You! Yes I Made You! Mr. Potatohead I Made You! I Made You! I Made You! I Made You! Mr. Potatohead I Made You! Theres no batteries in my back I show you niggas how I move (Move Echo) 50 ain't gangsta Lloyd"
  • General Public Punk
    "But here comes the musical thing keep You rockin' an swing so all you gotta do is keep On coming down adn don't be no clown as I would Tell you 'bout the musical thing that we love to call Punk 'Cause"

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